Brandi Glanville Confronts Woman Who Cheated With Husband

    January 8, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Brandi Glanville, the ex-wife of actor Eddie Cibrian, seems to be moving on from her beef with LeAnn Rimes for the moment and has set her sights on a new woman: Scheana Marie, who says she cheated with Cibrian while he was married to Glanville.

The two had a sit down recently and it was all caught on tape for Glanville’s show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”…every juicy, catty minute of it. Glanville, who insists Cibrian was cheating on her with multiple women while they were married, says she’s wanted to get some things off her chest with Marie for a while now. Marie claims Cibrian gave her tons of gifts, took her on vacation, and even met her family during their tryst.

This doesn’t mean Glanville is done with Rimes, however; the two have had issues since Rimes and Cibrian met on the set of a film and began seeing each other while he was still married, and she now says she doesn’t think Rimes is fit to be a stepmother to her sons. Rimes, meanwhile, says she’s had to go into a treatment program to learn how to cope with the stress Glanville has set upon her shoulders.

  • jonna

    LeAnn- get rid of Eddie — he is going to bleed u dry, and he continues to stand by while his x-wife berates you. listen to Brandi one time — he has had many women but you have the most in $$.

    You are not a bad person for falling for a married man (who probably had a $$ agenda when he met you. Most people in Hollywood fall for someone other than their spouse (BRANDI INLUDED) BUT SHE MADE IT A BIG MISSION THROUGH THE PRESS TO HARM YOU FOR TAKING A MAN FROM HER THAT DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY ANYWAY TO TAKE CARE OF HER OR THE KIDS.


  • Lynn

    “Rimes, meanwhile, says she’s had to go into a treatment program to learn how to cope with the stress Glanville has set upon her shoulders.” Please, if she didn’t have an affair with him while he was married, there would be no stress. Wake up and smell the roses, if what she did was right, then there would be no stress regardless of what Glanville has set upon her shoulders, but because she did something wrong, you have to pay the price. Rimes needs to get over herself and quit blaming others for her mistake and she should be going to treatment also because of Eddie.

  • Landa

    I think Brandi needs to realize her issue is with her ex-husband,
    not the women he cheated with.

  • Anna

    You know, there was a song that came on the radio, which Rimes sings, and I could not sing along, even though I like the song. It seems that since I was young enough to like boys, I UNDERSTOOD, that taking another woman’s man is WRONG. Not every woman has the same MORAL COMPASS, and that is very sad, because once a DOG always a DOG, and what goes around, comes around!!!!

    • Diana Spencer

      It takes two to tango…..put the blame on them both, not just LeAnn!

  • Don

    Are you kidding me? Are we suppose to believe any of this crap is real when a camera man is following these whores around? If she wanted to talk to the chick, then go talk to her. Dont have all your dirty laundry aired on TV. Thats why reality tv blows…because it is all so phony

  • Diana Spencer

    I don’t give a shit what anyone says: LeAnn Rimes is an awesome singer and I think she ROCKS!

    • Londie

      Hey, I liked Michael Jackson’s songs too. It didn’t mean that I would let my young sons stay with him. LeAnn has hurt a woman and two children. What on earth does that have to do with her singing. Maybe you should ask your mom before you post things online. You can’t be more than 12 with your mindset.

  • Teresa

    GET OVER IT, BRANDI!! Good-God girl, move on already!!

    • Londie

      Would you? This is obviously very painful for her and she has not had any closure. Eddie and LeAnn said all their peace in public. Even Sheana said things. Brandi is just now getting to tell her side. Oh, and don’t forget, he did marry her and they do have children together. Also , Brandi also willingly went to counseling with LeAnn and Eddie. Maybe if they hadn’t been so vocal about their affair in public it would have been easier on Brandi.

  • Cheryl

    Wait til Eddie cheats on LeAnn. It’s gonna happen! Watch! …and it’s gonna be funneeeee! :)

    • Londie

      It is going to happen. I don’t think it will be funny though. Not that I like Leann but she doesn’t seem stable as it is. This guy has a history of hurting women. He has no respect for the mother of his children and probably has none for his own mother.

  • Milly

    LeAnne is a fool. She should know that if Eddie cheated on his wife before, he could cheat on her now. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I hope he does. LeAnne deserves it. She and Eddie are both peices of crap. If you are a cheater, you deserve to have it happen to you. I hope Angelina cheats on Brad so he gets hurt like he hurt Jen. All cheaters are scum.

  • grammy2three

    I feel that LeAnn was not the only one cheating. After all Brandi has admitted she has slept around and I bet she was married during some of that time. If she knew her husband was cheating she is just to agressive and revengeful not to have tried to get even with him. Like she always says she strikes
    back and I bet part of it was from some other man’s bed. I”m just saying..

    • Londie

      So what if she did. He had been doing it for years. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander”. However, Brandi said she was sleeping around after her divorce from Eddie C. That is what a lot of people do when they are devastated and thrown away. She is the mother to his children. She gave up her modeling career for him. Truth be told, I have never seen him act and never even heard of him before he married Leann R. He is a scumbag who treats women like underwear. You really think he will be loyal to Leann? No way.

  • james

    why the girl that the husband cheated with uglier always? and poorer

  • Albert

    beautiful her nose is funny but we all have unusual faces. suits her face. Should move on and forget the low, ugly piece of trash that the girls are + the guy. Leave it, you are much better then them Brandi. they will get hell. may seem they have upper hand but most are on the devils path too, thats why. there are lot others on God’s path that know what disgusting, trashy, ugly, low& what’s beautiful and rich in every way of life.

  • Clamkisser

    Glanville must be a cold, cold fish, since her husband seems to have had sex with everybody during their marriage except her. Weird how a reality TV performer (I can’t bring myself to say “star”) has so many problems with reality.

    • Londie

      Clamkisser, Brandi was pregnant with their second child when scum bag husband cheated on her with Sheana. Scum Bag told Sheana that he was separated frm his wife and left out that she was pregnant. Eddid C. (alias; scum bag) obviously is the one with the problem. He cant seem to keep it in his pants and he has probably cheated on Leann R. I believe that is the real reason for her “breakdown”. He was with Sheans for 2.5 years. Met her parents and gave every indication that he was going to marry her and then out of the blue left his wife and kids, left his mistress, and married Leann. Sheana was very young at the time.. Brandi has every right to be bitter. You think you wouldn’t be? Get real!

  • Concerned for LeAnn

    This was a very interesting revelation. Eddie was sleeping with this young lady, and sleeping with LeAnn Rimes as well on top of keeping a family life. How do you keep this secret? Why would LeAnn marry this idiot unless she thought she was pregnant. I am very concerned now and worried that this will effect LeAnn Rimes. Pray for her health.

  • Debbie

    I’ve seen this situation FAR too many times, and I always wonder WHY do the wives blame the “other woman” when the MAN is the one who did the cheating? And actually, it takes TWO…”nuff said”