Bill Gates: Having Millions Of Dollars Is Good Enough

Once you get past that, "it's the same hamburger."

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Bill Gates: Having Millions Of Dollars Is Good Enough
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According to Bill Gates, having an absurd amount of money is not really that different than having a whole lot of money.

On Thursday, Bill Gates appeared at the University of Washington to talk to students. He visited the Computer Science & Engineering Department and discussed the evolution of computing, and its global impact.

He also dropped this quote, and it’s been making the internet rounds today (courtesy of GeekWire):

I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars, there’s a certain freedom, meaningful freedom, that comes with that. But once you get much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger. Dick’s (a fast food chain) has not raised their prices enough.

But being ambitious is good. You just have to pick what you enjoy doing.

Some on the web are saying that Bill Gates is telling students not to strive to be billionaires. I don’t quite see it that way.

I’m no billionaire. I’m also no millionaire. When I’m lucky, I’m a thousandaire. But I can see Gates’ point. Once you reach a certain point of wealth where you can afford anything you want, everything else is icing on the cake.

Unless of course “everything you want” involves things that cost billions of dollars. But that’s a pretty rare scenario.

Maybe this quote from Gates is an insight into why he’s so philanthropic. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest transparently-operated private foundation in the world. Its charitable donations and various programs total hundreds of millions – even billions of dollars a year. I guess Bill Gates knows that his life isn’t going to be much different with 60 billion dollars as opposed to 40 billion dollars.

In other Bill Gates news – today, October 28th, is his birthday. He turns 56.

What do you think about Gates’ comments on wealth and ambition? Let us know in the comments.

Bill Gates: Having Millions Of Dollars Is Good Enough
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  • Warren Redlich

    I’m with Gates. My life is wonderful and I don’t have millions lying around. More money for me might mean a nicer car. So what? My car is already nice.

    Flying in private jets would be cool, but is it that big of a deal? No.

    Maybe the biggest thing is, if you have enough money, you can quit a crappy job and do something you like. But millions is plenty for that.

  • http://gorangrooves.com GoranGrooves

    This is what I have been talking about for years. Finally, some super rich guy figures it out and admits it!
    I think that satisfaction that you get from helping others and seeing others’ lives change for better because of your money is much greater than knowing that you have billions in the bank.

  • http://www.nwlla.org Betty McNerlin

    I see where he is coming from and I support the End Polio Now campaign and applaud him for putting his money into that. The little bit of cash I fundraise for the polio campaign might save an awful lot fewer number of lives, but his effort will go towards total eradication.

  • rob crapper

    I’m pretty cynical about the economic system that most westerners aspire to be on top of. so much so that I moved to a remote island in the pacific to clear my head of it. I guess not everyone can do that (thank god or it wouldn’t be remote) I think we’re genetically hard wired to try and push our way to the top of the pack, and some of us make it by fortune of right time, right place. It’s good that Bill Gates has finally got enough money that he can think about this too. Money never made anyone happy, just relieved. the people I live amongst have been voted the happiest people on the planet, and they don’t even have electricity or running water for the most part. they’re also healthier than most westerners too. nuff said……

  • http://seo4detailers.com Robert

    He has spent $100s of millions on himself (homes and private jets). So obviously, he sees some benefit in being a billionaire.

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    It’s interesting that he made his money by selling crap software. He owes a debt of gratitude to the idiots at IBM that licensed his crap instead of buying it all those years ago.

  • http://www.DaltonPhoto.com rick

    Gates is not only correct in his comments about how much money we need, be he is also correct in giving away what he can to the benefit of others who are less fortunate then he is.

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