Carrie Ann Inaba Talks Dancing With The Stars


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Carrie Ann Inaba is a judge on Dancing With the Stars and says she is excited to see who will win this season. She recently talked about the show and said she feels like the show is finally where it should be in terms if competition and entertainment. She said,

"I think we've gone back to what the heart of the show is, which makes me really proud of our viewers," Inaba says. "They remember what the show was about when we first started, which was taking people who didn't know dancing and transforming them into dancers. I think that it's really nice to see people voting that way. ... People like watching people that they can relate to [and] they're rewarding somebody who's just going for it, gung ho, not afraid, and sometimes making a fool out of himself. But he's having a great time and he's doing it the way it should be done, which is all in good spirits and all in good fun."

Although Inaba gets to judge the couples on the show, in the end it is up to the audience, who will vote for the winner. Inaba's judging could be considered more as critiques that she gives the dancers every week so they can apply the changes for the week ahead. But, many viewers take the comments of the judges into consideration when they vote for their favorite couples.

Everyone has their favorite Dancing With The Stars couple, but only one couple can win. The winner will be chosen soon, during the two-part finale, which begins tonight at 8/7c on ABC. Who is your favorite Dancing With The Stars couple and why?

Image from Twitter.