Bethenny Frankel Blames Ellen for Talk Show Flop

    October 9, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Bethenny Frankel, the former New York housewife turned talk show host, is failing and flailing in her new line of work. The socialite blames none other than Ellen Degeneres, who in the beginning promised Frankel help in getting big name stars. Turns out, big name stars don’t want to sit and chat on T.V. with a snotty housewife. Here’s a sample of Bethenny keepin’ it classy:

The stigma is so bad, according to Radaronline.com, that Ellen asked to remove her name from the credits. These hardships are reportedly causing issues backstage at the show. DeGeneres produces Frankel’s freshman talk show, “Bethenny”, and the first time host “is absolutely peeved that she has been unable to get a big name celebrity to come on. Frankel was told numerous times by DeGeneres before the show premiered that she would absolutely help her in getting all of the big names in show business,” according to a source close to the show. They continued,

“During Bethenny’s trial run, DeGeneres pulled some strings and got Justin Bieber to come on. DeGeneres’ former booker is now working for Bethenny but he’s been unable to get Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow or Miley Cyrus. The big name celebrities don’t want to go on a talk show hosted by a former Bravo housewife. It’s causing major drama behind the scenes of Frankel’s show, which is struggling in the ratings.”

If you’re thinking that it’s just because Bethenny is new to the scene, here’s something that may change your mind. The Queen Latifah Show, also being new this season, is KILLING in the ratings. According to the LA Times, Latifah averaged 1.8 million viewers per episode in her first week. Advertisers also want to be associated with Queen Latifah, as she is one of the most admired celebrities in daytime.

During her first week, Queen Latifah interviewed John Travolta, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s good to be Queen.

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  • mike allen

    Maybe the ratings are poor because she is gross to look at and my ears burn when she talks.
    If she could do something about that maybe I would tune in!

  • http://yahoo.com Jade

    Hey Bethenny, Ever heard of actually EARNING something? Queen Latifah, aka Dana Owen, has Earned her devotion from fans. Queen has been a singer, actress, and humanitarian for many years, and That is why she is popular; she is Real, you are Not, and it comes through in your show as a fake attitude.

  • Mike Oxbig

    WHY did the network even consider this unknown, talentless Yenta as a talk show host? Did they honestly believe that it would have ANY life to it? She is simply EMBARRASING…………………

    • trespink

      Anyone can have a reality show or a talk show. They just have to create & produce it & then sell it to some network. Shoot….I live way out in West Texas where the reality series Black Gold is filmed. Then I just read in the newspaper this morning that a doctor here is one of the featured physicians on “Untold Stories of the ER” on Discovery. A woman who was runnerup in one of the Chef shows (Top Chef, I think) is filming a reality show at her new restaurant in Odessa, TX. So really, anyone can be the star of their own show now.

  • dlisti

    What does Ellen gain by Bethenny’s failure? Contrast that by what Ellen gains by her success. Simply put Ellen has never shown herself to be a taker; quite the opposite seems to be more the truth. The bottom line here is that not everyone makes it and Ms. Frankel needs to come terms with that. If A-listers don’t want to book because they don’t take the host seriously, then “the truth is the truth” as Bethenny has pointed out so often when lambasting others over the years. Next…

  • http://yahoo meme

    I often wonder why some of these shows ever come to fruition. I believe if you ask the public the executives and sponsors could save a lot of money. We would tell them don’t even bother with this show. Living in a bubble usually leads to a popped bubble.

  • A

    Give me a break! I wouldn’t want to sit next to Bethenny, either. She’s rude. She makes snarky comments that are insulting. Frankly, I’m not even sure why she was on The Real Housewives, either. She better be careful stepping on Ellen’s toes – she may just find herself completely out of showbiz.

    • trespink

      After watching this charade of a “show” for 3 weeks, I believe the kindest thing would be to cancel Bethenny’s show which would give her time to work on her “issues”. She has more than enough money to give herself & Bryn a comfortable life. She could be a full-time mother & work on herself quietly….and without an audience. Whoops…I forgot….she is an attention wh* re consumed with the desire for more money & fame.

  • erica

    I cannot believe they gave this talentless media whore a talk show in the first place. Im tired of the networks pushing these reality show leftovers on us. Good television has left us many years ago.

  • Mary Bennett

    Wow. I honestly didn’t even know who Bethenny Frankel was. Then I read who she is and honestly, Ellen is doing her a BIG favor putting herself out there with a DARAMA QUEEN!!! Holy smokes. This woman should go back to her Bravo show where back biting , and narcissism are an everyday thing. She is fake, and bitchy. I think people want o watch shows like Ellen, and Queen Latifah, because they give something to the audience and they can relate to their guests, I love both Ellen and Queen, due to their down to earth views and expectations. Bethenny from all that I have seen is only good in her Housewives B.S.

    • http://nextdoor Kenny

      Bethany is so fake and who would marry her anyway.maybe she was pretty before getting a nose job–who knows.To be fair i did like a show she did where she is naked except for a towel and gets into a shower stall and puts down the towel.But she’s not funny,attractive,smart,nice,cool,or sexy.

  • judy bee

    she was a failure because she is not a celebrity….she is a reality show want a be. and like me, who doesn’t watch reality tv….I barely knew her name and cared even less when I found out. Ellen and Queen had “real careers” in entertainment before they came to the talk show format.

  • Charlid

    Bethenney’s talk show is failing because a.) she is too loud b.) her tone is too harsh and abrasive 3.) her subjects are not that interesting 4.)she seems very unnatural/uncomfortable in her host role 5.) there is nothing unique about her show. She is not filling a niche out there. There are a million “girlfriend” shows out there, tons of cooking shows, every show has some celebrity element. Unfortunately the “Phil Donahue” days are over (Google it)

  • dee mason

    Behtenny, your 15 minutes thankfully are up. You are not a nice person, and it was obvious you used Jason Hoppy as a way to become a celb. He comes from a wonderful down to earth family, and you emasculated the man you claimed to love on national TV. Good riddance. You and the Kardashians belong in the same 15 minutes over pile.

  • Stephanie Breen

    Bethenny’s show is definitely NOT failing. It is a great show and will go on to be a huge success!

    • Ike

      Yeah right, as if you decide for advertisers and program director for when they are not making money.

    • trespink

      I tried to watch Bethenny’s show for the 1st 3 weeks, & it is awful! Bethenny is EXHAUSTING to watch….yak yak yammer yammer like a jackhammer for an hour. Running her mouth every moment, talking over her guests, showing off for the audience, racing from one segment to another….it goes on & on. She is not a people person & is terrible interviewer, because you can tell that she just hates to let anyone else get a word in & the windmills in her mind are whirling around with the next thing she will say…& when she says it she will say it as fast as she can. She is not likeable. She is ALL about herself….she does nothing to showcase her guests. I wondered how long it would take Bethenny to start blaming others for her failures & also wondered how long it would take Ellen to start distancing herself from Bethenny.

      • Maggie

        The show is terrible, BORING! her voice is awful, like a JACKHAMMER is oh so right! & what comes out of it. duh.. I tried watching & “trespink” states it like it is..& I AGREE with every word.

    • http://yahoo Deena

      Wake up from your dream….it’s not going to happen!

  • Ike

    What if she didn’t lie that she is 38-years old. she looks middle-aged to me.

  • michele

    Why anyone would think that some no talent would attract real talent
    is beyond me. Ellen is talented and has paid her dues. Bethanny
    exposed her life and it’s dysfunction to the idiots who watch those
    kinds of shows and that’s suppose to translate to successful daytime
    talk show???

  • Why?

    Why even watch talk shows … they are all he same…. Oprah made billions telling women what they wanted to hear and then creating drama when need be. Read a book. Take a walk. Call someone you have been neglecting. Play with your kids. Screw your spouse. Do something more constructive than wallowing in someone else’s drama.

  • Paul DeCroix

    Katie’s show will be gone at the end of the year also Beth. Ellen was a long shot at the talk show gig but somehow America watches the famous lady lover. Go figure? These are thew same people that made fatty Oprah Winfrey rich. Sadly Beth, you became famous through a reality show. The worst kind. Those housewife shows are embarrassing and make no talents famous for nothing. Unfortunately you fall in that category.

  • Asha

    When I heard she got a talk show I was like whaaaat? I did watch Real Houswives and tried to watch her reality show. She is a mean girl. She is rude, not at all a people person, and just barks the whole entire time. She treated her husband like crap, to the point I couldn’t even watch the show anymore. On real housewives she acted like she was above everybody else and wasn’t socialble at all. Oh and her voice, espcially when she starks barking is the worst. Why would you give a person a talk show who is mean, rude, not a people person, and selfish? This is why her show is failing, she comes off a bit icy and not someone you would want to be friends with. But on the postive her Skinny drinks are wonderful…but wait she doesn’t own that brand anymore right?

  • Maureen Skima

    This woman is blaming Ellen, of all people, Ellen has had Bethenny under her wing for months, Ellen is a pro-Bethenny is a spoiled, whiny child, she tossed her man to the side because he was too supportive. I think she’ll be breaking out the skinnygirl drinks soon and drowning in alcohol over her failed career.

  • ScottnSFCA

    Since Oprah left the airwaves, I haven’t considered watching a talk show, other than the amazing Ellen! The thought that anyone would want to watch Bethenny’s non-stop, annoying mouth and botoxed face is a mystery to me. SHE is the reason her talk show is failing, not Ellen.

    • http://yahoo JOY

      bethenys show is a total mess.She should consult with other show hosts to get a hint on what to do to be successful.Let her not blame Ellen cozz she is way too classy to even talk to a former heckler like Betheny.Let her get ready to have her show cancelled since nobody wants to even see her very skiny legs on short clothes.Dress like a grown woman not child and maybe we might look at your show.

  • meg

    I’m not surprised that it isn’t doing well. Karma. Bethenny got 120 million for Skinnygirl. But somehow, that wasn’t enough.Instead of being satisfied, she was gunning for more. She ditched her husband, split up her family in search of more. She always seems like she wants to keep proving herself and she doesn’t need to. She should have enjoyed her wonderful success and her precious little family. The talk show is crass and desperate. I think she should have stopped while she was ahead.

    • Linda

      She didn’t get $120 Million for her Skinny Girl line. That’s such a load of crap. Granted her show sucks badly!!! But she made about $25Mill..not $120Mill.. so she still made some cash.. she needs to go away because the show is just outright horrible.

  • Jillinois

    Bethenny…. you’re last year’s news. Take your money and go live your life.

  • Melin

    Bethenney should distinguish herself & her show by going a different route and CATER TO THE REALITY VIEWERS. We can see the movie/tv “stars” on other shows ad nauseum but rarely see reality “stars” on talk shows. Bethenney should quit trying to emulate Ellen or anyone else and go with the whole reality thing. She’d pull in those viewers for sure. She would differentiate herself and carve a niche that isn’t being served now. Really…

  • Holly

    She gives the feeling that she is a very cold uncaring person. Has that cold look in her eyes. Please take her show off the air! Enough is enough.

  • Linda

    Bethenny’s show sucks!! It’s one of the worst shows I’ve seen so far this Fall. It’s had guests I’ve never heard of, have only seen one person on there that I knew which was Martha Stewart. She talks about stupid crap and she looks so fake with all that botox. She has a shiny face that looks ridiculous. Did she really think all those embarrassing hugs and fake tears were going to fool the audience. She’s beyond atrocious and it’s beyond embarrassing watching her make a huge fool out of herself daily. I know for a fact that she can’t continue this joke of a show because what network or what companies would ever want to sponser her crappy show?? She’s so fake!!!

  • Erin

    What are you all talking about? Bethenny’s show is great. She is actually real and far better than that fake a$% Latifah who is not out of the closet as yet. Who is faker now?

    She holds her weight in interviewing. Not everyone can do that,not even seasoned veterans.

  • http://None Pam

    I liked Bethenny when she was on Bravo. Her talk show however is simply horrible. Why she would attach her name and image to this empty, ridiculous, classless, non informative “show” is beyond me. The show is simply awful. I have lost all respect for her and she is so fake. No one cares about her make up tips and topics that would bore an average teenage girl. Good for Ellen for removing her name from this show. I would ashamed to be associated with this show. I thought Bethenny has a few very successful ventures. I just don’t get this and have bought my last product affiliated with her. A few lady’s and I were talking the other day about how bad her show is. Bethenny, the show is a unanimous failure.

  • Josh

    Ellen only helps regular people

    • Jeff L

      Frankel lost a lot of her fans and most of her popularity. She’s a self-absorbed and vile woman.

  • Mike Snowden

    I can’t wait until both Failenny and Smellen are off the air.

    • Daphne Gray

      Who is Smellen? Really, I don’t know. They must not be that important as I don’t even know who Smellen is, lol. Seriously.

      • Jeff L

        Get with it. Look at the “name” and think, think, think!

  • Daphne Gray

    Of course, Bethenny has to blame someone for her own mistakes. What a coward to blame others. That in itself shows what type of person she is. Typical witch. Ellen D. is much better although I don’t care much for her either. However, Bethenny is a no body and a fake at best. She is not genuine what so ever. I will be glad when they take her off the air. She is a waste of air time. I mean who is she really. I have never heard of her until her nasty talk show came on. She didn’t earn her way up the latter as others have. She literally is a no body, so why should she interest any of us? She bragged about her divorce. I would be ashamed to say I am divorced. She acts as if marriage is a throw away toy. She makes me sick. I would laugh if a man told her to get lost to her face. She is worthless. I can’t say enough of how worthless and superficial she is.

    • Jeff L

      In a nutshell: She’s vile, vicious, cold, self-absorbed. She was on the Housewives of NYC. Viewers literally watched her shred her husband to pieces on that show. Couldn’t believe it. The man she married was and still is the kindest, most patient and true gentleman you could find. But she didn’t appreciate him. She treated him like dirt. After that, Frankel lost the majority of her fans. Rightfully so.

  • Jeff L

    As usual, Frankel is blaming someone else for HER failure. She never accepts any responsibility for her failures or her actions. Those who watched her on Housewives of NYC saw first hand what a truly vile, vicious and self-absorbed person she is. She’s been in therapy for umpteen years and is sicker than ever before . She needs psychiatric care not just a therapist. She married this great guy, a down-to-earth guy from a good family. But what did she do? She shredded him to pieces – not occasionally but daily and regularly. Her husband was loving and kind to her. He was patient with her warped life – she always had to be surrounded by her staff. They were there late at night and started again first thing in the morning. Her husband gave her a surprise birthday party and her reaction? You’d think he brought in a firing squad! All she ever did was complain and whine about her dysfunctional, broken family. So what does she do? She splits with her husband so she can give their daughter the same thing she’s never stopped whining about – a broken family. Frankel thinks she is always right – problem is she is so dysfunctional, she could never be right. Yes, she built a $Multi-Million, probably a $Billion business – but it was built on booze – something perfect for a woman with her mental and emotional issues. When her husband would want to visit his parents with their daughter, she’d always complain at it. Not once or twice but always. Her husband’s family was small: mother, father and two sons. One of the sons died. One of Frankel’s visits to her husband’s parents was on the Housewives of NYC shows. Frankel was cold, cruel and cutting to her mother and father-in-law. They were never anything but kind and welcoming to Frankel – but that didn’t matter to her. She was her usual self-absorbed vile Frankel. She lost the majority of her fan base. She was disgusting to watch – everyone saw the rea Frankel and it was ugly, very, very ugly. She’s been vicious to her husband, she wanted primary custody of their daughter. After battling for, I’m not sure, probably 2 years or so, the Judge granted joint custody A victory for their daughter Bryn. At least now Bryn will know what it’s like to be around loving, kind, gentle and caring people. She’d never learn that from her self-important absorbed mother. Good for Bryn, her father and her grandmother and grandfather on her Dad’s side. To demonstrate how vile Frankel is, she wants custody and child support from her husband. I guess her $Billion isn’t enough for her. Her husband worked for the company for the time they were married – so he is due a portion of the $$$$$$$ from that company. I hope he pursues that and that he’s successful. Good Luck to him.