Awesome Timelapse Shows Construction of Backyard Ice Rink

    January 16, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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This is a timelapse video of a man constructing a giant backyard ice rink. So yeah, you want to watch it. Prepare to be jealous.

“More than 28,000 individual photos combine to follow the construction of the ultimate backyard ice rink located outside Chicago, Illinois. Five days of labor, 15,000 gallons of water and sub-freezing temperatures,” says uploader Four Winds.

The redditor who posted the link says that it’s their friend and he does it every year for his brother and sister. If that’s the case, then this guy is probably the coolest sibling/uncle ever. Conversely, my friends suck. And my childhood sucked. Damn.

[Four Winds via reddit]

  • http://yahoo.com kevin

    That is a childhood dream, and still as an adult, a dream. WHat a cool guy to do this and all by himself. We had ponds to skate on as kids which provided endless hours of skating, hockey, and bonfires. Unfortunately, the ponds rarely freeze these days and instead of being tucked away back in the woods, they are now part of a development called the ponds. Have fun!