Ask BP Oil Spill Questions Via YouTube at 3:30 Eastern

BP Gulf Coast Restoration CEO Will Respond to Public

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YouTube has partnered with PBS NewsHour on an interview with Bob Dudley, President and CEO of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization. This is a chance for people and organizations to ask questions related to the oil spill and get responses from BP.

"If your organization is interested in being part of the discussion, we welcome questions from you and your members," says Kristie Mun with the Google Grants Team. "You can ask BP questions about accountability, the clean-up plan, recovery efforts in the Gulf region, environmental impact, the status of the relief well drilling, the role of the U.S. government, the future of offshore drilling and of BP as a company, or any other topic on your mind."

YouTube - BP Interview

You can submit questions via Google Moderator on the CitizenTube YouTube channel. The top questions will be asked in the interview.

It starts at 3:30 Eastern, and portions will be showing tonight on PBS (and will be available on YouTube). PBS’ Ray Suarez will moderate.

Ask BP Oil Spill Questions Via YouTube at 3:30 Eastern
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  • http://www.nowspeed.com Bill

    Why can’t you just drop something like this on the pipe? It would stop the oil.

  • Carla

    Why hesitate to use the “A Whale” skimmer, billed as the world’s largest oil skimming vessel?

    • Chon

      The whale skimmer is being used now www.socialmediaseo.net/2010/07/01/a-whale-skimmer/

  • Carla

    Why are you not allowing the rescue boats to save these turtles and you continue to burn them alive?

  • Guest

    I think we should cut off the bullying. Accidents happen. Yes, I eat shrimp, Tuna, lobster, Pargo and crab. It’s ultimate our fault. Now we have a moronic president trying to send the oil prices sky high by banning drilling. What a moron! COWARD! Enough of the BP beating already!

    • Shon

      I’m eating Pargo tonight!

      Yummy pargo http://tailhunter-international.com/uploaded_images/PargoChavatags-769917.jpg

    • Guest

      Joe Barton, is that you???? Seriously, I’m confused. What is ultimatel(y) our fault? The fact you eat shrimp, tuna, lobster, pargo and crab? Don’t blame me for that one, blame your nature and nuture. Or are you saying we’re to blame for BP’s conscious negligence which ultimatel(y) lead to a steady plume of dead dinosaur goo gushing into our lovely Gulf? Cause again, not our fault (nor is it the fault of the shrimp, tuna, lobster, pargo or crab). Your view of the whole debacle is about as clear as gulf water.

  • Susan

    Whay did you use Corexit and continue to use knowing that it is harmful to all Life?

  • Guest

    Never fear, Kevin Costner will save the day!

  • http://theviewfromoutsidemytinywindow.blogspot.com Guest

    At this point, quite frankly I am confused by the comments of both the right and the left as to which sector(s) should respond to this “event.” There appears to be quite a lack of internal consistency when one views the various arguments made by both sides with respect to previous issues faced by our nation. Should this event be left entirely to the private sector to address, entirely to the public/government sector, a combination of the two, or neither? Should the individual private citizens be left to fend by themselves? Just posing some rhetorical questions….

  • http://bia2webnana.blogfa.com mrezarezaeePublish

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  • Guest

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