BTJunkie Shuts Down Over Fears Of Legal Action

By: Zach Walton - February 6, 2012

The aggressive pursuit of “rogue” Web sites by the U.S. government has caused another casualty – it was just self inflicted this time.

BTJunkie, one of the top five torrent sites since 2005, has shut down for good. The reasoning behind the shut down are mostly due to the legal scare caused by the shutdown of MegaUpload and other file sharing sites.

The site has posted a message to their users on their front page that details the heavy decision:

“This is the end of the line my friends. The decision does not come easy, but we’ve decided to voluntarily shut down. We’ve been fighting for years for your right to communicate, but it’s time to move on. It’s been an experience of a lifetime, we wish you all the best!”

Speaking to TorrentFreak, the founder said that the legal actions taken against other file sharing sites played a major role in voluntarily taking down their Web site. He says that seeing all the trouble his friends and colleagues were getting into was a constant source of worry and stress.

The owner, however, still wants a future for BitTorrents sites. He said that the war is far from over.

It’s important to note that the site was never directly targeted by copyright holders. It was simply listed as a rogue site by the MPAA and RIAA in a report to the USTR.

The site was one of the top five torrent sites with over a million monthy users. Those users will find other places to get their fix like always. It’s just sad to see major players in the torrent business, who do provide legitimate ways for artists to share their work, go the way of the dinosaur.

Zach Walton

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  • Larry

    btjunkie was one of the best sites. Now its gone I wonder why they didnt charge to belong to it. Would that make it legal. Our goverment is looking Russia more every Day. Freedom My ASS.

  • Renee

    btjunkie really was fantastic. I agree with Larry the US really has issues picking its battles wisely. Rather than shutting down communication between artists, users, followers, etc. How bout addressing the number of jobs are consistently shipped to foreign countries, or the price of basic food items…how about that? jussayen.

  • Mark

    The movie industry should wake up and sell at a price that people are willing to part with easily. Void the piracy by making it not worthwhile. Sell in volume and stop trying to make back their overheads on each sale. Everyone knows it costs a lot to fund a movie but then maybe they should do what every other business has to do in tough times and only pay actors $5 Million instead of $10M. Why does the movie record industry think they should be immune from cut backs. I’m guessing their answer is piracy costs them big. We’ll take a look at what all these actors are getting paid. Maybe that’s the part that needs review.

  • tim

    Btjunkie will be missed, when i used to go on there it was so handy, i was shocked when i went on there and saw that message :C

  • Adam

    I was very shocked when BTjunkie shutdown. They were very easy to navigate to find what you want compared to other sites when you have to actually figure out where to go. Its defenitly a hit on the torrent community. But in my opinion the govornment will never shut down the p2p file sharing community.Its just too large;they might as well pull the plug on the entire internet. If they are trying to crackdown: they should look behind the scenes of the movie industry itself. Where else can you get the original file just to upload it??If you are still going to download make sure you are going with BTGUARD. I have never had any problems with it; it the real deal.

  • drake

    It was sad to see they closed down. America is becoming more and more like China and Russia, before you know it we will all have government issued id/passcode combinations to be able to access the internet.

  • sammy

    Personally I was xttemely shocked when I saw the shut down msg.this is so unfair to the torrent community.whoever is responsible should av thought of closing down porn site first.

  • http://btjunkie THe best

    Why would they do it guys AS IF they are not making money $$$$ its just GREED$$$$ on the part of greedy governments$$$$ and really cool greedy movie companies$$$$$ and actors too boot$$$$. Mate I still go to the movies$$$, I still go to the DVD shop on cheap Tuesday$$$$. They wont get me buying shit movies anymore if I really like the movie then I buy it$$$$. So hey mister fuking self righteous, low life file sharer hunters.I bet your fuking make money out of it too making out you care about the world you sucker or maybe you do for free just because you are a young dim uni student that hasn`t lived either way World and the people that helped them shut down
    !!!!!!YOU SUCK !!!!!!! for scaring them into shutting down.