Chuck Norris Writes Ode to Tim Tebow

    May 23, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Actor and martial arts star Chuck Norris is, in jokes, capable of amazing feats. Counting to infinity, for example. What action movie fans might not know, however, is that Norris is a staunch conservative and a Christian.

Last fall, Norris and his wife released a video that tacitly endorsed Mitt Romney for U.S. President. In the video, he speaks of the U.S. being at a “tipping point” and quotes President Ronad Reagan, warning of “1,000 years of darkness” if America doesn’t “change direction.”

Now, Norris has penned an essay about why Tim Tebow is his favorite NFL quarterback. Writing on conservative news website WorldNetDaily, Norris recalls Tebow’s short professional career before stating he has “never seen a more determined and inspiring athlete play the game of football.” From the essay:

I’ve heard the so-called critics say Tebow has poor technical skills, but the truth is that Tim is a natural-born leader, an amazingly gifted football player, an inspiration to his team and the possessor of intense determination and strategy to bring any team to victory – no matter what the odds. One can improve technique, but leadership is innate. That is why I believe Tebow could be a super star and legend in the NFL.

Norris’ op-ed comes as Tebow is currently a free agent with no apparent prospects other than offers from arena league football teams. NFL teams such as the Miami Dolphins have not shown intrest in the quarterback, though his fans have even petitioned President Obama to intervene on his behalf.

  • melvin woods

    I agree with Chuck Norris completely. Tim Tebow is an outstanding athlete. I feel that he is being treated very unfairly by the N F L just because of the fact that he is a christian man and not afraid to show it as all christians should. I could name several teams that need him badly.I hope they will give him a chance to show his abilities.

    • dave

      The guy is not treated unfairly just because he is christian pal.. Teams are thinking twice about bringing him in because of his fan base. Unfortunantly, this guy has fans who insist that he start BECAUSE he is christian. If a guy REALLY has that much talent, then he will get a chance with a team.. Thats how guys like Adam “Pacman” Jones get a chance to revive their career after so many arrests. Obviously, 32 teams dont think this guy can play the Quarterback position right now.. and they are hesitant to bring him in and develop him because they dont need his fanbase demanding that he start.

      • miles

        To dave. Before anyone can say he is not good enough he has to be given the chance to play more.He only got to start one half season for Denver and pulled out a winning record plus a playoff win. Since then he was never given a chance. Thats not fair. There is lots of rookie quarterbacks that have a lousy season their first season but then are given a chance to develop. Tebow was given no real chance. Pal

        • dave

          He has gotten to start 15 regular season games in the NFL, and two postseason games. In regular season games he is 8-7 and in the postseason he is 1-1. During some of those wins, He looked decent at times and their were other times that Denvers Defense kept him in the game and he made something magical happen at the end of the game. However, more often that not, as a quarterback he looked LOST. His Accuracy has been as bad as anyone and his ablitity to read defenses was considered terrible by his teammates and Coaches. This is the NFL and your window of opportunity is not guaranteed. Some guys get one quarter of football to show what they are about. This guy does not deserve any more of a chance than any other QB fighting for a roster spot. I agree with you 15 games may not be enough to judge yet, but dont say he was never given a chance. 32 teams have 15 games worth of video footage and dont feel he has an NFL caliber arm. Not to mention, the level of competition in the NFL is SOOO high. Look up the top ranked QBs in the league this year from 1-40.. They had guys like Phillip Rivers and Carson Palmer in the early to mid 20’s on that list and they are proven to be WAYYYY better than Tim. Just let Tebow try and earn a roster spot and if it doesnt work out, blame his arm… dont cry conspiracy.

      • miles

        another thing if you really want to silence all the tebow fans then prove us all wrong. Let him play, if he tanks then everybody will be silenced. I just think everybodys afraid he will suceed otherwise they wouldnt be afraid to prove us wrong

        • dave

          Again… As i explained to you above, HE DID PLAY. And his numbers as a QB are amongst some of the worst in the last 15 years. As I said, Its only 15 games which is not alot… but for 32 teams in the NFL, thats enough to come to the conclusion that he doesnt have an NFL- Caliber Arm. Those 32 opinions are the only opinions that truly matter. Tim Tebow is not entitled to anything.

        • http://yahoo ronf

          He has tanked already.

    • jaso

      Ok so what’s your excuse for Colin Kapernick? He’s a christian and professes his faith. The differnce is Colin can throw a football 100x better. his release is twice as fast. thats the difference. if tebow wasn’t stubborn and insistent on playing only quarterback he would still have a job.

    • Gary

      Why don’t all Christians pledge not to go to the games or watch, buy products advertised if they don’t give Tim the same respect that the other religions demand.

      • dave

        How about you Stop worrying about Tim Tebow and let the kid earn a spot?

        • Mike

          These people are idiots… they seem to know nothing a bout the NFL, and that most of their players are christian, ALSO he had just as much of a chance in New York with the Jets. He couldn’t even take Mark Sanchez’ spot… These aren’t football fans only idiots.

    • Phil Bateman

      Most sports fans expect to see the players on their favorite team express emotion and passion for the game. We look at athletes who flaunt their religious beliefs (crossing themselves before making a play, after scoring and whenever the ordinary events of a game take place) as religious showboats who make a show of “thanking and/or praising” their “god” for what they do on the field. If you really believe some “god” is personally watching the game and helping you perform well, you are a certifiable nut case. Thank your “god” privately. The fans know you’re a “christian” or whatever, but we don’t expect you to “praise god” every time something good happens to you on the field. “God,” I suspect is pretty damned busy with other things on his plate, and probably can’t go to each and every game to help out his “believers.” Remember, Christians, Jesus in the book of Matthew tells you that when you wish to speak to the “father” seek out your “private place.” If you have to make a show of your “christianity,” do it in church, your home, a beautiful park or whatever, but keep it off the field of play. We, the fans, don’t care about your religious agenda. Just play a good game. That’s what you’re paid to do and what we paid to see. You’re not paid to genuflect every time you make a good play. Chuck Norris, by the way, is one of those christians who will forgive incompetence, infidelity, criminality or any transgressions if the perpetrator is a “christian,” and is obviously not very good at assessing football talent, christian or otherwise. “Leader?” Good athletic leaders will shine, irregardless of their beliefs. To say the NFL is picking on Tebow is patently absurd. The NFL is about money, not politics or religion, and if anyone in the NFL thought Tebow was going to bring in a buck or two, he could hold communion on the 50 yard line, and nobody would have cared. Stick to hawking your fitness machines, Chuck, nobody takes you any where nearly as seriously as you do yourself.

      • Mike Thayer

        You nailed it Mr. Bateman–wish I could have said it so well. I would add only that perhaps NFL team owners recognize that people such as Chuck Norris or Tim Tebow, who flaunt their belief in a mythical, nonexistent entity, are obviously uneducated and intellectually inferior. Why add another dumbass to a roster already replete with dumbasses–just witness any post game interview.

      • Dan

        Couldn’t agree more,Phil. So bored with Christians playing the “persecution card” at every turn. The NFL, the entertainment industry, government, and probably most of the strip bars in this country are run by Christians. And yet, whenever they are denied the “right” to construct a Nativity scene on public property, say prayers in public schools, or have their favorite mouthpiece be the starting QB for their favorite team . . . WHOAAA, suddenly everyone is against them. GET OVER IT!!! We don’t care WHAT religion you are and we don’t care what religion Tebow is. We don’t care if you wanna put a crucifix on your front lawn or a Jesus fish on your car. You own your car and you own your house. When you bring your opinions into a public forum, you better be prepared for some dissent.

      • bob

        remember Phil nobody takes you seriously either

    • Five Finger Fore Skin

      Do you honestly believe that the NFL has it out for Tebow because of his faith? There are hundreds of players Christian in the NFL. They even meet and greet on filed for prayer. Get off your high horse. The facts are, Tebow is a great Athlete who will not change his position. His QB mechanics suck. They will only get him so far. So every person in the NFL who has been doing their job for many years, do not know what they are doing, right? WHatever.

      • Mike

        And they say he hasn’t had time to develop… If in two years he’s made no progress on his throwing mechanics, he probably won’t do it unless under a great qb coach, maybe 49ers, but I still doubt him. He should play FB or if he can catch/block TE…

    • lawks

      It’s his fan base that’s causing all his problems. I mean petitioning the president to intervene? C’mon

    • david gojira

      Could it possibly be that he just plainly sucks? If he was any good, he would be starting with no questions. Blame the corporate bigwigs for trying to soak as much out of him as possible as far as merchandise sales goes. And thats the bottom line

  • dave

    Thank god Chuck Norris doesnt know a thing about football… made clearly evident by his comment about “you can improve technique”. Sure you can improve technique..But when your Throwing motion, Natural Accuracy, and ability to read a Defense are as bad attributes as Tims are.. You will need to improve an awful lot. Leadership alone does not make you a superstar or a legend in the NFL. And if you wanna play the Quarterback position at the highest level.. You have to be able to throw the ball.

    • dave

      You people can dislike this comment all you want.. but its the truth.

  • hollywoodnc

    Years ago, I enjoyed watching Chuck Norris film work. I actually admired and respected him.

    Today though, he comes across as a self made, self serving, arrogant, egotistical, prick with nothing valid to say.

    He’s become another one of those teaparty supporting assholes, that’s BAD for America.

    • mike

      What would you know about what is good for America? Nothing in the last 30 years has helped our nation. But know this; if not for a TEA PARTY in the 1770’s, there would be no America today………… Prove this wrong!

      • MIckey

        Mike, The Tea Party of the 1770’s has nothing to do with Tea Party of today do not conflate the two.

      • david gojira

        Don’t have to prove anything. The tea party of the 1770’s was not the only thing that turned things around. its much more complicated than that. know your whole history, not just what appears to fit your agenda!

  • Michael

    I agree with Mr Norris. Tebow is an excellent athlete. It’s a shame a large faction can do what they’re doing to him just because of his beliefs. This country seems allot like the beginning years of nazi germany.

    • joe

      allot is not a word

      • Doc Holliday

        Yes, allot is a word, although it is misused in the above post. If you are going to be a grammar nazi, try to get it right, k?

        Example: I have $10 in my pocket, but I will only allot $5 for lunch.

      • fightfankevin

        Your sentence should have ended with a period Joe.

    • Phil Bateman

      Were you in Nazi Germany in another life? How do you know what Germany was like in the “beginning years of Nazi Germany?” Just another right-wing American looking for easy answers to the complexities of modern life. Arrogant ignorance, as shown by you and millions like you, are what is tearing this country down, and you’re too damned stupid to see it. Please stop voting, you’re killing my beloved country.

    • chris

      it is not because of his beliefs. Honestly, you people really believe that. You really act as if he is the only christian in the NFL. Most players are Christians. Point of fact in Denver Tebow had an amazing lucky streak. The kid is not consistent and you can’t win consistently in the NFL completing 4 or five passes a game. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with skill.

    • MIckey

      They’re not doing it because of his beliefs, there are plenty of Christian quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning and Tony Romo, it’s because of his lack of talent. Period.

  • roberto solis

    Well Tebow may THINK he is a quarterback but most NFL teams don’t think so. He says he just loves to play football. Well so did I and would have played ANY position they let me play or thought I would be good at. But Tebow won’t do that will he ? No, he thinks he is a quarterback but most NFL teams DON’T, I say that twice to get the point across. If he REALLY loves football and wants to play then let the coaches decide what position he would be best at other than quarterback. To me, he maybe be a good tight end or guard or maybe even a linebacker and surprise everyone……..even himself, but Tebow THINKS he is a quarterback but the NFL does NOT.

  • Joel

    Cream always rises to the top and so it will be with Tim Tebow and as it is for Chuck Norris. The NFL is a business and Tim Tebow is good for business he’ll sell a lot of tickets for whoever he plays for I certainly wish him all the success and for his critics…well if your right he’ll just fade away time will tell.

    • http://Yahoo! Liam Keats

      Well, “your right” brain and your left brain have cancelled each other out and now YOU’RE left with no brain at all.

    • chris

      they won’t sell tickets as soon as everyone realizes he can’t win more than five games a season. OK< say he stars and not just starts but start for a really good team team when he plays for three seasons and never has a winning record what then? Are you all going to admit you are wrong or will you blame everyone but Tebow?

  • Tim McDermott

    God bless you Chuck and Tim too.
    Semper Fi

  • steve

    Chuck endorsing Romney? the guy that made millions while others went broke [Bain Capital] not to mention he was born with a silver spoon shoved way up there, and has no idea what its like to struggle in life. How could Chuck endorse a jack ass like Romney – C’mon Chuck , Really?

    • Doc Holliday

      Better Romney than the marxist dictator that we now have.

      • ronn

        Give me more Marxist dictators. There will be more and you will have to like it or lump it, Tea nuts.

  • http://www.wakeupblackamerica.blogspot.com Tyrone

    I’ve been a Chuck Norris fan for many decades. He’s one of the reasons I got into Martial Arts. I also am a fan of Tebow more so for his character then so for his quarterbacking abilities. I believe at this point, it’s up to tebow to decide his future. He’s not going to be a QB for another NFL time. That’s just the honest truth. If he wants to say in the leagues, he is going to have to do it at another position like Running Back. As for Chuck, I’m still a fan of his and always respect his moral convictions, but in this case he is wrong. The tebow era as a qb is over.



    • Phil Bateman

      Famous quote by unknown author: “A good big man will always beat a good small man.”

  • Paul

    Take Tim and the exact skill level in the NFL, go back 25 years when our Nation was still after God somewhat, TT would have busted down the closed doors and probably have a ring or two. Don’t deny it, Think about it? What are you after? Who holds your future?

    • Phil Bateman


    • dave

      What in the hell does that have to do with Football????? If you wanted to end your point and say 25-30 years ago when the NFL wasnt a pass happy league like it is today… Then Tim May have been successful, You actually might of had a valid point. Instead, you made it about Christianity and not everyone shares the same beliefs as you. Keep it Football!

    • chris

      no, he wouldn’t he is too inconsistent and the defenses now have his number. You are an idiot.

      • dave

        To whom are you talking to?

  • http://yahoo bulldog

    Chuck Norris sold the earth to the moon and bought it back later and made a profit

  • Chris

    Tim Tebow ONLY gets credit because he is a christian!! People can have their opinions but mine is that he is not a starting quarterback and really does not even have the talent to be a back-up quarterback. 32 teams can’t be wrong!

  • jeff paltrow

    For those of you that slam Chuck Norris you don’t know the first thing about him. He has worked very hard throughout his career to get to where he is. If you think it is easy you are most likely a sucessful person.Aside from being a sucess as an actor and martial artist as well as a business man he has demonstrated over the years to be a good role model as well as a philanthropist. Chuck has worked with kids for years getting them off of the wrong paths and helping them improve themselfs. In addition he has different charities and causes that he sponsors so if you don’t really know who he is then don’t knock him, personally Chuck my hat is off to you kudos.

    • dave

      Nobody is slamming Chucks accomplishments.. They are slamming his opinion on football.

  • Doc Holliday

    I’m a fan of Norris and the jokes, but I disagree somewhat. I don’t think Tebow has the typical NFL QB skill set per se, but he DOES have one very valuable capability – the man knows how to win. Look at what he did at Denver. Their late season run was spectacular and the argument could be made that it was primarily due to Tebow. It is possible that he could develop the necessary skills to become a more proficient passer, but his skills as a leader, runner and ‘get it done’ guy are more than adequate. Of course, once Elway pronounced him excess baggage without really giving him a chance, he was to a certain extent doomed. And the Jets never gave him a chance. So, all you Tebow haters, stop showing your ignorance. The man is better than you have seen.

    • http://Yahoo! Liam Keats

      “The man is better than you have seen.” Doc, don’t you want to rethink this?

  • Cody

    Didnt Tebow take the broncos to the afc champ game with nobodys offensive?He is good enough they say but the man only wins..That man puts the whole team on his back and wins..Its crazy how people say he isn’t good enough are he suxs.Ive watched him since collage days and he only wins.

    • dave

      Hey Cody, Nobodys offense??? A 36 year old Peyton Manning coming off of 4 neck surgeries took the same Denver offense to 13 wins and a divison title. And yes Denver back doored there way into the playoffs thanks to a Marion Barber and Tim did have a big game against Pitt. But he got ABSOLUTELY SMOKED by New England who had one of the worst pass Defenses in the league that year but held Tim to only 136 yards and Denver to 10 points.

  • John

    Everything Chuck said about Tebow is true. But it is also true that Tebow lacks the accuracy and arm to be a starting quarterback for most of the teams in the NFL. However, there are teams that could use him and should give him a shot. If Tebow would agree to sign with a team, play a year on the practice squad under the strict tutoring of a quarterback specialist, he probably would get his chance. The NFL is about winning and money, Tebow can bring the money with his fan base, but the winning requires a little more work on his part to improve his skill set. TIM TEBOW is a winner and no matter what he does be it football or anything else in life he will come out on top!

    • dave

      fair assessment^

  • TampaJoe813

    It’s funny how everybody thinks Tim Tebow is not playing because of his religion and fan base; when in all actuality its the furthest reason from the truth. Tim Tebow isn’t in the NFL right now because his numbers as a QB are one of the top 3 worst in NFL history. Everybody thinks Denver was a playoff team because of him; again wishful thinking because it was the Denver defense that bailed him out constantly.

  • Clint Tores

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Chuck Norris is so unimportant. He only likes Teblow because he’s a loony “christian” like himself. Actually, all you christian goons like Teblow because he believes is the same silly, retarded $hit you believe in. Tim…..Teblow…..sucks….and…has….no….place….in…..professional….football

  • chris

    I think Tebow being a Christian is a great thing. I love the fact that he is unafraid to show that. I will give you the he’s a great athlete and a natural leader a well. I will even admit that finding a natural leader is a rare thing at his position. However, a natural leader does no one any good without the skill or talent to back it up. The man’s stats are horrific.
    his famed winning streak in Denver was half luck and half defensive effort. he is inaccurate and often throws to guys that are covered (which you can do if you have an arm and accuracy of a Favre or Brady or Marino) but he doesn’t and never will.
    You cannot simply demand a team to play him because you like the guy. You have to understand that he is liked. If 32 teams are weary to give him a chance then he lacks something. We live in a day and age when talented yet morally bankrupt players get second and third chances because of their talent. So ask yourself why not Tebow?
    The answer is simple, 1 he cannot play his position well. want to isn’t enough. Bad decision making and bad mechanics. 2. he can’t even beat Mark Sanchez for a starting job. A job he was brought in to take an was unable to do so.Look into your heart, you know this to be true. 3 Who wants to deal with his obsessive fans? You can’t simply go around demanding that he play. Seriously, you fools really want Obama to handle the situation for him? 4. The measure of a man is his ability to handle his problems or trials and tribulations, himself. If he can’t get a starting job how much less of a man is he if his fans have to petition the President to do that for him? Think about it.
    Honesty I have poured through every frame of tape tape on the guy and the truth is, he just can’t play. So get over it. I have met Chuck Norris once, over thirty years ago and I am ashamed of him that he is being so unreasonable on this simply based on the kids beliefs. He can’t cut it in the NFL sorry. It takes more than faith, want to, desire and leadership and athleticism to make he has to have the right tools as well. you can have it and w/out the right tools it doesn’t matter. The kid doesn’t at this time possess the tools.

  • JD’sSlant

    The NFL (National Felon League)wants Tebow out. They want dead beat dads, child molesters, drug dealers, drug users, drunks, wife beaters! Anything but a Christian. It is like the Romans feeding the slaves to the lions for entertainment, some people are expendable! It sells tickets! Tebow is a good guy that people care about. If he were injured by one of these goons, it could be disastrous for the NFL style of play. It could change the way the game is played.

    • dave

      Hey JD’sSlant… If that were the case than how did Kurt Warner thrive for so long? Nobody bothers a deeply Phillip Rivers? Colin Kaepernick is devout christian, and one of the most popular players in the NFL right now by players and fans alike? How does one explain this phenomenon? And its a shame that your so ignorant that you are willing to accuse the ENTIRE NFL of being dead beat dads, child molestors, drug dealers and users; ETC. Its a shame your willing to accuse EVERYONE for the mistakes of a few. The truth is .. Thats just the world today, All those offenses you mentioned are committed by people everyday, but we hang onto the belief that the majority of the population have enough morals not to do those things. IF you have a problem with that, take it up with Congress. Otherwise, Tim Tebow doesnt play because he doesnt have enough arm to be a QB in the NFL.

  • http://www.ronztx.blogspot.com regg

    Funny how having Christian values is frowned upon everywhere. I think I read that this was expected………., but who reads the Bible anymore anyway… right? Rock on Tebow!

  • david andrew

    Only in this joke that modern day America has become is a person persecuted for being a Christian.