Blekko Gets New Crawl Technology, Adds Real Time SEO Updates

    July 3, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Alternative search engine blekko announced today that it has integrated new crawl technology to power its search index, and is now claiming to offer more comprehensive, real time updates to its SEO pages. This, a representative for the company tells WebProNews, is “transparent data that no other search engine offers for free.”

“Blekko is now one of only a handful of search companies that has more than 4 billion pages indexed and crawls more than 100 million pages daily, with top sites being indexed hourly,” the representative says.

Blekko shared the following graphic with us:

Blekko fast SEO

“When it comes to pages crawled, the sweet spot for blekko is a little more than 4 billion pages and we update at least 100 million pages each day,” says blekko’s director of engineering, Robert Saliba. “As soon as our crawler, Scoutjet, crawls a webpage, users have access to information about it through blekko’s SEO product. We want to allow people to see the Internet the way a search engine sees it, especially what the rest of the internet is saying about an url.”

“Scoutjet updates the top ranked starting pages on the Internet around every hour, while other high quality pages are checked at least every week,” he explains. “The continuous updates to blekko’s SEO data include page content, meta data, duplicate text, and inbound link counts. Since staying up-to-date is as much about forgetting the old as finding the new, inbound links that are no longer live and duplicate content that is no longer available disappear.”

Saliba says blekko is bringing more machines into the service, since traffic continues to “grow rapidly”.

Blekko says it is is getting over 5.5 million unique monthly visitors (a 500% increase over the beginning of the year) and over 100 million queries per month.

  • Doug

    I think blekko is junk/adware. I see it all the time on people’s computers and it’s bundled with stupid game toolbars or video toolbars, etc. Plus the name of the company is Blekko…what kind of name is that for a professional company? I always remove it when I see it, recommend everyone else does too.

  • Gammon

    I have noticed with Bleeko their results are either irrelevant or from China, or New Zealand.

  • http://www.thelogodesigns.com Logo Design

    Blekko is not to be compared with the pioneer players in the Search industry, guys. It is still in kinda amateur stage. Serious searchers do not drop by Blekko much! Doug, you are right it comes with a bundle of useless toolbar. But at the same time I must say Blekko is developing. Rockzi is going to win a stake in the industry – no matter however small the stake might be. Working amidst the hugely strong competitors like Yahoo!, Google and Bing is really appreciating!

  • http://SunburntSEO.com Roger K

    Today (two weeks after this article was written) blekko discontinued their public SEO data! I sent them an email and they say that ALL their SEO data will now be behind a paywall:


    Does anybody know of an alternative to Blekko Rank which shows domain authority on an UNBOUNDED LINEAR scale?