Bynes Wig In Court: Actress Wigs Out

    May 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Amanda Bynes, you’re making me worry about you.

The 27-year old former actress showed up in court this morning after her arrest on Thursday for allegedly throwing a bong out a window and she looked a bit…disheveled, to say the least. Wearing a long blonde wig and no makeup, Bynes reportedly looked nervous and constantly fidgeted throughout proceedings. Her attorney says she threw a vase, not a bong, but the judge wasn’t amused no matter what the story is. Since last year, the young star has been in heaps of legal trouble, including alleged hit-and-runs and drug accusations.

Bynes is currently on probation for driving without a license, and Burbank DA Danny Wei says he may file a motion that Bynes is in violation of that. If she’s found guilty, she could face jail time and multiple fines. She was taken to a hospital this morning for a psychiatric evaluation, and rumor has it her parents may apply for a conservatorship to take control of her finances and major decisions.

“We get info from the prosecuting agency, in this case the NYPD, and we will review the report and make the determination whether to file a probation violation with the court,” he said.

Image: SplashNews

  • kathy

    whats with the wig? I guess she didnt like that last haircut she got!! Wow- someone needs to help this girl!

  • kathy

    Where are this girls’ parents?

    • Mark


      What are you CRACKERS!!! She’s 27!!! She’s *NOT* a “Girl”. She’s a woman. Geez

      • kathy

        i stand corrected- you are correct!

  • Mighty Woman of God

    Father God please touch this young woman. Satan I come against you with the blood of JESUS I command you remove yourself and all your demons from this young woman and go back to the pit of hell never to return in Jesus name I pray. Abba please place someone in this young woman’s path to draw her nigh to you and deliver her from all that she is going through and give her the peace she is seeking and will only find in you. In Jesus holy name I pray. I thank you Father. Be Bless Amanda!!!!

    • Dave

      Wat does the Swedish Supergroup have to do with this ?!?

    • yoBARBIE

      AMEN! This is really so sad. I would really like to know what’s going on with this girl, out of pure sincerity. First Lindsay, now her. What is going on with these young white actresses?

  • Dave

    Sorta remind me of Phil Spector…