Casey Anthony to be Baptized

    March 22, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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The mother who was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter wants a new beginning. Casey Anthony says she wants to get baptized so she can see her daughter Caylee one day.

Casey “wants to ensure her own salvation so that she’ll see her daughter again someday,” the source said.

Her recent decision to reach this spiritual milestone has led some people to mock her in comments on the following YouTube video and “suggest that the pastor is just gonna hold her under and drowned her. Sounds fair to me. Eye for an Eye right??”

Casey looked very upset throughout the trail but is slowly becoming more animated and open.

Hopefully the young woman will find peace through her spiritual transformation.

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  • Nellie Austin

    In reality, Casey probably has not found “religion”. Christ is the answer and who she should turn to. I think she’s at the point she’s just not getting enough media attention as is months past. If there’ any possible way to get this message to her, I’m very sure that our Sovereign Lord would be very happy ad smiling down on someone.

    Baptism is not the answer–though the Holy Bible does say the Jesus tells us to “Repent and be baptized”. I know the Lord is good and Master of everything, but I believe Casey should get her life straightened out with Him first. I’m certainly not perfect, but Jesus does say that “They will know you by your fruits.” Even at the “Pearly Gates”, it’s going to be Jesus–not St. Peter! He was there when Casey was there; He heard eveything; He knew everything–her motive, absolutely everything! And for that matter, He was in control of everything, so He is most probably working with Casey now, but I think maybe a Christian kill her only 2-year old child just to party??? or to get back at her mom, or to literally allow her attorney to accuse her father of sexual abuse–even blame her former boyfriend to be the father and allowed that “idea” to fester for quite some time. No, Casey, The Holy Bible also says “Study to show thyself approved”. About baptism, it is to show the public that you have given your heart to Jesus and are following Him and doing His business now. The Holy Bible says also, II Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new”… and then, II Corinthians 5:20 “Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled for God”. Yes, Casey, you do, indeed, need to get your life in God’s Hands, but baptism will not do it–ONLY JESUS–Go to the infamous John 3:16. In fact read the whole 3rd chapter because it keeps stating, “but it was not yet His time”–meaning the time for Him to die on the cross for the sins of the world!

    If you are that interested, go to Ecclesiases 3:1-8: EVERY VERSE BEGINS WITH “A time for….”, “A time for…”, etc. You might even find it interesting. I believe right now you’re using your own “authority”. But before you get baptized, you must see God’s Will and Plan for your life–because I, personally, believe you did not seek his advise when you KILLED YOUR VERY OWN 2-YEAR OLD CAYLEY. Again, Casey, Jesus is the Almight Judge–not I by all mean!!! I’m just trying to get you to possibly see “GOD’S WAY” BEFORE MAKING SUCH AN IMPORTANT DECISION IN YOUR LIFE. Just start reading your Bible–in the New Testament, hopefully the chapters in the Book of John. Try to read at least one chapter a day. Call Dr. Charles Stanley’s order line and ordeer his “In Touch Magazine, monthly Devotional(s)”–even ask for prayer on their prayer list. It is also a good time to start watching such a gifted Man of God: TBN, Saturdays, 8-9:00 p.m.
    –to see just what the Lord may want to say to you, Casey, through Dr. Stanley’s word, like he has me for 25-30 years!!!

    HE SAYS: OBEY GOD AND LEAVE THE CONSEQUENCES TO HIM! REALLY GREAT IDEA THAT WORKS, CASEY!! Just depend upon Him for all your answers, but HE, ACTUALLY, ONLY LISTENS TO THOSE WHO HAVE COME TO KNOW HIM, INVITED HIM IN YOUR HEART AS HE CALLS–AND HE MAY EVEN BE GIVING YOU THAT CALL RIGHT NOW, CASEY. The Holy Bible also says something like, No one can come unto me except that I call him. I tried to find it, myself, in the Bible, but was very unable to looking in the concordance for “call” “no one”, but you might be able to find it with searching in the upper right hand corner of your screen the words that I stated, “No one can come unto me except that i call him.” Use the “New Living Translation” (NLT); that’s what my daughter uses and she can find everything she wants!

    Have a really good, super day, Casey. I’ve been praying for your savation for a long time: SO YOU WOULD FEEL GUILTY IF YOU DID NOT GO BACK AND TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU AND CAYLEE. You haven’t yet, and the Lord is just waiting for you to answer His call! I know when He is all finished with you–AND HE WILL FORGIVE YOU OF EVERYTHING, CASEY, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO REPENT AND THEN BE BAPTIZED–NOT UNTIL HE IS READY FOR YOUR CONVERSION!! AND HE WILL LET YOU KNOW.


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    Fax: 301-880-0645
    TOLL FREE NATIONWIDE: 240-431-8484 (Cell–I try to carry it with me all the time.)

    • SMJ

      Baptized so she could see her daughter one day oh plz anything for publicity.

  • http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism Luke

    Sorry, Casey Anthony, but your daughter is dead. You will never see her again. She has ceased to exist; there is no spirit or soul that lives independently of the body. When you chose to end her life you ended her entire existence.

    Take the opportunity to enjoy every moment, this is the only life you live.

  • Zachary

    Quote: “They will know you by your fruits.” Even at the “Pearly Gates”, it’s going to be Jesus–not St. Peter! He was there when Casey was there; He heard eveything; He knew everything–her motive, absolutely everything! And for that matter, He was in control of everything, so He is most probably working with Casey now”

    Are you kidding me….the god you worship would participate in this crap and be in control of everything. If any “god” included what happened to this poor little innocent girl in his plan, then I would rather burn forever in a lake of burning feces than offer him an ounce of praise.

  • jade

    If the cops believed her lies and she was never charged the last thing on her sick mind would be getting baptised because she would be too busy partying, stealing, lying and sleeping with everyone… TRUE, YOU KNOW IT CASEY”

  • Heaven Lee


    • GuoFang


  • justjustice

    Why do criminals wait till their back is to the wall to “find” religion? It’s been there all along! The same for the people in jail..they “find God” as if He were only existing in jails. Find him first, and there will be no jail!! Casey, He would have told you not to kill your child!

    • Femflair

      People in jail “find religion,” etc., because it is one of the many things that a parole board looks at when determining if someone has turned his/her life around. Don’t mock it. The justice system is a big game, and anyone inside who doesn’t play it by THEIR rules will never get out. Not all crimes are worthy of a draconian sentence served in full. Also, some people actually do turn their life around in prison and have a spiritual awakening. You have a problem with someone who transgresses, serves his/her time, and has a spiritual awakening? I guess you’re perfect … .

  • miller

    I notice this article tends to bring out a lot of “preaching” and people quoting the bible, usually supporting their take on the verdict. Many quoting bible verses, aren’t even greatly religious, otherwise. The bible can be “used” in support or argument of nearly any position. One person’s blasphemy is another’s golden rule. Like most everyone else, I believe there are pearls of wisdom in the scriptures… and I believe there are “Pharisees”, which I think speaks to the heart of the matter concerning the strange online debate about Casey Anthony. The vast majority of civilized society is still gasping at what she did and didn’t do… as well as the outcome… regardless of religion, and quoting of scripture.

    I believe the likely reason Casey is getting “baptized” has everything to do with where she is and who is helping her, and her small support base… and her very few options.

  • Seriously

    Well said ! excellent post

  • http://Yahoo.com Val

    This is the time God has chosen for Casey to recieve her redemption. I am hoping Casey has been spiritually guided before making this decision you cannot just be baptised and expect to go to heaven to see or be with your loved ones. A born again Christian has steps to follow and be found acceptable in order to get a Christian baptism. I suggest you make sure you have recieved the right doctrine Casey and you are doing this to benefit yourself because God is a God of forgiveness and he can and will transform your life. Only you and God know what really happened to Caylee and if you are guilty you will slowly die spiritually and God is there to forgive you no matter what I or man has to say about it. Make sure of your right standing with God before you make a mistake that may condemn you to hell for eternity.

    • GuoFang


  • Barbara T.

    She is totally delusional if she thinks getting baptized will foster for her a Salvation and avail herself to “see her daughter!” She may have been acquitted by the courts system but I fail to see how God Almighty who is the Knower of all Knowers of the heart, mind and soul will favor her an eternal visit with her beloved daughter! She should have thought about that before the deed was done! She obviously covered her tracks, she IS the daughter of a cop and obviously she got away with murder! NOBODY ELSE HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH THE CRIME NOR HAS ANY EVIDENCE BEEN FOUND TO PURPORT ANOTHER CRIMINAL IN THIS CASE. HELLO CASEY! YOU LOST – NO ‘GET OUT OF ETERNAL JAIL FREE CARD’ CHICK!” You wouldn’t know where to start reading the Bible anyway!

  • Kate

    Being baptized will not help her see Caylee. To have redemption, she would have to confess her all of sins in full to a priest, ask for forgiveness, truly be sorry for what she has done, and then perform penance.

    • GuoFang

      well actually. NO one need to confess to a priest. people should confess to GOd

  • Jessica

    To truely be religious you have to be true to yourself and own up to all your sins. Casey Anthony has NOT taken responsibility for her daughters death. Therefore she can not truely be religious. I think that she needs to come up with another idea.

  • Justin

    Jesus Saves! not being baptized. If Jesus is not in the picture, it is like taking a bath. Hopefully thought Christ she can make things right by letting the truth come out, The truth will set you free!

  • barb tomlinson

    like THAT is going to save her and take her to heaven. NOT ….read your bibles folks!

  • cassie

    Casey to be bapitze Ha! I doubt she will end up in heaven. we know and god knows she is guity as a SIN!

    Murder is a sin!

  • GuoFang

    Maybe the murder was ment to be! God giveth and taketh! Caylee died. Casey realizes she is missing something, but its not baptism. she first needs to confess to God admit all her sins to Christ, She does NOT need to confess her sins to us cause it’s none of our business. All that matters is, If she wants to see her daughter again then she needs to confess to God and only God, God will lay on her heart whether or not she tells the world.
    AND TO ALL YOU PEOPLE!! read Luke 6:27“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies,do good to those who hate you,

  • d

    Please Casey Anthony, if you read this!!!!
    Might I make a few suggestions.
    Get a King James Version bible and study the act of baptism. No amount of water in the world, will get you to heaven. THe blood of Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven. John 3:16 reads,

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Hebrews 7:25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

    Romans 10:13
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    Romans 3:27
    Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith.