Charlie Sheen Declares War on Denise Richards

    March 23, 2014
    Pam Wright
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The Charlie Sheen getting-into-hot-water-saga is never ending.

According to the New York Daily News, the actor has stopped paying Denise Richards child support.

Apparently, Richards isn’t allowing her kids to hang out with Sheen, so her ex-husband is fighting back by refusing to make child support payments.

But there’s more.

Charlie Sheen is apparently so ticked at Richards that he plans to sell the house he bought for her and the children so they could be closer to him.

An anonymous source recently told TMZ that Richards will get the court-ordered $55,000 a month even if she has to take Sheen to court to get it.

Sheen’s beef with Richards seems to stem from the fact that Richards doesn’t feel it’s safe to leave Sheen alone with their kids, Sam and Lola, and insists on attending the visitations.

Things seemed to be running smoothly for a bit. During an interview with Celebuzz, Richards said she was trying her best to maintain a healthy relationship with Charlie for the sake of the children.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. I know we went through an obviously challenging divorce, but it’s good now. It’s funny, because a few people on Twitter were commenting, ‘Oh are they back together?’ But he was in New York promoting his show and I was promoting my movie, so we decided to make it a family trip,” she explained.

Sheen doesn’t seem to get along with anyone. The former Two and a Half Men star has also been fighting with his other ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, over their 4-year-old twin boys Bob and Max.


He’s also ticked at John Mayer after the singer claimed Sheen’s BFF, Bob Maron, sold him counterfeit Rolexes.

Wonder who else is on Sheen’s list?

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  • jo

    This guys a creep, people quit watching his old man comedy Anger Management , hit him in the wallet

  • whatdifferencedoesitmake

    Yah, Charlie, way to do it. Way to make the KIDS pay instead of Denise.

  • Jan

    Does Martin Sheen or his wife ever spend time with any of Charlie’s children? Do they try to get Charlie to behave himself? He has turned into a horrible person. Does anyone care about all those kids but Denise?

    • Carol

      Charlie Sheen is a woman hating scum bag, but the only reason Denise “cares” about those kids is because without them, she doesn’t get $$$$. After all, her reality show almost didn’t get off the ground because Sheen was trying to make sure the kids weren’t part of it and she was told by the network that if the kids weren’t part of it, the show wouldn’t be canceled before it started.

    • Marisa Beatriz

      They helped raised three of their grandchildren: Charlie’s oldest (CJ who is in her twenties) and Emilio’s 2 kids. Charlie had a kid in his late teens and Emilio had 2 kids in his twenties. They do get to see their grandchildren through visits but admittedly they are old and don’t think they have it in them to raise kids anymore. I read that on some articles online.

  • emmysmom

    This is one disgusting human being. Seems to me Denise Richards has made a very wise decision by not allowing that maggot around her children. I feel very badly for all of his children, especially the little boys who don’t seem to have anyone to love them. At least Denise’s children have a wonderful mother.

  • Carol

    Charlie is a bag of trash, but Denise has no right to violate court orders and keep the children away from him. If she has proof that he’s abusive or neglectful to the children, then she would have hauled him back into court, so she obviously doesn’t.
    For the first time, I have to side with Sheen on this.
    Denise can’t live without her name in the spot light, and she’s using those kids to keep it there.
    I feel sorry for those kids. Both parents are creeps and don’t care about them.

  • Marisa Beatriz

    What is Denise thinking? She doesn’t want her kids to hang out around drug addicts with mental health issues and porn stars unsupervised. Good on you Denise, Sam and Lola are beyond lucky to have you and I hope one day Bob and Max will come back to you, so they can get the psychological attention and love that they deserve.
    Charlie, tie your tubes and please don’t create more kids for Denise to take care of with your gold digging, enabling porn star fiance.

    • Bruce Anderson


      Who’s the Porn Star???? As I can recall, your idol Denise had sex with another female in “Wild Things.” Then again in the shower scene in “Undercover Brother.” Denise, on both occasions, got paid to have sex with another female on screen just like Rossi……by the way, Denise’s nanny (that Charlie pays for) watches the kids — not Denise…….Don’t let the tabloids fool you

      • Marisa Beatriz

        Actors have faux sex in movies, in pornos there’s no faking. Denise got paid to simulate sex, she’s not my idol but she seems to have the most common sense out of them all. Better a nanny watching the kids than a drug addict or porn star.

        • joe

          in pornos there is no faking?

          google yourself the phrase

          faking it in porn

          game set match

          • Marisa Beatriz

            I did, it said that R-rated sex scenes in movies, like the fake stuff Denise Richards did, is fake and XXX porn is real, you know the type Brett Rossi does. I think you are confusing faking having an orgasm with faking having sex. In the XXX industry they fake orgasms and fake enjoying it whilst having real sex, whilst in an R-rated movie the sex itself is fake.
            Game, set, match?

            Maybe spend less time on random Q&As and get to know your standardized ratings and the differences between each rating?

          • Bruce Anderson

            Marisa….A duck is a duck….Assuming you have a boyfriend or husband — ask him to tongue kiss another man and fondle his bare breast while being naked in a pool or shower…..Tell him he’s an “actor” and it’s only faux sex…..Bottom line is that Denise had some level of on screen sex with two other women “for money.”

          • Marisa Beatriz

            A duck and a parakeet are two different things, trying to conflate the two is a faulty generalization. Actually in many of those R-rated movies people are wearing g-strings and cupped suction bras so they’re not fully naked, also actors in R-rated movies have body doubles. Rossi on the other hand is actually naked. I’m also sure my boyfriend (or any human being for that matter) can understand the difference between penetration and no penetration.

            They’re not near the same by any means nor stretch of the imagination.

          • Bruce Anderson

            Marisa…that’s actually REALLY funny….Now I know you’re just some neurotic that lives under a stone…..It’s obvious you’ve never seen a Bret Rossi movie — there is NO penetration there either!!!….Those who actually know Bret or her work will understand. — but not you:-( your world is confined to what you read in tabloids, and then what you concoct in your little brain as the truth! Charlie’s a drug addict, Brooke’s a drug addict, Bret is a Porn actress….what about Marisa???? I’m sure you “would never seek your soul to gain fame.” But I am certain that no one would ever ask you:-( my guess is that your looks and talent are similarly ugly just as your judgmental attitude of people YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT…..

            The fact is that these are human beings just like you….They do a lot of good things that you will NEVER know about because you’re too busy telling everyone how horrible they are….

          • Marisa Beatriz

            Well I just googled a vid of Brett Rossi (just for the sake of this argument) and it is hilarious that you say that because youporn has a vid of her sticking some fingers up her vagina and also sticking a toy around her finger up her vag. You can watch the vid for yourself. (/watch /706867/ brett-rossi-maturbates-with-her-toys /).

            Well seeing that you neither know Brett nor have watched her complete filmography, I think you’re the one that’s mis-informed. That or you have no idea what penetration is which is sad… Just to educate yourself maybe google digital penetration and stop embarrassing yourself on the internet. She was a porn actress long before she was in the tabloids and are you trying to deny that someone who was in rehab that many times has a drug problem? That’s right you don’t know me nor do you know what I look like, also you’d don’t need to be good looking to sell your soul. Plenty of ugly people lined up for hell.

            Well seeing as neither of us know them and you’re the one pulling faulty generalizations out of nowhere, where as my points are supported by fact, why would I listen to someone who doesn’t know them and makes unsupported assumptions and conclusions?

          • Bruce Anderson

            Well it’s good to see that you educated yourself by watching a porno AFTER you made a broad, generalizing negative comment on the person……

            Didn’t realize I was communicating with St. Peter herself…..Apparently Marisa is the one who decides who good people are and are not…..must be a tough job in between getting your welfare check out of the mail each month…..

            Bottom line is that Charlie and Bret have done more charity work in one month than you will have done in your entire existence….But, you must be right — I don’t know Charlie and Bret 😉

          • Marisa Beatriz

            No, I just googled it to get definitive evidence since you clearly wanted it. My initial google of her imdb movies before I even joined this convo cleared a few thing up before hand. Who ever said I was on welfare?

            How would you know what they were up to? Where is your evidence? Btw, I do really like Charlie Sheen and idk why… I just love his style of shows, However, I do wish he’d clean up his act a little more, this is just my impression at a distance, just like yours.

        • Bruce Anderson

          Also, everything you seem to know about Charlie, Rossi, or Denise comes from tabloids….A lot of the info is publicized with a high level of intention….”there is no bad publicity.” This is why Charlie is so popular and worth $125 million…..I’ve never heard of Marisa Beatriz:-( — and before you give yourself an aneurism attempting to come up with a witty reply — no one has heard of me either…..

          • Marisa Beatriz

            Charlie was born into fame so there is a level of nepotism and an unfair advantage in terms of that he already knows the ins and outs of the business. Rossi willingly acting in porn comes from the tabloids? No Rossi acting in porn comes from her willingly acting in porn, Denise acting in movie with a sex scene comes from her being an actress. Charlie having a drugged up image comes from all the drugs he does and Brooke looking like an addict comes from all the times she has been to rehab BEFORE she got famous.
            Of course you’ve never heard of me, I’d never sell my soul to gain fame and I’m damn proud of myself for it.

  • james

    Lol at all these people saying: ‘making the kids suffer’, acting as though Denise Richards can’t pay for anything because Charlie stopped paying her child support! She has an estimated networth of 12million! She can pay her for stuff on her own she doesn’t need Charlies money.

    • Bruce Anderson

      Thank you James! It’s good to see at least one normal, rational thinking person among all these weird people. Charlie was never ordered to pay $55k a month to Denise…..He did that on his own…..He was not ordered to buy Denise a mansion in Beverly Hills….He did that so he could regularly see his kids…..Denise decided that he would no longer be allowed to see his kids….

  • Mary

    The judge needs to throw the book at him and increase his child support for his daughters. He should be ashamed of himself. Denise, keep you head up high and continue to place your daughters well being first and foremost. They don’t deserve to be around such chaos and debauchery that their fathers brings into their lives. People, please stop watching Charlie Sheen’s shows and don’t buy into his narsasistic behavior. He is a sick person who most likely will continue to reek havoc on others lives

    • james

      I like how you think you know Charlie and what he does and how you buy into all the media bullshit!

      The media gets a little bit of info and turns into something its not just so they can make a sale! If you buy into the majority of crap that the media post then you are stupid then they are sorry!