Christie Brinkley Continues to Look Great and Says Goodbye to Summer

    September 3, 2013
    Emily Greene
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They must give models special training or something that allows them to look great as they age, because Christie Brinkley, 59, looks as amazing as she did when she first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1979. And then again in 1980. And 1981. (Seriously, SI was obviously in love with this lady for three consecutive years. And who can blame them.)

The Long Island resident performed this weekend at the Guild Hall in the Hamptons. She performed on stage with Ralph Macchio, actress Brooke Shields, actress/poker player Jennifer Tilly and comedian Dick Cavett for “Celebrity Autobiography.”

The end of summer makes most people sad, and being a parent, Brinkley has something else to wish her summer would last a little bit longer. Her son Jack Brinkley Cook is heading off to Emerson College. Brinkley said, “Whenever I stop and think about it I just weep. The back to school routine will be a little relaxing.”

But it wasn’t just a performance on stage that had the former model in the Hamptons for summer activities. Brinkley also attended the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show – Grand Prix in Bridgehampton, New York on Sunday. Brinkley was turning heads, as usual, with a form fitting white dress, a cowboy-style fedora, a country-inspired belt, and brown suede ankle boots.

One person in the Twitterverse begs the question, is Brinkley the hottest 59 year old ever?

If you need more proof of her beauty, head on over to Daily Mail Online and take a gander for yourself.

Her 15-year-old daughter Sailor Cook also attended the equestrian event.

Most recently, Brinkley had a guest role on Parks and Recreation as Jerry Gergich’s wife Gayle. A surprise for fellow characters and viewers alike.

Image via Brinkley’s official Facebook page.

  • Better Off Ned

    “Author of this article continues to write ineffectual stories based on non-news.”

  • Shimmy

    absolutely hot enough for anyone, a definite role model for grandmas

  • http://yahoo Holly Hennessey

    I think it is great that women Krisitie’s age “still look great”, but we must remember most of these celebrities have procedures done to enhance their appearance and photos can be altered to make them look more stunning. Good for them. But I know many beautiful women her age and older who are naturally beautiful without cosmetic procedures. These woman are beautiful from the inside out. And they make it totally OK to age gracefully which reality.

  • Yeah

    Yeah, this isn’t representative of morbidly obese America. Our nation is so fat it isn’t funny. Our gluttony and excess has seen to that. The sad part is that our collective weight problem has led to a lot of divorces and health problems for many people.

    I grew up in the 70-80s. People were not nearly as fat then. It seems that in the past 20 years people have exploded.

  • Seymore

    I have to laugh at the perpetually bitter ones who intentionally misspell Christie’s name as they air their own misery whilst attempting to bash her legendary, blessed beauty. I am unbelievably inspired by Christie, not only because she keeps herself looking incredibly healthy AND stunning but because she is a such an all around dynamo! She’s a single mom, a talented actor of Broadway and tv, a super successful businesswoman, an environmental activist and her self-effacing humor is adorable! Yes, I can see why those with low self-esteem see her as a target however the rest of us will continue to applaud this super star!

    • Eyes Don’t Lie

      The eyes never lie… and they show 59.

  • The Tapper

    My Bingo’d fall off , I’d be tappin’ it all the time!