Bigfoot Hunter Shares Pictures Of Dead Creature

    January 6, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Rick Dyer has long been a self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter. In 2012, Dyer gained national attention after claiming that he had shot and killed one of the elusive creatures in San Antonio. He even filmed a documentary Shooting Bigfoot, where he gave all of the details on how he found, shot, and killed Bigfoot.

The documentary failed to convince skeptics, however Dyer is determined to prove that Bigfoot is, in fact, real. Dyer released pictures of the creature – ones that he says he just recently gained back into his possession.

“I have been worried for so long. I have been put off for so long, and finally we went up to Washington and we got the body,” Dyer said. “Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body — from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the real deal. It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world.”


Since reclaiming the body, Dyer has been letting a select group of people see the creature in person while he records their reactions. “We wanted to get people’s reactions, make them believers, and we did it to over a 130 people,” Dyer said. “We definitely made them believers.”

Dyer plans on touring the United States, Canada and Mexico with the body, to prove to skeptics that he was able to find and kill one of the most intriguing creatures of all time. “Bigfoot is not a tooth fairy — Bigfoot is real,” Dyer said. “The most important thing to me is being vindicated, letting people know that I am the best Bigfoot tracker in the world and it’s not just me saying it.”

Image via Bigfoottoday.com

  • BS

    Call me crazy, but if you were really a bigfoot hunter and you knew how rare this creature was. You would not want to kill it, but rather dart it. If people can knock out an elephant, they can knock out a bigfoot.

    If this is the real deal, killing it is simply pointless. People have been looking for this creature for centuries upon centuries. Every freaking culture has a bigfoot legend.

    • nick

      ohh yeah, like they did with king kong right?
      how did that work out btw??

      • *sigh*

        LOL. Your using a fictional movie for reference and/or an example. For the sake of humankind, please tell me you were joking or being sarcastic.

      • frank

        This video is so fake and packed full of bullshit. ..pathetic

    • scott

      100% true. This is so bogus. And only 1 photo?

    • Jennifer Gottfried

      I’m curious… rick dyer references a whole bunch of “official” DNA and other tests that “prove” that this is a genuine, authentic “Big Foot”. Where are the results? Which nationally recognized lab did the tests? Have they been published in a journal yet? If this creature is part human, or shares enough of our DNA (if it is real), then rick should be arrested and charged with murder, and sentenced accordingly, as he pre-mediated it by buying and baiting it with meat to lure it close enough to shoot it!

      • Velma Willams

        I agree.

    • Buster

      I can prove it fake right now !!! Michelle O is still in Hawaii !!!

    • Country Boy

      It has long been my understanding that it was against the law to kill a Bigfoot.
      If that is true then this “nut job” needs to be charged with murder.

      Even if it isn’t the case maybe he should be charged with taking of and endangered species.

    • roz

      call me crazy too!why did you kill it!is it not an over sized hairy “HUMAN” being “MURDERER”

  • PP Pants

    Looks like a biker who’s been on foot awhile, cause Harley broke down.

  • Rick Dyer is a scumbag

    So this is why humans suck they feel the need to kill everything like we are the only ones who have a right to life! especially Christians such hypocrites shouldn’t you love all of God’s creatures? if there was such a creature this man had no right to kill it that is murder people also have no right to keep it locked up and study it.@ nick not too bright are you? king kong is a movie and he wasn’t hurting anyone before humans took him out of his home! then he fought back because he had to like I said before humans think they can ruin everything if there was a bigfoot he was living peacefully and not hurting anyone for all these years so killing him is simply murder plain and simple.I really hope there are no aliens that come here their fate would be pure horror.

    • steve

      rick dryer is a lowlife lying sack of shit. if he says the sun is shining better buy an umbrella.

    • James

      What has me concerned about your post is the many times where you said “they” and not “we”.

  • http://yahoo Lou

    if the creature is real, judging from it’s human like
    face, why in this world would anyone want to kill
    it? . It is a shame and a disgrace. Too many of these so called “macho” men love to shoot and kill just
    about anything. I would think killing this creature
    would be against the law. Throw this idiot in jail and
    throw away the key!!.

  • Shake

    So your now a big bad hunter who has killed,not for food,but for fame. Hope this makes PETA,or any other activist group hound you for the rest of your life

  • LeeAnn

    This is disgusting! I am totally embarrassed to be part of the same species as Rick Dyer…even if it’s not true. IF it is true, I would hope that Rick Dyer is arrested at the very least…hopefully for committing cold blooded murder.

  • Duke

    There is no Bigfoot…this fool will be exposed as a fraud.

  • Kim

    Obviously dealing with a Napoleon Complex, maybe he feels like a real man now. I agree with Shake, I hope PETA haunts him forever. What a tragedy, if this is true.

  • dan

    Something still doesn’t add up with the story. Where are the real examinations of the body?

  • The Real Napoleon Bonaparte

    Does Bigfoot have a mother and father? Or are these people just too stupid to ask. No mammal is going to exist without parents. Unless this is somehow the very last one. I should think this unlikely. So I doubt if it is real.

  • MarkC

    If this is true, then I am sorry that the hunter did not become the hunted. Why kill / murder it? Pathetic..!

  • BFSkeptic

    I can see plainly this is nothing more than clay sculpted and cast latex face parts with crepe hair. So obvious

  • Tea Party Pilot

    Obama just issued a press release. Says this could have been his son.

    • neet

      Looks more like you ya nasty POS.

  • *sigh*

    Proof the media just reads a script and does NO research of their own. All you have to do is google this D-BAG’s name. rick dyer (don’t respect him enough to cap his name). Notorious bigfoot HOAXER. He’s been at it for years. EVERYTHING this idiot says is BS. Can’t believe the lame stream media is covering this crap.

  • http://none Westbrook Fowler

    No Bigfoot, dead or alive, has been produced yet for the public to examine–or even view from a distance. The photo of the dead Bigfoot just transmitted could be a man made up to look dead and not be dead at all. I still rather doubt that there is anything in nature like a real bigfoot. No bigfoots!

  • Jerome

    calm down people this shit aint real.

    • Patrick

      If by chance a Bigfoot is killed, it would prove they are real and therefore we can pass laws to protect them. So the death of one could, in the long run, save hundreds maybe even thousands.

  • Kevin

    We need a laws in this world, not just this country, to make people shut up when they’ve been caught or admit to crying wolf. If this turns out to be bogus, as I’m sure it will, like he doesn’t actually produce a body or admits that it was a hoax or publicity stunt, then this guy needs a gag order banning him from seeking any media attention in the future. Then we can start applying it to our most annoying celebrities and career politicians.

  • http://yahoo Dina

    When I was young, back in the early 70’s, I saw a creature at a fair called the Minnesota Iceman. I always remember it as a “homo pongoid”, though. Read about it. Very sad story. It was a smaller Bigfoot like creature that was shot and still had dried blood on it. It’s arm was still up as if attempting to dodge the bullet. It was really sad to look at. It was apparent it was more man than beast.

  • david

    if this truly is a body then it is a homo sapiean and this man should be charged with MURDER , I am a hunter but I ask myself what is wrong with this society that it has to kill children and strange things just cause they are different. you are a sorry person !!

  • http://yahoo ROBERT

    The only Bigfoot is his trying to get into the 15 minutes of fame door.

  • Mike

    IF this is true (and I’m sure that it’s not), I hope DNA testing shows that this creature is…I mean, WAS, human…thus making this idiot nothing more than a murderer. Well, considering that he supposedly killed this thing simply for the fame of it, he’s already a murderer.

  • Jesus Zendejas

    Wouldn’t the carcase be decaying,if he killed it about almost a year and half ago the body should already be decomposing and rotting and not fresh

  • steve

    rick dryer is a lowlife lying sack of shit. if he says the sun is shining better buy an umbrella.

  • Mark

    Uncle Bob…thats my uncle….yeesh went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back guess web know why…yeesh can that “bigfoot” be anymore fake looking…reminds me of the minnosotta iceman,yeah he shot him….right and waits for how long to tell everyone,and he better hope that if it is real he didnt shoot him in one of the bigfoot protection states where its illegal to kill a bigfoot

  • SlackerSlayer

    If he did kill a BF, and by DNA study it comes back as homo-anything, he committed homicide.

    Treat him accordingly if so. DNA tests have been done, right??

  • Erik

    If this story was true the Texas Parks and wildlife would have investigated this not to mention SA police. This guy is a traveling side show trying to make a buck.

  • http://yahoo ken

    Native Americans have known of Bigfoot’s existence but have respected Bigfoot as a creature that served a purpose and left Bigfoot alone.

  • lyn

    He purchased the “bait” at Walmart! There you have it folks… HE in fact did not kill Bigfoot!It was the Walmart meat!!!! Now I know why I never buy meat from Walmart!!!!!

  • charles Bennett

    That photo of the face of “Bigfoot” is by far the most peaceful face of a dead body I have ever seen outside of a mortuary. A little too peaceful for an animal that had a big hole shot through it while it munched on ribs. Just saying from a hunters viewpoint. I do hope it is real though.

  • charles Bennett

    It is time for these bigfoots to come out of the closet and offer their services to the NFL. A full body shave and some strategically placed tattoos and you wouldn’t know the difference.

  • allen weast

    the big foot might have had a familey i hope your full shit on this story

  • Velma Willams

    He took this “Bigfoot’s” life. Did it pose a threat in any way? No. He just wanted vindication. Sad.

  • jbc

    First I would like to state that I am a hunter. I am a trophy hunter as well, BUT I do not condone the harvesting of ANY an animal that will not be used for a food source! It is interesting to me that this man has killed a humanoid creature, and the authorities have not questioned him. I believe that a creature that looks this much human should not be murdered. My legal mind tells me however that he cannot be charged with murder as the castle law applies in this case. He has the right, in Texas, to protect his property from theft up to and including the use of deadly force even from his campsite, or ranch he was on, as it is his home right then and he was renting. This humanoid creature was allegedly stealing his meat. He can, however, be charged with hiding evidence, failure to report a crime, tampering with a crime scene, and many other offenses. The game warden for the state of Texas can go into his home, without a warrant, and take the creature for testing! The authorities for every state that he crossed over, as well as the FBI, can get involved in this matter as well. I hope the authorities follow up on this.

  • Misty

    Biggest bunch of fake crap ever!

  • Janet King

    I agree with the majority that if this is real DNA is related to humans that guy should go to jail for murder. But mankind is twisted in their thinking so they’ll let him get away with murdering someone because they were different .

  • Steve22

    Let me guess…When he goes on “tour” he’ll show his proof then and only to people willing to pay to see his exhibit. Any “proof” in writing he shows from alleged labs will have the name removed so nobody can verify his claim. Just pay his fee and take his word that it’s real. Especially from someone who already tried to con the public with a fake bigfoot previously. His preliminary showing seems more like a trial run by him to see if people will actually believe his hoax. Now that his test worked, he is ready to go public. Despicable!!

  • jj

    This scum is now planning on making money off of the prize. I’m letting everyone I know this is a hoax and don’t throw your money at this guy.

  • http://www.elements-webdesign.co.uk Jimbo

    John Lithgow will be furious.
    I remember seeing a documentary with him where he lived with a bigfoot and he was really friendly.
    The documentary was called Bigfoot and the Henderson’s and they named him Harry if I remember correctly.

  • Cherie

    One Question – If Mr. Dyer actually found Bigfoot (extremely doubtful) why did he have to KILL it? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When are people like him going to realize (and care) that we are causing the extinction of beautiful creatures around the world (tigers, polar bears, great apes, etc.) on a daily basis! How can you put a bullet in, and end the life of, a creature so beautiful and unique that it can only be one of God’s miracles! They deserve to live, raise their young, and die a natural death.

    Mr. Dyer – If you actually found bigfoot (laugh!) your actions are sad, maddening, and disgusting. I wish someone would have stopped you. We will all pay for your actions, someday! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

  • Chris

    This is the same prison security guard from Georgia that claimed to have shot a Bigfoot near Blood Mountain in North Georgia. In reality it was a bigfoot costume frozen in ice. CNN covered it, so I’m actually shocked the media is even writing about anything this guy has to say on this FICTIONAL subject. This guy a joke and he apparently desires to continue being one.

  • Chris

    This is the same prison security guard from Georgia that claimed to have shot a Bigfoot near Blood Mountain in North Georgia a few years back. In reality it was a bigfoot costume frozen in ice. CNN covered it, so I’m actually shocked the media is even writing about anything this guy has to say on this FICTIONAL subject. This guy a joke and he apparently desires to continue being one.

  • Dale

    I think this is hoax, but if it is real, than it makes me ashamed to be linked to a race that will hunt and kill such a creature that looks more human than animal. I can understand shooting in defense if you feel threatened by one, but if this is real than this was pure murder. I’d hope a real bigfoot hunter would use tranquilizers and take a ton of videos and samples to prove it’s existence, then let it go.

  • Ranger

    Reminds me of the Discovery special hoax on finding evidance of mermaids. What a crock! This guu has admitted to bigfoot hoaxes before. We’re looking at a pathalogical liar or a huge hoax special put out for ratings. Makes me sick!

  • http://webpronews Peggy Fearing Hankin

    Killing a Big Foot should be illegal. That’s why people who actual spot this mythical creature should just shut up! It appears to be a poor ape like creature that did it’s best to survive in a hostile environment. Minding it’s own business. I hope to God this guy didn’t kill this poor thing.

    • Intheknow

      You’re kidding, right? If the creature is “mythical” as you stated, then it doesn’t really exist in the first place. This is yet another of Dyer’s pathetic attempts at notoriety. Ever hear of Photoshop? Do you know how many times Dyer has made ridiculous claims such as those he is now making? Did you READ the article? Seriously, get real.

  • Intheknow

    This guy Dyer want attention and he’s getting plenty. Getting attention of this kind fills some void in him. This won’t be his last attempt. The guy’s totally pathetic on several levels. This is yet another of his many hoaxes. Do I smell Bigfoot? No, I smell Photoshop and additional tale-spinning by Dyer. Ho-hum