Banned Baby Names List Emerges in New Zealand

By: Sean Patterson - May 3, 2013

Naming a child is a difficult decision for expecting parents, but some don’t take it as seriously as others.

Take, for instance, the New Zealand parents who lost custody of their daughter after naming her Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii. In light of that incident and others, the country has now expanded its banned names list to include a wide variety of strange names.

According to an AFP report, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has issued a list of 77 banned names. The list reportedly includes the names Anal, 4Real, V8, Queen Victoria, Lucifer, Mafia No Fear, and 2nd.

The department also bans names such as King, Duke, Princess, and Justice that could convey a title. In particular, the AFP reports that Justice and intentional misspellings such as Justus or Juztice have been rejected numerous times.

The country also bans names that contain numbers or characters, such as a period. A New Zealand Herald report states that parents attempting to use a backslash between two names have been denied in the past. Parents attempting to name their child using initials have also been turned down by New Zealand officials.

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  • Brandon

    Really? New Zealand is being like that? I mean, yes names should be legit…but to ban names??? That’s scary.

  • dan

    they should have slapped her parents but not taken the baby away, thats insane. I hope they hire a good lawyer(did i really say good lawyer?) and get this stupid law removed.

  • Dave Fuller can people give their kids names like that,me and workmates here in England had good chuckle,awesome love NZ.

  • Roslynd

    The sad thing is that parents are trying to name their kids like this. Talula does the hula from hawaii? Really people? Have some respect for the poor kid’s future here!
    Now taking the child away was a bit extreme. Unless there were other reasons not disclosed in this article (like child abuse beyond the obvious poor choice of name).
    But who the heck would name their child PH or TD (initials)? Why not just use R&R and know your kid’s not going anywhere because you set them up to fail with a name like that. All they’ll want to do is rest and relax. Next thing you know, we’re gonna have baby name coaches. O.o

  • Mark

    New Zealand should be ashamed of itself for taking a child away from it’s parents because of a name. The government needs a wake up. And, they need to grow up. Vote them out.

    • Kimberly

      I think that the names they banned make sense, it keeps the kid from having an inappropriate name. The fact that they had to ban the names 4Real, Anal, and V8 is what is shameful.

      • Rachel

        You are right!

    • Judith Wofford

      Ughhh!!! Are those real names????

    • trini
  • TW

    Oh GET REAL, people with your blustery, windbag outrage. American government should be banning names too — like Sheniqua, Shanaynay, Latrina, Aquanet Laqueefa, Deshawnn.

    • K

      What’s wrong with Sheniqua and Deshawnn, besides that you don’t like them? Isn’t that the thing about a free country, that we can do things other people don’t like? Names that are words, or close to words, with negative or derogatory connotations *might* be a different thing (because then you’re talking about the child’s rights vs. the parent’s), but banning names just because you think they’re weird is a bit much, don’t you think?

      • AndreaW.

        It’s not about banning weird names. It’s the parents fault that this has happened. Be unique but not over the top, I personally like unique names, but what is my over the top, might be O.K. for someone else. This did not happen in America, and here in the USA we have some freedom of naming our children what we want. Just use common sense…..

    • Johanna

      David Carradine and Barbara Hershey named their son I.P.Freely back in the 70s when Hollywood morons were doing things like that. He is known as Free. This is an example of mentally challenged people who think they are just so wonderful that they can inflict such a label on their innocent newborn and they expect everyone to think it’s hip and funny. The Jacksons have done the same thing: Jermajesty, (Jermaine Jackson’s son) and Michael’s adopted kids Prince Michael I and II (II is usually known as “Blanket,” which is going to haunt him throughout his life.) I agree about the “LaShandra” and “DeJuwann” kind of names, but that seems to be a cultural choice and people do have the right to give their children names that for whatever reason seem meaningful or euphonious to them. I really think, however, that muslim parents in America should not be allowed to name their children after terrorists who have killed innocent Americans. Not one to want government interference in personal matters, I really do think that enough is enough when it comes to kowtowing to lethal extremism because of the religious angle.

  • Rob P

    Who cares what you name your child? How is that anyone’s business?? For all I care you can call your kid Rufus Allijawon Catgut II. the government doses not need to be a constant and vocal partner in your everyday life. However, when little Rufus asks you “WHY DADDY WHY?” It’s up to you not some paranoid Schizoid councellor to tell him (or her) why you named him like that.

  • Morgan

    Just wait. I guarantee that the Egoist-in-Chief will try to ban Barack so no one else can be mistaken for the god he thinks he is.

    • TeaPartyPooper

      Stifle on your hate for the great ONE!

    • M.F

      another idiotic post

    • Sharon


  • Michelle Riner

    I think it is cruel to give your child some idiotic name that will just set them up for ridicule for their entire life. I am shocked any parent would do such a thing to their own flesh and blood. With teen suicides at the rate they are and most of it due to bullying, I don’t find any humour in it at all. Any parent that would subject their child to potential self esteem issues must have a screw loose and have questionable parenting ability.

  • Rachel

    The fact that they were stupid enough to name their child this just proves they are not fit to be parents. Idiots! Good for you New Zealand.

  • Mario

    You should be able to name your child what you want. Those old European names are old and out of date. Give your child a good old fashioned African name….like Obama.

    • RG

      Thank you for waiting an entire hour after this article was posted for an Obama reference. Your restraint is admirable.

      • Jay

        Hahaha, I am not an Obama fan but I appreciate wit when I see it.

  • http://juno The Law

    While banning nams is a bit extreme, there shhould be some way to encourage parents to show some consideration for the child’s future when naming their kids. It continues to amaze me that people give their kids some of the names they do. What does that say about them, and what kind of parents they would be perceived as being?

  • Teresa H.

    I feel for this generation. We have already had the government step in and remove our rights to discipline as we see fit and then get blamed when we have no control over a wild already power hungry teenager.

    But when an obvious problem such as “Common Sense” (and I am not referring to a banned name on the list) appears like this. Giving a child their sir name for the rest of their lives, one that won’t be cute or funny when attempting to enter a college, arrives like this. What do we expect.

    Yes the government went to far, but really! I think this fuels the governments fire. You want them out of your homes. Then start with reading and understanding your constitutional rights and put them into action when election days come.

  • http://WebProNews E Turner

    Anyone who agrees with this law is extremely ignorant and might as well go find a herd of sheep to follow.Theres definately no hope for this country.If you like this law then you’ll have absolutely no problem when they take our guns away and force us to wear certain clothes and implant ID chips(WHICH THEY HAVE ALREADY IMPLANTED IN A FEW PEOPLE)in our arms.
    Isnt there any individuality left in America? ITS NOT ANYONE ELSES BUISNESS WHAT PARENTS NAME THERE OWN CHILDREN!!!! Unless you’re talking about the adoption of an infant,there should never be any restrictions against peoples civil liberties like this.
    Names that are popular in Africa arent popular here,and vice versa.

    • King Lucifer the 2nd

      ummm…. this all happened in New Zealand. Last time I checked, New Zealand’s application for membership in the U.S.A. was still under review. In other words, they are a different flock of sheeple. You can take comfort in the fact that you are still free to name your child pretty much anything you’d like.

    • Cyberchief

      Um, E Turner and Teresa H, this happened in New Zealand, not America…

      • Larry

        Cyberchief, that is the problem, it should happen in America too; and perhaps even on blogs.

    • Cole

      LOL. ^^this guy’s spelling issues are one of the reasons the US needs to adopt a banned list.

    • really

      Really? This is not even about the US. Try reading the article and respond accordingly. Nowhere does it say it is in the US and it sure has nothing to do with taking guns away. Answers like this are why some countries have to take such extreme measures to protect the children.

    • le me

      This is about New Zealand, sweetie. If you had read the article, it starts out with parents who named their kid “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.” That is a SENTENCE. The article also does not state that the name was the full reason why the child was removed from the home, only that it was removed after a short period of time after it was named. That means that the writer of the article wanted you to assume that the reason the child was removed was its name, but it probably was not the only reason. The media wanted to incite you into being belligerent – and it did its job splendidly.

    • M.F

      It’s in New Zealand….READ

  • Tiffy

    Well Don’t give your kids stupid names and you wouldn’t have this problem.

  • Steve Smith

    All these “parents” who want the right to name their kids what they want, fine. But take some responsibility. The kid should also have the right to sue you for emotional damages, physical damages, and even financial damages if that wonderfully individual name you gave them did not work out for them. At least they can get it legally changed once they are old enough, so they don’t have live with the idiotic moniker their clueless parents saddled them with for the first part of their lives.

  • Patricia

    We have a daughter-in-law who named one of their 8 children Canyon after a whole in the ground.

  • bets

    Let the kid take care of. That boy named Sue did.

    • Kari

      I love this! Cash said it best!

  • ixoyejmt

    When I was younger, my name was dumbass………really, because when I did anything wrong, my father called me that name, and it was ALL the time!

  • Just Jayne

    King Lucifer the 2nd, you have given me the best laugh I’ve had in a long time and for that, I thank you. As for name banning…..Come on, New Zealand, let people name their children what they want. On the other hand…..Parents, have a heart, how would you have liked to have gone through school with a name like, Talula does the Hula from Hawaii and the WHOLE school knew THAT was your name? Kids are cruel, PEOPLE are cruel! THINK before you NAME. Then think about it being YOUR name for the next 70 years or so and you having to sign it on all your legal papers, your pay checks, etc., forever. Wonder how cute or funny YOU would think it was then? Trust me, after the first time….you stop laughing, if you ever did.

  • James

    In the 80’s a couple in Arkansas named their son Ray Zorback I can’t remember their last name tho. I have always wondered how he liked that name as he grew up. I think they were from around Hot Springs.


    Riiiiight. Because Moon Unit, Dweezil, Jet Blue and Pilot Inspector were all wonderful names….but no one said anything to them!

  • sally

    I’m still trying to pronounce ‘!’

  • TT

    Does anybody else like the name Anal or just me :)

    • kristi L

      I like it too! Anal Retentive or Anal Sphincter are both great names – just add your last name! Done!

      • Andrea

        I like the name kristi ,jennifer I know if my parents would have named me anal would have had my name changed.Then probably would have smacked them that would be as bad as you calling your child cunt or pussy

  • http://Yahoo Denis

    A cruel name will make them tougher, like a Boy Named Sue. So how about Latrina, Fishhead, Barfdong, Grinchly, Plebian, Growl on the Towel, Phillisteen, Happernack, Corpuscle, Orbitalisk, Flyingunderwear, Whorpissel, Molasco, Primate, Floraldendum, Abevigoda, Polarice, Hinklebob, Georgolean, Phelgmbot, Porcelain. I have more if you want to see them.

  • sally

    For that matter,, name your kid what you want BUT be careful of what they won’t do for you when they grow up to be rich. Except the kid names BM, he’s doomed.

  • http://hufingtonpost Neva

    Is this a fu#$@%& joke? You should be able to name you child “Little pisspot” if you want him/her to grow up with that name, I say move the hell out of New Zealand (but please don’t come here to the U.S we are already over populated)

    • HarshReality

      You’re clearly stupid to think that. I can almost guarantee you that your child “Little pisspot” would struggle so much to find an employer that could take them seriously let alone hire them. Any ignorant parent that comes up with these moronic names just because they think it’s fun is a total jackass because they somehow overlook the idea that their kid is actually going to have to live with the name. And, if you’re dumb enough to actually want a name like Little pisspot please get the f&*% out of the US so we can start investing in education you moron.

  • bluebird

    I am 11 of 13 children. 10 girls, 3 boys. My name is Bluebird, yes as in the bird. I have 9 sisters Hunt, Focus, Cat, Dawn ( which is the only normal name), Ocean, Sky, Harbor, Tweet, & Rain. My brothers Spider, Fox & Bear. Not normal, not normal at all. What ever happened to John, Michael, Jane, Karen etc etc?
    Lets stop trying to trump names like Duke, Apple, Coco,Suri, Jet liner, etc etc & go back to normal.

  • Rick nielsen

    I saw a article about a girl named Je-a when asked how to pronounce it the mom said “Jedasha” when asked how she got that she said ” the dash don’t be silent”

    • October

      I know a girl named Sa-a, “Sadasha”. She says she is going to get her name changed before she finishes college so that name isn’t on her degree.

  • jude

    babies are people too! have a heart. there are lots of wonderful names out there!!

  • Aaron Ververs

    I always thought ‘Peter’ was pretty obscene…

    • Duke

      What about Dick?

    • Mark Green

      I taught school in Louisiana and the names of some of those black kids were awful. I taught kids who came from the projects so their mother’s were lucky to have a fifth grade education. A friend of mine, who is a doctor, told me that medical students suggest the terrible names to those welfare mothers. In other words, the medical students prey on the ignorance of the single mom. Here is a list of names that I encountered: Two black female twins whose names were Clittina and Clittoria. A male student whose name was D’Anus. I also had the pleasure of teaching Janetaileya and Analstaysha. The charity hospital should not allow those babies to leave the building until the mother changes the name to something decent.

      • carey

        You taught kids from the projects so their “mother’s” were lucky to have a fifth grade education? What did you teach them…how to misuse apostrophes?

        • Nicole

          I live in Louisiana by way of the army, and yes I understand the ignorance in this, but this so called doctor and the medical students also being taught in Louisiana, what are they being taught and teaching? To pass on the ignorance? Or further humiliate another human by way of demeaning an innocent child because of lack of education of the parent. That fact that you made the statement holds you responsible. Its not up to the hospital to tell those women that their child’s name is less the honorable. How about this so called med students and doctors with an education have some dignity about themselves not to intentionally demean an infant. Also on another note, I am black, with a degree. So I will tell you this, ignorance in this state is not limited to blacks. I can began to tell you how many white people in this state are illiterate as well as their children. In most cases I stand in line behind people who need help counting out their money. So its just not the blacks from the projects, its the whites or rednecks from the country. No matter what race, its our responsibility as a people a human to protect the innocent. People with the most education are usually the one’s with the cruelest ideas.

  • Felix H. Brown, III

    I understand in some cases that parents shouldn’t be naming their children certain things (such as the parents who named their kids Adolf Hitler, Heimlich Himmler, and Aryan Nation), but who is New Zealand to tell anyone what they can name their baby?

    Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii, Anal, 4Real, V8, Queen Victoria, Lucifer, Mafia, No Fear, 2nd., King, Duke, Princess, Justice (and intentional misspellings such as Justus or Juztice) or names that contain numbers or characters, such as a period(.) are indeed dumb-ass names and no self-respecting parents should even consider naming their child such. I get it.

    But NOBODY gets the right to tell you what to name your baby! It’s your baby! And if you want to call him/her Pizza or Whatever, then you name your baby Pizza!

    • carey

      the problem with your stance felix is that the child is not “your” baby. the parents don’t own the chlld – they are supposed to be responsible custodians and not do things that endanger the child’s health or safety. kids bearing some of these names would be in for a very rough time.

      • matthew

        IF they are not “our{your}” children, then whom do they belong to? Am I just a “custodian” when my child runs across the street and almost gets hit by a car? Am I just a “custodian” when I watch them sing a solo in a Christmas concert? no, I shouldn’t be proud of them. heck, I am just a custodian. please save your new age, socialist b.s. !!!
        I am sick of this crap. This ideology is why our society is going to Hades.

    • CJ

      It is your baby, but you do not OWN the child. The parent’s responsibility is to prepare the child to live on their own and contribute to society. How can a child contribute if their name ns D’Anus or something as distainful. If they do not have any sense, then the authorities have to step in.

  • jerry

    I went school with a guy named Harry Balls

  • bluebird

    I went to school with a girl named Candy Peacock.

  • bluebird

    Seriously, that was her name Candy Peac***,
    without the astriks.

  • bjc

    I just can not see where the name of a child would be justification
    to remove a child from the parents…ON now they removed the child,
    now what…

  • http://webpronews bee

    No country should be able to tell someone what they can or cannot name their children. But i answer phones all day long and the stupidity really comes through on a lot of names..People need to think twice before they name their kids

  • Nicole

    I’m not really sure why everyone is having a fit over “freedom of speech” and the parent’s “rights”.
    1. This is New Zealand, not America. I imagine their laws are different from ours and we need to respect that.
    2. Do you honestly think a parent should have the right to name their child something like “Anal D’Anus”? What about the child’s rights? They’re just babies and they don’t know and they can’t speak for themselves, but I’m sure if they did know and could speak for themselves they’d say NO WAY! And don’t give me the balogna “they can change it when they’re older”. Changing a name takes a lot of time and money, and by that time, for 18 years or more, they are known to the world as “Anal D’Anus”. I imagine their parents don’t care for them much, they will get bullied horribly, and that’s a heck of a name to sign on legal documents. Plus it’s on the birth certificate FOREVER. I’ve seen people with strange names, like on Beyond Scared Straight I’ve seen girls with names like “Treszura” or “Kayvontay”. But it beats the heck out of Anal D’Anus! Heck, if you want to name the boy “Ashley Anna” or the girl “John Mark” fine, but ANAL D’ANUS?
    Maybe the kid got taken away not because they had an inappropiate name, but the fact the parent was depraved enough to give them a name like that tells me they have a deeper issue going on. Maybe they like to beat little Tula Does The Hula From Hawaii? Maybe named little Anal like they did because they’re pedophiles? Someone who would name their child such thing deserve to have their baby taken away!

  • bahzing

    I had a friend whose name was Yterallday….she was of spanish decent. I often wondered if that was a joke by her mom and dad.

  • Abby

    A human being deserves dignity & respect! You have NO right to abuse a child in any way, shape or form, whatsoever!NAMES INCLUDED!

  • pighater

    When I was a kid, there was a cop working the city named officer Dick Hurts. Also knew a girl named Juan-Boogie.

  • karen warwick

    New Zealand should step in to protect the rights of newborns brought into the world by embarking on a strategy of social-psychological levels of development. The government should seek out psychologists and sociologists to identify problems in adolescence related to parenting styles and other outside factors. They need to develope a correlation between early childhood parenting starting with the name of the child, and that child’s stages of developement into the following years. When evidence based practices can conclude a serious enough problem that needs to be corrected starting with NAMING the baby, then they should do what is necessary. If specialists conclude that by naming a baby they can determine the outcome of that child’s personal and interpersonal life based on Erikson’s eight stages of development it needs to be addressed by the appropriate professionals. Such a study would need to conclude a name can play an important role on a child’s psychological as well as social development. Factors including trust vrs mistrust, self-identity, and love and belonging being key role to start. The children with strange names such as Anal D’Anus would be interesting to find out if he struggles through the self-identity, or love and belonging stage more than Adam or Nicole.

  • Sunwyn Ravenwood

    Anyone stupid enough to name their child something like “anal” should not only be stopped from doing so,k they should be sterilized so they can’t have any more kids!

  • Mart

    this can’t be true….New Zeeland omg