As Apple Maps Flounders, MapQuest App Gets Updates

By: Sean Patterson - September 25, 2012

Though the new Apple Maps app has caused a bit of frustration and laughter, but the software is still usable for everyday purposes. I suspect most of the complaints lobbed at Apple over Maps is part of the shock of going from the feature-rich (and developed and maintained by 7,100 people) Google Maps experience to a newer, buggier Apple experience. That simply doesn’t happen often, and it’s widely suggested that Apple should have left its new Maps app off iOS 6 until it was truly ready.

It’s too late to go back though, and iPhone users will have to somehow deal with distorted satellite images, poor location search, and misplaced buildings. Apple is on a hiring spree, hiring even former Google Maps engineers to work on their new software. Google, meanwhile, hopes to get a stand-alone app store version of Google Maps out before Christmas, though progress is slow. One other fallback option for iPhone users that may not be immediately considered is AOL’s MapQuest app for iOS.

MapQuest today announced an update to their iPhone app that includes a few new features. Perhaps it senses that its app is about to get a lot more use and it wants to impress, or perhaps this is just part of its regular update cycle. Either, way, MapQuest now features “drop a pin” and favorites. “Drop a pin” will allow users to mark any location on the map and receive directions to it, without having to know the name of the location. The favorites feature allows users to bookmark places the travel to often (or are planning on traveling to) for easier access.

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  • R. Brian Howell

    I am an apple fan and iPhone/iPad/ipod owner. I think this map fiasco will hurt Apple’s reputation more that most critics think. It should not have been included in the new iPhone and iOS 6 release. In the rush to get the new phone our Apple has made a huge strategic mistake with maps. They need to do an upgrade and delete maps until it is stable and working.

  • Marie

    Just a matter of time! Apple going down!

  • TP81

    Totally overblown – yes it needs a lot of work, but it’s really not that bad and has worked great so far for me (with the exception of some points-of-interest). In fact, it has worked way smoother and better than the turn-by-turn on my old Android phone, which often told me to turn after I already passed a road.

  • Adam

    “Totally overblown”?

    I was in Tokyo the other day and was looking for a coffee shop called “Beck’s”. The shop was only 40 meters away around the corner, but Apple Maps was directing me to some place in New Zealand.

    I suppose I should be grateful it got the planet right, even if it was the wrong hemisphere.