Bullied Boy Dies After Schoolyard Beating

    March 4, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Baily O’Neill, a 12-year-old boy who was bullied and beaten at his Pennsylvania school, has died. He was taken off of life support on Sunday, March 3 – just days after his twelfth birthday.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, O’Neill was a sixth grader at Darby Township School in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. He was allegedly bullied by classmates, one of whom punched O’Neill in the face, breaking his nose and causing a serious concussion. Soon after, O’Neill began having seizures and was put into a medically induced coma.

Stephen Butz, superintendent for the Southeast Delco School district, has released a statement expressing condolences and assuring the public that the school district is working with authorities to investigate the death.

The statement, in full:

Dear Southeast Delco School Community,

Late yesterday, we were informed about the death of Bailey O’Neill. Bailey was a sixth grade student at Darby Township School. Our school community is deeply saddened by this loss. Our condolences are with Bailey’s family and friends during this very difficult time.

Additional counselors have been made available to assist our students and staff with the emotions around the death of Bailey.

The school district continues to work with local authorities in their investigation into the cause of Bailey’s death.

During this time, our thoughts and prayers are with Bailey’s family and friends.

Stephen D. Butz, Ed.D.

The Inquirer report states that there is video of the bullying incident in which O’Neill was punched. The Delaware County District Attorney’s office is investigating the incident, and an autopsy will reveal more about the cause of O’Neill’s death.

(Image courtesy the Prayers for Bailey O’Neill Facebook page)

  • Anthony Bates

    It’s a possibility that the school had knowledge of the bullying, however, if this was an incedent whereas the people who did this just did it and the school took steps to combat this problem, good for them. That said, the fids that were bullying him should be punished with juvenile detention un til their 21 Birthday. Sinece they cannot conduct themselves like children are suppose to do, then they should be punished by separation for the school and society.

  • Sandra Carrington

    Our society is in major trouble. Kids putting other kids in life-threatening situations – relentlessly. This poor little boy is probably at peace after a long period of bullying. I bet you someone asked the “perpetrators” why they tortured him this way, they’d not have anything meaningful to say – not a “real” explanation. Would like to know how the parents of the bullies have to say. Often the “cause” is nothing more than they didn’t like the way he or she looked. This is heartbreaking. His parents won’t leave my heart for a long time. And Anthony Bates, I’m with you 100%. So glad I saw your post. Lock them up until they somehow learn some civility.

    • Cassie

      Parents should be charged.

      • Chuck

        Not a chance. Excellent parents often end up having turds for kids.

        Deal with the kid(s) directly.

  • Bill Robershaw

    What is wrong with you people? Feeling bad for a child whose life was taken by some playground punk is one step shy of actually doing something about it. Have the little bastard arrested and tried in criminal court to answer for his behavior. And , if the answers are found to be lacking in anything that even resembles sorrow and a valid reason….well , eye for an eye , tooth for tooth…life for life. Then , mayhap , parents will show a tad interest in what their godless offspring are doing. Mayhap.

    • http://derp NK

      “Godless?” Atheism is a conclusion.

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com Steve

    I can go on forever ranting about how sad and tragic this news is because it really breaks my heart to see an innocent child die.

    Instead, I’ll just say rest in peace and may God be with you and all those who have been affected by this terrible loss.

  • Chibuzo

    If this were Nigeria where I was raised, those bullies might have been killed for that.

  • M

    It seems from what I’m reading that investigators WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO COVER THIS UP TO PROTECT THE SCHOOL.

  • Bernadette

    I hope they will find those nasty little s*** and they will pay for it.

  • http://rccoons@cox.net Robert Coons

    I was bullied and did my share of bulling when I was young. Fighting was a everyday life situation in the community I grew up in. We fought and sometime the person you fought became your best friend. As a child like that you never think that what you do could possibly kill someone. That is the last thing on your mind. I was so lucky as I look back at my life as a child. You just never think you could seriously hurt someone. By in large I don’t think the bullie was attempting to kill the young man. Most kids don’t think that way. Most likely just blowing off pent up frustrations and made a crucial error. More education must be done. I think in some ways how we educate is also key. Calling everything Bulling may not be the best way. Even though at times I was a bullie, at that age I did not see myself as a bullie. I felt I was being emotionally scared and I fought back. Sometimes it’s also a culture thing where you have to prove yourself to your peers. I know to white American this might seem strange, but in my community you had to prove yourself by fighting; or a least that’s how we felt at the time. At any rate it is a sad situation, but I sincerely don’t think the “Bullie” really thought things through and was seriously trying to kill the boy. Kids just don’t understand nor do they think everything through. One child is dead and the other will have to live with what he did for the reast of his life. Both young people have had their inocents and youth taken from them. Just traject!