Cartoon Network Brings Back The Classics With Cartoon Planet

By: Zach Walton - March 29, 2012

Cartoon Network, where have you gone? Besides the launch of fantastic series like Adventure Time and Regular Show, you are largely off the mark. You have lost some of your best talent (i.e. Craig McCracken). You’re pushing subpar live-action content like Level Up. To add insult to injury, you got rid of Toonami.

This all paints a rather bleak picture of the network, but they seem to have finally listened to the fans. Cartoon Network, starting this Friday, will start a new block called Cartoon Planet. The point of the block is to air the old cartoons that made Cartoon Network famous.

What makes this really special is that the segment will be hosted by long time fan favorites Zorak and Brak. You may remember these two from the original Space Ghost cartoon who then migrated to Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, which them culminated in the excellent and under-appreciated The Brak Show.

The question though is what cartoons are they airing? All the classics are mentioned like The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab and Cow & Chicken. Unfortunately, some of their newer content is along for the ride like the mostly disappointed Chowder and Spongebob rip-off Flapjack. It’s sad that Courage the Cowardly Dog isn’t mentioned by name, but I guess I’m the only person who thinks that was the best show to air on Cartoon Network over the years.

The show starts this Friday at 8 p.m. and continues to 9 p.m. The programming block this week includes some of the best episodes from the shows they’re drawing from. The episodes airing this Friday are:

Cow and Chicken “Happy Meat”
The Powerpuff Girls “Meet The Beat Alls”
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends “Sight for Sore Eyes”
Johnny Bravo “Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West”
Dexter’s Laboratory “Star Spangled Sidekicks”

You can check out the promo for the new programming block below. It’s a good first step back to the Cartoon Network we know and love. Now get more Adventure Time out and we’ll call it even for introducing the world to Level Up.

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  • http://bing Alex

    It’s about time. Hopefully the College kids can get that project Neotoonami

  • http://bing Alex

    Neotoonami is a fan site project. So hopefully Turner Broadcast may want it. They spoke to Steve Blum who did the voice of Tom. He’s going to talk to the guys at Atlanta, Georgia. And also DC Nation needs to air on weekdays afternoon. All I can say step your game up Cartoon Network. Please. Your doing good. Brak is my favorite.

    • Drewerd
      just go here it is a livestream of all things 90’s CN

      • zagbona join the cartoon planet fan page!

    • CJ Mick

      CN needs to listen to there name of Level Up. They need to Level Themselves Up! Cartoon Planet is one Level Up!! Now just a weekday DC Nation and more Reg Show! They need to put Cartoon Planet on all weekend from 8 to 9.

    • zagbona Join the Cartoon Planet Fan page :)!

  • tbcr

    It’s not really a new block. It’s more a reinvention of a variety show from the 90’s(this WAS a show on TBS and CN back in the day)

  • sam

    I personally LOVED Flapjack and think it’s about time they bring it back! So many people I know loved it too.

  • Drewerd

    Yeah but where are the swat kats and megas and all the other great shows not just the main stream dexters and powerpuffs

  • DJed

    what? chowder was like one of the funniest show on cartoonnetwork, tons of people enjoyed it, but anyways, they better have ed edd n eddy on cartoon planet

    • Billybon

      Cartoon Network still shows reruns of Ed, edd, and eddy, rather often in fact.

  • Tom

    “fantastic series like Adventure Time and Regular Show”

    Shoot yourself in the face right now whoever typed this…

    • jan

      that i believe was sarcasm ^.^

      • Ryan

        Both shows are great. Take off your nostalgia goggles.

        • Cody

          No,both of those shows suck. I agree with him completely. whoever wrote that needs to shoot themselves in the face. Shows like those are the reason I will most likely never watch CN again, EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IS COMPLETE SHIT NOW!!!!!!!

          • Adam

            Please adventure time and regular show are one of the few quality shows left, along with young justice. Not sure about the green lantern show but everything else I’ve seen is garbage

            That stupid bubble gum show, oh and that one with the talking acne and ass(not assy mgcee which was actually decent) lord those were almost as retarded as fanboy and chum chum.

            The live action crap doesn’t even deserve to be on CARTOON NETWORK, THE NETWORK FOR CARTOONS. It doesn’t even make sense, and I’ve only seen previews but I could tell it was going to be stupid, most live action kids shows are nowadays because they either add a laugh track every 5 seconds, make all the teenage characters act five, or both. seriously the grade schoolers I know are more mature then the people on the shows

    • ThriceAnimations

      Oh please, nostalgiafag. You don’t know talent when it’s staring you in the face.

      • Nick

        Pardon me? Programs like Adventure Time and Regular show are altering these dumb kids into anti-social videogame nerds — the humor present in these shows is on par with that of a prepubescent 9 year-old, which is precisely their target audience. Geeky phrases such as “epic fail”, “troll”, “pwnd”, and the most obnoxious of them all, “noob”, have become commonplace during everyday conversation.

        Cartoons were a BIG part of my childhood growing up in the 90s, which is why, at 18 years of age, I still enjoy my fix of Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, etc. That being said, nostalgia is an irrelevant factor. The real issue is that cartoons today have no class — outspoken jokes about “poop” does not constitute comedy. Adventure Time and Regular Show DVDs should include a free pocket protector and a set of huge, frame-taped glasses.

  • jean

    Lord thankkkk You!!!! Wish do come true. #swag watching toonami right now!!!! greatest night of life!

  • cnballzout

    Jean u said it and Hell yeah its about time we got toonami back

  • Ava

    :3 I’m watching Toonami as well right now! Outlaw Star is on right now!
    And I like Adventure Time, I do agree that Courage should come back on, that show creeped me out and I loved it! Hopefully they bring on shows with the same audacity as those shows we grew up lovin’!

  • Sorrows

    Well it’s no Cartoon Cartoon Fridays and it’s certainly no Toonami, but I gotta give them credit for trying.

  • sofia

    love cartoon classics. It is like a trip back to memory lane. read on WUWO Magazine for a couple cartoons that take us back in time…..

    • zagbona cartoon planet fan page!

  • Vega

    Oh please, adventure time and regular show are amazing. They are the only 2 shows keeping CTN interesting atm up til 9pm. Psyched for the old reruns :3 but they do play courage the cowardly dog on occasion so this may be why it wasn’t mentioned.
    Original Pokemon and toonami anyone? >.>

  • CJ Mick

    SO glad they mentioned Chowder. I love that show. I am Chowder, I eat everything I see. LOL I saw this Friday’s episode… it was EPIC!!!!

  • Xavier

    I’m so happy they all finally heard our voices! First Nickelodeon with The 90s Are All That on Teennick, now Cartoon Network with the revival of Cartoon Planet! Now it’s Disney’s turn to do stuff like this.

  • Jonathan Wojcik

    This is pretty awesome news, I hope it does well.

    Flapjack a sponge-bob ripoff, though? I don’t think you bothered to actually watch it. It was hilariously morbid with entirely different character dynamics, the only similarity was the nautical theme.

  • ndriana

    Flapjack: simply awesome

  • Jon Fortran

    It’s sad that I Am Weasel, Ed, Edd n Eddy and the What a Cartoon! Show were also not mentioned by name, but I hope they air these series.

  • Alexa

    Uugh. I missed it I turned to the channel too late.. it should’ve had 1 hour marathons for all shows I mean come on.. its a Friday :/

  • zagbona

    Hey Everybody join the Cartoon Planet Fan Page!

  • Dimitar Panayotov

    You are not alone in thinking that “Courage the cowardly dog” was the best cartoon show ever aired on Cartoon Network. :-)

  • Ashley dellinger photography

    I grew up i the power puff girls days & used to pass notes in middle school signed as bubbles but ill be the first to say those shows you seem to be excited about…meh & then the two that Im seriously embarrassingly in love 28 so i shouldnt love them ut chowder & flapjack are two of the best cartoons ever made so give them some respect lol. And even though its nickolodeon and not cartoon network..whos misses “Monsters” & “Rockos Modern Life” as much as I do?