As More Secession Petitions Appear, Petition to Deport Signers of Secession Petitions Gains Steam

    November 13, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If the situation over at the White House petition site wasn’t already silly, now it’s official. As the number of petitions to allow states to secede from the United States continues to grow, there are now a couple of petitions aimed at punishing those who signed said petitions.

Yesterday, we told you that the number of secessions petitions on the “We the People” site had grown to 25. Those 25 petitions represented 22 different states, who all asked that the United States government grant them the right to peacefully leave the union to form their own government. Although none of the petitions specifically state the reelection of President Obama as the catalyst, the petitions began to roll in on November 7th, so it’s probably safe to assume that it was at least a contributing factor.

As of this morning, 15 new petitions have appeared, meaning that there are currently 40 secession requests on the White House site.

But now, there’s a new wrinkle in the story. Two new petitions ask the federal government to deal with the secessionists by either deporting them, or stripping them of their citizenship and exiling them.

“Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America,” says one of the petitions.

“Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported,” says the other.

All of this is funny and all, or not funny at all depending on who you ask. The real lesson from this is that the White House petition site is moving closer to becoming a joke with every passing day. Out of 92 open petitions, there are now 42 that are completely ridiculous and have absolutely no chance of receiving a legitimate response from the White House. Many have derided the site as a sham since its creation last September, but this all but solidifies that position.

  • Quinn Mallory

    And in another tit for tat move, now there’s a petition to punish those who proposed the petition to punish secession petition signers. How many levels can it go?

  • http://2011Taxes.org Steve

    Democrats are very tolerant of all types of different views: Christians, Conservatives, Pro-Life citizens, and those that want to succeed from the union.

    • marvin nubwaxer

      stevo–it’s SECEDE, not succeed. you don’t want to look as illiterate as the secession petition signers do you?

  • Aj

    So what happened to all the people that wanted Mr. Obama impeached DURING the election. That should be the next act the american people are involved in.

  • Bob Ingforapples

    All of this petition for secession and petition for punishment, simply shows just how ignorant the people of this country have truly become. The Federal Government will not, nor could they, ever grant the right for a state to secede from the Union. Simply put, it would/could create a real nightmare where National security is concerned. And for those saying that if it were granted, that the Government should shut down all financial aid… forget about that ever happening, for the reason stated above. Get my point, it just the cat chasing the mouse, chasing the cat chasing the mouse… And all of this is a moot point!

    • http://www.themadjewess.com MJ

      Bob, nothing in the Constitution that says states cannot secede.
      “Ignorant” No, we dont want to submit to a tyrant.

      • For Real

        Really? A lot of whites are truly showing their deepen hatred toward people of color. Obama is a tyrant now? No one called Bush a dictator or tyrant. Do you really think his policies were meant to benefit everyone in America? No. He was the Republican’s guy so he did no wrong. I have never heard so much hatred toward a President. I wonder why? All this hatred started right after he won the first time. Well before any policies. Oh, I get it! He was the nation’s first African-American President. Racist white America isat it again!!!

        • French

          Don’t say anything negative about Obama because if you do so you’ll be called a racist.. Especially If you’re white. You act like the only people that voted for Obama are black. Blacks are the ones that are racists,selfish and ignorant for voting for someone who has failed BIG time over and over just because he is black.

          • DON

            Sorry, French, didn’t vote for him because he’s black, voted for him because I’m part of the “47%” that Mitt said didn’t matter

        • Brandon

          Blow it out your cafe au lait a$$.
          Opposing communism isn’t racism.
          When 90% of a certain skin color votes for a candiate with the same skin color I call that racism.

          • RUN JO RUN

            I can say the same for all the whits that voted for Rum Rum and Ry, RY

        • http://google M.J. Mccamant

          White America? Really? That is all you have to say why I wonder where you were when Rev. King marched. I wonder where you were gays were dropping dead of aids did you hold their hand? I wonder where you were when Vietnam broke out? Where were you when I fought for the rights of Women, blacks, and the American core. How many whites do you think voted for Obama? Plenty! And plenty are sorry not because he is half white and half black but because he does not represent America. His communistic approach to health care which is unconstitutional, his lies that marriage was between on man and one woman in 2008 has changed. His transparency is like mud to the educated Americans. We ask questions the questions that the media has covered up. No one knew who he was and they still do not. He mesmerizes the have nots with promises of free everything. Free health care. Really? It will cost a family 4000 a year. He has abandoned his black base in Chicago people like Rev. Wright that he learned how to speak . He tried to pay the Rev off with 150,000 to his credit The good Rev would not take it. So white people who do not like him and are smart enough to research his failed policies such as GM which has not successfully produced more than 1 out of 4 cars in America they are all shipped overseas. Our stimulus was sent to Finland to make cars, to Brazil, To Ireland, to china, we are in a turmoil because this man cannot run the country.

          • swheeler

            kudos!!!! I have read many comments and must say I do totally and completely concur with you M.J.! Every single word you stated should be etched in stone!

      • DON

        Actually, I believe the supreme court has already previously ruled in this issue.

  • For Real

    By the way, those that have experienced racism for their entire life recognize it when we see it.


    It’s so simple to say that can’t happen or shouldn’t happen. Go on facebook and look at the page “Saving The Republic”. This site proposes a two republic solution where all the states hold referendums on a two republic solution. Depending on popular vote the state would choose which republic it will belong to. Citizens can relocate to a state belonging to their preferred republic. Both republics can have a cooperative military agreement (such as Nato membership)but each would have two different set of social and monetary values using one currency with two accounts at the same treasury (abolish the Fed) that would be audited by both republics. This would give the current citizens a choice as each respective republic and associated states would have the same social and fiscal policies inscribed in the respective constitutions. I say don’t say no, say let’s explore this to see how to implement this as I don’t think the current divisive climate cannot stand. We have two visions of America and the people are split right at 50/50% with one side wanting a very liberal republic the other a more conservative one. Why not give the people what they want, isn’t the “American Idea” all about choice and freedom?

    • ak warrior

      Great comment Doug

    • George E

      The two republic idea may sound like everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too. But in reality, it would be the undoing of the U.S. The liberal republic would likely be more prosperous because of its developmental and artistic leanings and as a result, the conservatives would use their war- mongering religious views as justification to wage war against the liberal side. And once our collective resources are divided, Iran, North Korea, China and anyone else, will move in to pick off whatever remains. We are collectively stronger as one country, one republic.

    • Siddigfan

      And every time, citizens from one ‘Republic’ decide they don’t agree with their current government, they can all play musical chairs by mass emigration to the other Republic and repeat this every time the government officials change in each Republic. The travel industry would get a great boost! And rooting up your kids every four years or so should do them a lot of good. They could end up living in every state of the two Republics by the time they’re 18 years old. Shall we take bets on which Republic will be the first to reestablish slavery? Hint: Their ancestors wore the gray in the first Civil War.

  • French

    And that’s FOR REAL.

    • m pavlik

      I’m with you.

  • Phil

    Has anyone thought about the fact that stripping a citizen of citizenship for voicing their opinion is possibly the most egregious violation of the first amendment possible save for when the US government kills US citizens or locks citizens up without due process. BOTH of which this administration has done. You don’t have to be a racist to disagree with a president who violates the rights of the citizens.

    “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

  • I hate stupid people

    You guys are so stupid ..honestly … If you don’t want to be apart of the UNITES STATE ..It’s called a pass port ..LEAVE ..YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS TO DO SO…please gooooo…

    • Micheal West

      you do know that we have the right to petition that as stated in the constitution right? Or do you not know what is in that document?

    • ak warrior

      The petitions are going to do nothing we are truly a divided nation those who love FREEDOM and THOSE who want FREE.
      Guess what when we that want FREEDOM and have jobs decide that we are fed up supporting the rest of the country then your FREE goes away:).

      • http://google M.J. Mccamant

        To Michael West actually Texas under the Annexation treaty has the right to secede. The rest of us will have to fight for what we want. It sends a clear message to Washington that 50% believe Obama is incompetent to run a lemonade stand. Not since Lincoln has any state wanted to secede that is how bad this situation is. clearly we see the failed policies, the crazy schemes “cash for clunkers” , help for homeowners that failed. No jobs, 47 million on food stamps, fiscal cliff, stock market falling, In eight years Bush only put on 5 trillion compared to Obama who put on 6 trillion in four years. And he wants to do it again. Yes this country is divided not because of race but because someone in the White House wants you to believe that.

        • Jared Williams

          Before you post you should really know the facts. Texas is not able to secede legally. Perry is a moron and he has many moron followers that believed that; look it up. Texas has never had that right. This is a fable that has been passed down for quite a while. The only thing Texas can do that other states are not able to is fly their flag at the same height of the US flag. As far as the secession talk goes this is absolutely ridiculous. There would be no infrastructure left to support themselves as their own country. I hear the argument all the time that Texas has a strong military; yes they do, but guess what? They are not all Texans and they signed a contract with the United States Government. Guess where they will go? Wherever the government reassigns them. The platforms offshore would not go to Texas; they are the property of the USA. The shipping channels would be diverted to other places along the coast. Interstate highways would be re-drawn therefore shutting down commerce through Texas. This is just moronic for those that think this is a good idea. Secondly, it will not happen because when it went to a vote in Texas it would only get about 15% in favor. Look at the popular vote in the last election for Texas; it wasn’t that much of a blowout. I did not vote for who we have, but I am also a realist and know politics and economics better than 99% of you on here. Quit being ignorant and learn the truth before you speak. A moron will blab about what he doesn’t know so he is heard; while a wise man will quietly sit and listen to gain more knowledge.

      • m pavlik

        no more than he knows what issin the 2000 some page obamacare doc.

      • Indigo Moor

        What about those of us who have great jobs, voted for this president, pay taxes, own businesses, and STILL don’t agre with you?

        You really think we need your chump change to make this country work?

    • A smarter guy than you

      Anyone of them that needs help packing, I am available….There are 196 countries so that’s 195 they can choose from…Quite the selection…

    • Not a Stupid Person

      To: I hate Stupid people

      It is the UNITED STATES not he UNITES STATE

      Stupid is as Stupid does

    • Siddigfan

      And don’t let the door hit you on the you know what on the way out…

  • Bret

    My guess is the same people who want to give amnesty to “Illegal” Immigrants, the people who broke the law by coming here, who any other nation would deport in a second, are the same people that want to deport legal American citizens just for exercising their 1st ammendment constitutional rights. Where can I sign a petition???

    • ak warrior

      Bret good comment only sign a petition from your own state..the people that are signing petitions from states they do not live in will not be counted. WhiteHouse.gov

    • Bret

      Unfortunately, I live in a state that is actually left of the Obama administration and I doubt there will be a petion started here. I guess my question should have been how do I start a petition in my state?

      • m pavlik

        amazing! but the illegals showed no id when they voted!!?!?!?

        • A smarter guy than you

          I’m guess FOX news was right on the FACTS as usual for you to make a comment like that….This is the reason the Republicans lost..because moderates like me see that you are all living in some fantasy world…Or as Jon Stewart calls it “Bullshit Mountain”….Stephen Colbert~”Reality is mostly liberal”….

    • Siddigfan

      Yeah? Too bad the original owners of this great land can’t deport us, the original illegal immigrants who committed genocide upon their people.

      • ryan

        well then if thats how its gonna be ide rather be called names about being in a fantasy world than be wrong and libberal.

  • Maureen

    Have those of you above expressing your vitriol (def. bitterly abusive feeling or expression; http://www.thefreedictionary.com/vitriol) ever stopped to think that our Union, a free and fair America, is dead? The hope of the world is DEAD. Americans on different ‘sides of the aisle’ hate each other and each others’ views and opinions. It is a pathetic state of affairs that naturally will come to an end. Our Founding Fathers gave us the most glorious gift humankind has ever experienced, and now we are exchanging it for the past failed and abusive societies ruled by tyrants, dictators, murderers…how stupid. That would be called ‘progressive’???

    • angela

      beautifully and tragically stated Maureen.

      • Siddigfan

        Good God, will you all just chill? For crying out loud! Such big babies! I don’t remember Democrats advancing petitions for secession when Bush got reelected. Everyone will eventually get their turn to screw up the country. Just be patient!

  • L N O

    Hmmmmm! Disintegration ! States falling apart! The civil wars! Bloody scene! Oh America! Will the star B B still stand after this looming war? What a fall for such an empire. It will be History soon. perhaps , my children shall have new stuff to read-the rise and fall of America.

  • Michael D

    The country will not deport American citizens for signing a petition, hell they can’t afford to deport illegal aliens, and they won’t strip anyone’s Citizenship for it either, yes Texas is the only state that can secede if under tyranny can secede.

  • Sandy

    This petition is making me laugh. I am a citizen and signed the petition in FL. I want nothing to do with Obama but you can’t deport me since I am a citizen and have been all my life. I have freedom of speech but under this dictatorship of Obama I want no parts of. Let us leave peacefully and have a President that upholds the Constitution. This idiot in there now does nothing put throw the US under the bus.

  • markww

    You CAN NOT deport Americans we have the right under the constitution to redress and petition the Government Since you want to deport Americans for our use of free speech there for you are advocating hate speech


    • A smarter guy than you

      We also have the right under the constitution to redress and petition the Government to kick ALL MORONS out of the country….we are actually advocating free speech,,,not hating it….LOL

    • Indigo Moor

      If what you are saying is that you want to petition to seced without actually doing it, then fine.

      I am signing a petition to allow anyone the opportunity to secede, strip them of all rights as an American citizen, and remove them from the country they no longer want to deal with.

      What moron thinks we owe them a piece of land? It was here before them and it will be here after them. Leave if you want.

      Heck, even the illegal aliens are saying they want to be here under this government, flawed as it is.

      • Siddigfan

        All the people who harp about illegal immigrants should remember that we are all trespassers on land that was already inhabited by other peoples upon whom we committed genocide.

        • ryan

          yes they want to be here cuz they get tons of shit for being a minority. and just saying that people who sign those petitions may have guns, ammo, and a will to fight. you can deport my ass after ive dropped 10 from each organization.
          eod (yeah i may be capable)

  • Benjamin

    I bet the people signing the petition to deport those who signed the secession petition would be horrified if they saw a petition to deport the millions of illegal aliens in the US.

    • Indigo Moor

      And you would be wrong.

  • Dan

    This might be a great thing for Calf. Lots of big brains out there. The U.S. might really be holding em back!

  • CJ

    The thing these dummies don’t seem to comprehend is that if they were successful in their secession attempts, they’d have no ties to the USA. I honestly think they’re so stupid that they don’t understand this. They’d have no military, no emergency management, no Social Security, nothing. They’d have a crappy, cluttered state Constitution and a flag. In many cases they’d have ex-presidential contenders who couldn’t beat Romney running their own little fiefdoms. They have no idea what they’re doing is treasonous and not to be taken lightly. These people are why Republicans fell so hard in the last election.

  • Charles J. Neilson

    I feel like a martyr. OK, I am willing to be deported ONCE the 20 million plus illegal aliens are on the bus and out of here. With the threat of “being deported”, I am laughing all the way to the sign up sheet for Texas Secession. The worst I can do is actually get deported, then come back into Texas illegally and then get food stamps, free health care, bilingual teachers, free housing, in-state tuition, free legal representation, free cell phone, for starters. Plus the Obamacare law that states I am not required to pay anything toward my Obamacare medical program while you guys that deported me are REQUIRED to do so! LOL LOL LOL

    • Modesto Fernandez ( US Army ret.)(

      America love it or leave it! An American is someone who believes in our Constitution and accepting the results of a legitimate election is part of this. I choose to risk my life and swore to defend that Constitution from all enemys foreign and domestic. I’m still proudly defending this country as an officer in the Department of Homeland Security. If you can’t accept the Constitution and our American way of life. Get the Hell out of my country!

      • Ryan

        CSM Fernandez, you have been brainwashed for 20+ years. Accept it. The Constitution you swore to defend id being violated daily by your department. Next time I fly I will waive my rights to be “secure in my persons” if you have your wife rub up my nuts! – PFC Ryan

    • Johnson P Butterworth

      LOL I signed the Missouri petition and am proud of it. I consider myself a citizen, however, I support the fact that the people should be able to decide if they no longer wish to be under the control of the facist federal government.

  • Dynamo

    The AUTHOR of this article is a TWIT with NO BRAINS.

    • Indigo Moor

      This is ridiculous. No STATE has asked to secede. A few idiots in a state doesn’t equal the state.

      These people work for and/or employ those who DO NOT want to secede. They own property or pay rent or property that is part of the US, collected taxes upon, serviced upon, with utilities running through.

      Will they section off part of the power plants?


      Pay some taxes on goods they receive?

      What if we choose NOT to deal with them as a nation?

      We owe them NO land. Will they take it by force?

      Will we give themn access to high end medical facilities?

      Will we replace their oviously nonfunctioning brains with useful ones?

  • Democratus Republicus

    No Secession. We need Amendments or Constitutional Convention. We don’t follow our Constitution anymore. Natural Born Citizen is not being followed. Patriot Act violates Bill of Rights. Bailout Money Stolen. Electoral College sometimes doesn’t reflect the will of the people. New Bill of Rights with everything we can think of in it WRITTEN DOWN. New Constitutional Convention every 20 yrs. I disagree with Jefferson about a Revolution. Amendments added by National Popular Vote. Our Founders were not perfect. Unfortunately what I want may cause Secession. No secession, it’s a dangerous world out there. Democratus Republicus

    • Siddigfan

      The danger of passing Constitutional Amendments based upon a popular vote is that the votes of the majority may take away Civil and/or Human Rights from the minority. Just because a lot of people think something is right doesn’t make them right!

  • Squish Ling

    Please sign the petition to Deport Everyone Who Signed A Petition To Deport Everyone Who Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The U.S.A.

    • ryan

      why? oh and just saying a lot of the people who signed those are gun owning citizens. so have fun even trying to deport us. I have 3 times the amount of guns than people in my family…so no matter how much is done it would never happen!

  • Jack Barack Kraft

    I proudly signed the Petition to Deport those who signed the Secede petions

  • Les Patton

    Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Deport those who made or signed secession petitions http://wh.gov/X5zQ

    • ryan

      treason is helping the enemy or aiding the enemy. or turning your back on your own to take over it by force. we dont want to do that we just want a place where obama is not the “beter choice” to over half the population

      • Johnson P Butterworth

        Yeah, at least give us a reservation like they gave the Indians. If only there were still lands to go and settle and claim as our own. I would gladly board the Mayflower for a new and better opportunity!

    • Johnson P Butterworth

      Deport all people who signed a petition to deport others for signing a petition. We need to deport people who would deny others thier first amendment right of freedom of speech!

  • Andrew

    Yeah or at least make them all wear a mark on their outter most clothing to let everybody know that they are treasonous mother fuckers. How dare they even think about questioning the government, and even worse envoking the 1st ammendment. Maybe we should even build huge labor camps for them where they can assemble our Swedish furniture for us. And when they’ve out lived their usefulness we can just kill them and use their remains to fuel our cars.
    Yeah fascism is pretty awesome

    • Johnson P Butterworth

      I want all the things you just mentioned to happen to YOU, you NAZI!

  • Johnson P Butterworth

    LOL! Over A MILLION of us have signed these petitions. They aren’t going to deport A MILLION of us! Instead, let’s deport all of the people who signed a petition to deport those who have signed a petition! We don’t need people in this country who are willing to question our 1st Amendment Rights of freedom of speech and also our right for redress or grievences!

  • bill

    Boo hoo, don’t like the way it turned out? Suck it up bitches, we did