Cameron Diaz Releases Book on Health and Nutrition

    December 23, 2013
    Pam Wright
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As the season for New Year’s resolutions is in full swing, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, 41, offers her approach to health and beauty in a new book due out at the end of December.

“The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body” will be released on December 31 and is available for preorder at Amazon for $16.43.

According to a promo for the book, it is “grounded in science and informed by real life, The Body Book offers a comprehensive overview of the human body and mind, from the cellular level up. From demystifying and debunking the hype around food groups to explaining the value of vitamins and minerals, readers will discover why it’s so important to embrace the instinct of hunger and to satisfy it with whole, nutrient-dense foods. Cameron also explains the essential role of movement, the importance of muscle and bone strength and why we need to sweat a little every day.”

She admits in the book that she wasn’t always such a healthy eater. “If you are what you eat, I was a bean burrito with extra cheese and extra sauce, no onions,” she said.

The book is a result of the changes she needed to make in her own life. She says that her poor diet had an adverse affect on her skin and body, so she decided to make changes that included learning about nutrition.

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  • Let Me Save You Money

    Let me save you the $16.43. Here is how to look great. Exercise and drink a ton of water. Follow a good diet. Try not to stress out. Be a good person and smile. Trust me, most people will find you attractive.

    But let’s face reality. Carmen Diaz is a multi-millionaire with few worries and a ton of free time. She probably has had a plastic surgery. Nothing against her. She probably is a great person in real life. It is easy to look good when you have time to look good. Plus, she is naturally pretty too.