Carrie Underwood To Sing On Sunday Night Football

    September 8, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Who is ready for the first night of Sunday night football? Tonight’s game will feature a special guest to sing the theme song that audiences have not seen before. Carrie Underwood, the well-known country singer from American Idol, has been scheduled to replace Faith Hill as the one who sings the theme, “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.”

The game will be played at 8:30 on NBC, in order to kick-off the season of Sunday night football. It will feature a match-up of NFC East rivals, with star power on both sides of the ball. The Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants will meet in Dallas in their first meeting of the year.

Underwood will be singing tonight about how she has been waiting all day for Sunday night, but really she has been waiting months, before being able to see her performance aired on television. She recorded the segment in June, at a studio in Playa Vista, California. Each version of the song has been complimented by a mini-story or theme, which has always involved players from the NFL, and Underwood’s version will follow the same format, reports the LA Times. It is the same song that was originally sung by Pink in 2006 and has been done by Faith Hill ever since. Her version is intended to be more upbeat and energetic though, and is likely to feature the foot-stomping that she is known for.

The singer also teased her fans a bit and hinted that she might be a part of the performance tonight through twitter. For those fans that did not know what she was planning to do tonight, they were able to make guesses throughout the day.

Fred Gaudelli, the show’s producer describes the segment when saying that “The general story is Carrie is performing in a concert stadium, and in the crowd are these living cubes. Inside these cubes are NFL stars. They’re submerged in water, but then they rise out of the cubes and become themselves. It’s kind of a real world combined with a surreal world.” He worked with Underwood to visualize a very creative segment that is likely to get the attention of many fans. Some of the players that the show will feature are Peyton and Eli Manning, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson and more.

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  • Mark

    Underwood SUCKS! Why change!?!?

  • steve

    Carrie Underwood really suck singing the song. I used to turn it up when faith hill sang it but now I turn it down. she really bites fire her

  • steve

    I totally agree. she doesn’t have it at all. Get over her and get somebody in who can actual make a difference. U suck underwood my dog sounds better singing the sunday night theme song.

  • Ray & Joan Micek

    Change is hard! We always made a special point of tuning in ahead of time for SNF to watch Faith Hill’s great performances!! She was the icing on the SNF cake!! Underwood no comparison!! Definitely takes the edge off the opening! Won’t be ‘waiting all day for Sunday night’ anymore…. :(

    • Margo

      I agree:)

  • brian

    wow, lots of hatred towards a girl who came from nothing to being able to show off her talent that we certainly dont have. “my dog sounds better”???? really…throw that thing on American Idol then.

    • Margo

      Sure she’s talented. But Faith surpasses talent. I’m not settling, and others shouldn’t have to either. Trust me, Fsith will be returning.

  • Rachel

    Carrie Underwood rocks what is wrong with you people?????????

    • Laura Schrick

      She may sing country songs alright, but her version of the Sunday Night Football song is terrible. Her melody is totally off and just plain sucks.

    • http://webpronenews.com Jim

      She is terrible and not very attractive, Bring Faith back!

  • Margo

    OMG! WTH? Why is Faith Hill not singing the SNF theme? Whose idea was this? Big mistake. Big. Huge! I wait all week for SNF. Not MNF. Not TNF. Bring back Faith, please! That’s like when they replaced Jennifer Hudson singing Luther Vandross’ One Shining Moment’ ? You see how fast the following year Luther was back. Faith just had the ‘look’, the ‘legs’, and the persona. BRING BACK FAITH!!!!!!

  • Ms J.

    I like Carrie Underwood, she can sing BUT NOT MY SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL SONG!!! I used to have a wonderful ritual of dancing to the Sunday night football song. Well, not this whack rendition. It’s awful!!!! Please please please bring Faith back. You can even play last years version, not update needed. Carrie just sucks on my SNF song. Please please please Faith help me continue to enjoy my Sunday night dance ritual. Nothing against Carrie, she just sucks on this song.

  • Cindy Gonzalez

    Carrie Underwood was EXTREMELY AWFUL! I watch football ALL days of the week AND she ruined Sunday Night Football!!

    Didn’t someone listen to it first OR do an audience ck to see how she’d test w/the NFL Fans?!? I officially hate her!!

  • Gary Jennings

    For the past several years, when Faith Hill sang the Sunday Night Football song, I cranked the volume way up until she was done. After hearing Carrie Underwood last evening, I shall now hit the mute button instead. Nice going, NBC – NOT!

    • buddy

      she looks like a teenie bopper at a pajama party

  • rma

    Carrie really sucks at trying to sing hard ass rock and roll.
    She is a country singer and nothing more and sucks at that.
    Hire a hard ass rocker to sing this song and it will
    sound great.

  • rma

    Carrie Underwood SUCKS big time.
    She is country and rock and roll.
    Hire a hard ass rock and roller,
    then it will sound good.
    Just goes to show,Underwood can not sing.

    • http://webpronenews.com Jim

      We watch beef all night, lets start it off with some Faith!

  • J G

    Carrie Underwood is even worse than Faith Hill. Bring back Pink, or better yet, Joan Jett!

  • mike

    Whoops, I was hoping Carrie would do a good job but her song sucked the big one.

    Either get a new song our bring Faith back!!!!

  • http://webpronenews.com Jim

    Carrie Underwood is terrible and Not even hot. Bring Faith Hill Back!!!!

  • jim boogers

    Cats howling on the back fence are more talented than this HACK.

  • Chi

    Not a country fan but Carrie’s version blows. I like her music and Faith’s but no comparison, Faith kills that song. Bring Faith back!!!

  • Angie

    Wow!! You all are a bunch of mean ass people. You may prefer Faith, but to say Carrie Underwood cannot sing or is not attractive is bullshit!