China Telecom To Begin Selling iPhones Next Month

    February 21, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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China Telecom has announced that they will start carrying Apple’s iPhone 4S next month. All models of the iPhone will be available on a selection of the company’s plans. Chinese customers who want an iPhone can pre-order one beginning March 2. The phone will be available for purchase on March 9.

Of the three major Chinese mobile carriers, China Telecom is the second to get the iPhone. China Unicom has had the device for some time. The third carrier, China Mobile, does not currently have the technology to offer the iPhone on its network.

The deal will no doubt be a big boost to Apple in China, where the iPhone has struggled to gain a foothold. A recent report showed that the iPhone’s market share in China had slipped to fourth place behind Samsung, Nokia, Huawei Technologies, and ZTE Corporation. Apple’s struggles in the huge Chinese mobile market have been attributed in part to the fact that only one of China’s three main carriers carry the iPhone.

  • http://www.comodo.com/ Johnbrito

    Chinese people are brilliant they are going to cell the Iphones with very low price for sure

  • elbig

    Maybe it’s the 3rd largest cell phone carrier, but there are really only 2 cell phone carriers… This won’t change anything for apple… People here don’t even know what 3G is, they just all use China Mobile because it’s the best. No one is going to switch to another service like they might in America. They don’t even have cell phone plans.

    the only reason everyone in this country doesn’t have an iPhone is because they can’t afford one. trust me, if they could… THEY WOULD! But 5 years ago, no one could afford an iPod or a MacBook either, so very soon they will have them.

    and for you, John, iPhones are more expensive in China than anywhere else…

    you guys should check your facts before you write the news…and comment on it