Should Facebook Allow Businesses To Give Away Guns?

    April 30, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Pennsylvania gun store Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms was running a giveaway for an AR-15 on Facebook, when the social network shut it down without warning.

Should gun sellers be able to run promotions for guns on Facebook? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Few things are causing more arguments these days than guns, and major Internet companies have made it more difficult for gun sellers than for most types of businesses to get their products in customers’ hands. Facebook is no exception.

In this case, Facebook shut down the store’s entire page, though as pictured above, the store has another one that is currently running. That one, however, is focused on survival courses.

According to The Blaze, the contest had been running for a couple months before Facebook shut down the page, along with another page the store had tried to replace it with. The Blaze interviewed the store’s Erik Lowry:

“I still don’t know what’s going on,” Lowry told The Blaze in a phone interview.

Lowry said three days ago he awoke to calls and emails from fans asking where his Facebook page had gone. Lowry used the page to keep Pittsburgh Tactical Firearm’s more than 27,000 followers updated on store and stock information and Second Amendment news.

Lowry has reportedly been sending Facebook message after message without response, though Voativ recently ran an article about gun giveaways on the social network, which shared a statement from a company spokesperson, saying, “Our Ad Guidelines prohibit promotion of the sale of weapons and the Ad Guidelines apply to pages with commercial content on them. Ads may not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.”

Lowry thinks the article is what led Facebook to take notice.

In an update, Vocativ shared another quote from Facebook: “Facebook strives to create a safe and trusted environment for everyone that uses our service.”

Facebook’s guidelines in this area haven’t always been the same. In fact, an update in 2011 lifted blanket prohibition of promotions (including give-aways) for tobacco, dairy, gambling, prescription drugs, gasoline, and yes, firearms, as reported by InsideFacebook.

As Josh Constine wrote in that article, “This does not make these kinds of promotions or sweepstakes legal — it merely means Facebook will differ to local laws rather than enforce its own.”

And in some places, such giveaways are legal.

Somewhere along the way, Facebook began taking a different approach. Facebook’s Ad Guidelines can be found here. The relevant section simply states, “Ads may not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.” The Pages Guidelines also clearly say, “Ads and commercial content (including Page post content) are subject to the Advertising Guidelines.”

Facebook is far from the only Internet company to have gun-related restrictions in its terms. Earlier this year, for example, Groupon decided to pull all gun-related deals. This caused a significant amount of controversy.

Michael Cargill, a gun rights activist, concealed handgun instructor, and owner of Central Texas Gun Works, called for a nationwide boycott of Groupon, saying his contract with the company had been “abruptly terminated”, after then Groupon CEO Andrew Mason “decided the company would no longer associate with any business related to firearms,” according to shooting sports news site Ammoland.

Last year, Google stirred up some similar controversy when it removed guns from shopping results. Additionally, Google has strict terms prohibiting guns and gun-related products in AdWords.

Are these companies making the right call when it comes to guns? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Gary

    I think Zuckerburg is a whiney little liberal bitch that does whatever Obama tells him to !

    • Me and Me

      Gary….You mad that white girls love my anaconda? I see your ugly user name all over Yahoo.com…Stop with the Obama crap! Obama has been the best president USA has ever had!!

      • Anthony

        @ Me and Me….I think that the only person in love with you or your anaconda is yourself. if you think that Obama is the best president we have ever had, obviously you and your anaconda are way out of touch with reality and need to go back to hiding in the swamp.

        • jim

          the best what we ever had, you messing with something ant

      • Dave

        Obviously you do all your thinking with your anaconda. Otherwise, you would be able to past YOUR racism and realize that Obama is the WORST President ever.

    • amr


  • Jeffrey Bartlett

    Erik Lowry just got a lot of promotion. Good deal.

  • george samler

    goodbye facebook

  • Mark

    I know! They should make a website where you HAVE to promote guns and ammo sales or you get banned. What a great idea. We can call it Liberal hating, jew hating, woman hating, bigoted crackpot club. Lets name it the “Tea Party”.

    • dwdude

      warning! proceed with caution…rabid ows type, the authorities have been notified

    • Conran

      What a fantastic idea!

      Maybe add an element of Christian extremism, and massive hypocricy too though, just to make sure it attracts absolutely everyone on that side of the fence 😉

      Lets not forget, these people are “Libertarians” who also want to criminalize homosexuality, “ban Facebook”, force private businesses to follow their rules while preaching about free market capitalism, and often scream about morality in media while also demanding the right to complete freedom of speech, but only for people who agree with everything they happen to support!

      Yep, they’re Libertarians alright, as long as absolutely everyone is a Bible-thumping, God-fearing, gun-totin’, homophobic, sexist white American.


      • Dave

        Spoken like a true Liberal. Ignore the facts and parrot the party line. Good luck, Comrade.

      • Jack

        Ah Ha now the truth comes out you are a Christina and Bible hater!!! Maybe you should join up with the terrorists!!! Oh I forgot you libtards are already doing that!! It is people like you that have been responsible for bringing terrorists over here just like the bombing in the marathon. I saw the photos is was sicking and you jerks love people like this but blame Christians and guns… You are sick and dangerous!

    • Dave

      Wow. Sounds more like today’s Democrat Party to me.

  • daniel shipley

    facebook is such a waste of time. the fact is the people on thier sight don’t deserve a free ar 15. The social interface is free, as long as you give up your rights to your personal information, free thoughts ectra. it is the biggest tool the controllers have and it delves deep into the syc of millions. Any one who delves for hours in the deep expance of useless information bores my mind. what a narcasistic self absorbed society we live in. Wake the shuck up america. go to the shooting range and shoot your t.v. and lets get this nation back on track. It is never the tool. It is all a cultureal problem The most grounded of or sons and duaghters are the ones who can read a trail and feel comfortable in the wild of our great expance. terror is not in thier hearts. For we know terror is something rabbits feel. and then go dodging in choas.

  • Jeb

    Isnt Zuckerberg the same guy who a year or so ago said he only ate meat he killed. What did he use? Another case of its ok for me to have but not the commen folks.

  • Marcus

    Didn’t know you can’t promote weapons on Facebook, but then almost never been on the site. Not interested in wasting my time there, but am curious if this “ban” also applies to the video games/gamers and the promotion of violence, weapons and crime integral to many of those games? My bet is this is, shal we say, selective on the part of Facebook as opposed to being a true policy.

  • john

    i think facebook needs to be banned and all the lazy people on it need to do something productive like get jobs idle hands are work of the devel

    • Dustin

      Are we talking about the users or the people that operate FB?

    • Conran

      I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account and more, and I run my own successful business from home.

      I think some posters here need to get some common sense and a bit more of an education. 😉

  • rj

    What is everyone here an idiot? Facebook can’t legally allow any firearm promotion or sale for the same reason a bar tender has the right to cut you off. You go out after you’ve had a few drinks and get in a wreck and kill someone and the bar is legally liable regardless. This has happened over and over again.

    Facebook is a bit bigger than a bar. That means some nutjob goes out with a gun or firearm they got there from a webpage they allowed up and they become legally liable.

    Don’t blame Facebook for protecting their legal arse – blame idiots who go out and shoot people and make it harder for the rest of us. I’ve heard nothing but ‘protect my rights’ on this gun control thing since I was a kid. Well hate to tell you this but there’s a boat load of people out there who are not responsible gun owners. It’s not the liberals who are taking away our guns – – it’s the 1 in every 1,000 gun owners out there who isn’t responsible that’s doing it.

    Liberals wouldn’t have a leg to stand on to take anything away if idiots weren’t so damned lazy (or in the case of a lot of gun outfits I’ve seen) greedy and willing to sell guns to people who clearly aren’t going to care for them, aren’t going to use them responsibly.

    Next time you see someone on youtube drinking with a gun in their hand (trust me there’s a few hundred of these) you should go look them up and have them hand over their gun until they can demonstrate they’re responsible. When the NRA starts policing their own… maybe we won’t have liberals trying to do it for them.

  • Conran

    Oh, this was a wise decision for a discussion WebPro! lol

    Now you’ll have all the conspiracy nuts and pro-gun crazies on here screaming about their rights to be given guns, their rights to kill 100 people a minute if they choose, their rights to live free and happy (with the ability to mass murder) and the Socialist Obama government that wants to put them all in concentration camps! lol

    Facebook is a PRIVATE BUSINESS, and no one can dictate what business decisions they make. As for whether they should or not, I don’t believe they should. These are WEAPONS, whether some right-wing nut-job wants to admit it or not. Their intention is to kill, this would be no different to Facebook allowing a company to give away hand grenades. Why is one okay but another isn’t? They are both designed with the intention to kill – end of discussion.

    Just because some nut case thinks things haven’t changed at all in weaponry or in American culture since that right was written (guns were not the same back then, and they WOULD NOT have given that same right if they had been able to predict how things would now be) does not mean a private company has to allow their business to be used in such a way.

    Good on Facebook for refusing this kind of insanity. If you don’t like it, use another business.

    Note that many of those screaming about all this BS are the same right wing Republicans who demand that anti-gay companies can make a stance against gay marriage and should be able to refuse business to gay people too – always the absolute hypocrites!

    • Dave

      So those who support the right to defend themselves are nuts and gun-crazies ? Since when is protecting one’s rights a sign of mental illness. Welcome to “1984.” You Orwellian control freaks are destroying this country under the guise of your smug Progressive Big Brother beliefs.

    • http://www.hogvalleyproducts.com RON PROFFITT

      Facebook owns the site and they can do pretty much anything they want to.
      I see nothing wrong on a dealer giving away any type of gun, anybody that wins will have to go through a “BACKGROUND CHECK” the has to sent to a dealer of the winners choice and before the winner can pick it up the dealer has to do a BACKGROUND CHECK.

      All these anti-gun people keep saying that there’s know BACKGROUND CHECK on the internet, they are totally WRONG, you purchase a gun on the internet it has to by FEDERAL LAW be sent to a FIREARMS DEALER of your choice to do a BACKGROUND CHECK before you can with that gun, and if its a hand gun there’s a three day waiting period before you can pick it up.


    • Jack

      Conran you should just like a libtard that believes anything goes. Killing babies on demand by the millions, promoting child molestation and calling it gay! Putting it in schools to pervert our children, save an animal but kill a baby by golly!@! But give ride of those bad bad evil guns!!!! You morons invite illegal aliens over here that are raping and killing, also invite Muslims that are killing us. May you reap what you sow and it comes back on people like you a thousand times…. People like you are a danger to society! RETARD!

  • http://webpronews David

    I’m quite certain that they perform a NICS (Background Check) on a prospective winner. And IF that person isn’t eligible to have a firearm due to criminal, mental history or local restrictions,then an alternate winner is chosen. There are just way too many possible legal ramifications otherwise. So from a purely business standpoint,they cover all of thier bases.

  • http://www.campingwithcharlie.com Charlie

    It is not the gun that kills, it is the person pulling the trigger. You don’t need a gun to kill many. The Boston Marathon Bombing proved that. Would it be different if Walmart was giving away a pressure cooker? AR-15s are not an assault weopon. An assault weopon has full auto capability where the AR-15s sold to the legal general public are only semi-auto.

  • David Morris

    Only you nut-bar Americans think that the answer gun problems is more guns. On that basis, give all Americans a pressure cooker bomb to solve the problem of mad bombers.

    Anyway, Boston got what it deserved. For decades the Boston Irish gave megabucks to the lunatics in the IRA so that they could continue their terror bombing campaign in London.

    Now you got you own back. Welcome to the world of crazy religion.

    David Morris

    New Zealand

    • Jack

      Has not history taught you anything. Look what happened to countries that banned guns!!! Millions and millions of innocent people were slaughtered by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and such!!! Is this what you want??? Take away guns the criminals will always get guns, and also the government if it turns evil you are toast…… YOU CANT FIX STUPID!!!

    • f

      guns are NOT dangerous.

      When is the last time you heard of a gun jumping off a table by itself and shooting someone?

      PEOPLE are dangerous.

      And how is your murder rate by the way? Knife sales are up I heard.

  • http://www.blakeman.net/_VA/index.htm Van

    Sellers of guns designed to kill people should be treated like hard drug dealers. If their guns are involved in any kind of crime, they are equally guilty.

  • Dave

    It’s all just ever-increasing PCism and the Progressive Agenda. If there’s a bombing, blame the bomber. So when there’s a shooting, do they blame the shooter ? NO. They blame guns and then they just try that much harder to disarm all of us who are law-abiding gun owners.

    A disarmed America will no longer be a country able to defend itself against enemies abroad or those with political power who wish to remove all opposition.

  • David Morris

    Oh, and I forgot. That half-wit who whimpered “It’s not the gun that kills, it’s the person pulling the trigger”.

    Jesus – grow up, dopey. If a mad shooter had to do it with a knife or a bow and arrow instead his scorecard would be a lot lower.

    You people rank with the likes of Somalia in allowing crazies access to weapons of mass destruction – a.k.a. high rate-of-fire automatic weapons with large magazines.

    And the corrupt politicians in your Congress couldn’t gainsay the NRA by at least limiting the worst of these killer weapons. Nobody needs that kind of protection and I’m quite certain that when your founding fathers passed the Second Amendment they had no idea the foul use that it would be put to by the murderous psychopaths of the NRA.

    Frankly, as an outside: America – you get what you richly deserve. Death by day and by night.

    • Jack

      David sorry to say but you are a total idiot to say what you just said!!! What else do you support??? sodomites, child molesting, atheism??? Tell us!!!

    • http://www.liberrtyschallenge.org Roger Cole

      Notice what America hating liberals always resort to…name calling and showing their arrogance by calling everyone that does’t agree with the liberal agenda, stupid.

    • f

      You should take your meds.

      guns are NOT dangerous.

      When is the last time you heard of a gun jumping off a table by itself and shooting someone?

      PEOPLE are dangerous.

    • Mountain Man

      You have no idea how much paperwork, finger print cards, and Law enforcement certification I needed just to buy a “high rate-of-fire automatic weapon with large magazines” Which, by the way, cost me over $12000.

      You obviously don’t know enough about weapons to comment on which particular ones are “the worst” and are probably also unfamiliar with a device called a “bomb” which can be assembled without any paperwork and kill WAY more people than any single shooter could. Remember Oklahoma? That was a truck full of fertilizer that killed 168 people including 19 children under 6.

      We have 62 million cars in the US and around 300 million Firearms. Guess which one kills more people?

      Why would you want to take away the only reasonable way people can defend themselves? What gives you the right to say that I shouldn’t be able to kill someone who is trying to hurt me and my family?

  • Gary

    Facebook is not owned or run by the government so it can do anything it wants as long as it’s legal. I am extremely pro 2nd amendment, but I am also extremely pro 1st amendment and pro freedom. The first 10 amendments, as a whole, are either the foundation of our liberty or they are meaningless.

  • Jack

    Me and Me must be a liberal on drugs to say that Obama is the best president ever!!! In reality he is the worst president in all of history!! I cannot begin to describe all the horrors he has committed on here!!!

  • http://www.liberrtyschallenge.org Roger Cole

    Facebook should stay out of politics. They apparently don’t see the danger of all these subtle threats to the 2nd amendment.

  • Fred Flintsone

    There is no place for unregulated idiots in America. If you don’t believe in capitalism, limited government, and freedom then move some place else. More people are killed with hammers every year in the US, than with guns. Will that lib-tard Zuckershlit ban contests to give away free hammers? The Agenda of the “peace-loving” Left is pathetic. Those of you who are against guns should take a look at yourselves, and in all honestly, you should not be allowed to have cars, or hammers, either. Have you ever heard of transference. You irresponsible progressives think that everyone is a dangerous moron because you think everyone has the same F’d up views as you. In this capitalist-based economy that you secretly are jealous of, and that you want to destroy, you should not infringe on the rights of another legitimate business. And, the firearms business is a positive and productive segment of our society providing guns for sporting and protection.

  • Gordon

    I love you Americans. Every time anyone else in Western Europe thinks its a good idea to have guns in the hands of the general population we just look at you guys killing your own kids in your schools and think “Jesus, thank fuck we are not stupid enough to do that”

    When we have a gun crime/massacre it hits the headlines in a big way because its so rare. Do you even bother reporting when someone culls another 20 of your kids?

  • King Mike

    I just had a meeting with ex-Congressman Frank and secretly I let him have a big gulp so I am not too coherent, now. Anyway, I commend Facebook as a private company for discriminating against honest business owners trying to stimulate our economy.

  • Dwan


  • Terrance

    Whose the idiot(s) who thinks the 2nd amendment is about self defense or hunting? That’s not what out forefathers were thinking about. You don’t need a militia to shot a duck or a burglar. It’s about defending and preserving freedom. Read the amendment, idiots. And the 2nd amendment does not say firearms, it says ARMS. Back then that included cannons. Today it means whatever is necessary to defend freedom. This talk about self defense and hunting is deliberate misdirection from the left.

    • Jack

      Right on Terrance these libtards left wing nut communist don’t want us to have freedom and to be able to defend ourselves. They want control, they are part of the problem!!

      I hate abortion but maybe we should have a way to genetically detect which baby will turn out to be liberal and abort it!!! LOL Maybe it would save out country!! These liberals are like a cancer and infection!!!!! They are gross!!!

  • http://easyonlineclassifieds.com/ John Hogan

    All these companies trying to be ‘Politically Correct’ sicken me. Maybe they should try to be ‘Constitutionally correct’ instead which would help send congress and law makers a serious message.

    The right to own and BARE a firearm. Remember those words. Congress and lawmakers must swear to uphold that basic right in every state in the USA which is not to be superseded by ANY state law as it is a National LAW.

  • http://www.yummybeads.com Gabby

    I think I would pass a background check .. but i’m a scorpio .. add PMT, a bad hair day, a few drinks and a row with hubby to the mix and who knows!! … I believe Facebook have the right to distance themselves from any weapon giveaway if they choose to do so …

    Guns in the wrong hands are dangerous and have also proved to be dangerous in the hands of professionals.

  • Gordon

    Love your comments about defending yourselves. What do you think a bunk of fat yanks would do to any enemy force that is capable past your army? Die? lots?

    Why do your guys really have guns still? Nothing to do with the gun manufactures paying off your politician(of all party’s)

    Land of the Free? Or land of the easily manipulated?

    They make money, your kids die and a bunch of weekend warrior virgins get to play in the woods shooting animals to make themselves feel stronger than the fat pathetic couch potatoes they are.

    • Mountain Man

      Well a bunch of armed fat yanks did a pretty good job of kicking England’s ass out of our country 200 years ago, and we have A LOT more armed citizens now should the need ever arise again (unlikely since that would be a nightmare for any occupying force). But hey you guys did a pretty good job in WWII without our help right?

      Why do I have guns still? Because I’d rather not have to rely on the state to defend myself. I’m sure your police armed with sticks will do a great job keeping you from being raped, murdered, and robbed when they show up 20 minutes later. Assuming of course you had a chance to call the police.

  • http://www.quantisoft.com Howard Deutsch

    No, keep guns off of facebook and the Internet overall. Gun sales need to be controlled more effectively to keep guns out of the hands of people who are not capable of owning and handling gus safely for society.

  • Leanne Jordan

    Yes they have !!!! tobacco, and all those other things mentioned dont go into schools and kill innocent children and adults.

    It is far to easy to buy guns now without them being promoted on social networks. Stricter rules and laws are needed when it comes to firearms and such.

  • http://www.vitallywell.com Tony Saldin

    Yes, Facebook should allow businesses to give away guns. Unless of course they support tyrannical governments and are part of the corruption of information.

  • http://www.quantisoft.com Howard Deutsch

    Yes, these companies are right to eliminate guns from online search and to the extent possible from online sales. Gun sales should be face to face from authorized dealers only, using appropriate checks to make sure the buyer has no legal reasons for not being able to purchase a gun.

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  • http://www.livingdignity.eu Elisabeth Riedl

    No . Guns are dangerous weapons and not a gift you may enjoy.

    • f

      guns are NOT dangerous.

      When is the last time you heard of a gun jumping off a table by itself and shooting someone?

      PEOPLE are dangerous.

      • Helen

        People like the one you commented on are the like the Jews that helped torture and execute other Jews. They buy into the same scare tactics the Nazis used to get Jews to persecute other Jews. People who carry weapons and used them responsibly and those Jews who were tortured and executed would not view having had a gun then or now as dangerous. We have the right to bear arms.

        • Helen

          And that is a GIFT from the people that actually FOUGHT for the “GIFT” of freedom you enjoy.

    • http://www.raglandsecurity.com Butch Ragland

      After clicking on your name I now see where you are coming from. A liberal based peace oriented organization who would rather push their gun free peace agenda down citizens throats rather than attack the real problems in this world that have created the need for the free world to need these guns for protection. You will probably never get your head out of the sand; so I wish you well and will no longer bother commenting on your misguided idealism! God Bless you; and I hope that did not offend you!

      • http://www.raglandsecurity.com Butch Ragland

        My previous comment was directed toward Elizabeth.

      • Helen

        Thanks if you hadnt said that I wouldnt have clicked and saw this is just another cowardly person who has been physically abused and didnt fight back. Sorry Elizabeth Reidl, I won’t let someone beat me down. I will fight back. Go hide under a rock.

        • Helen

          And I was abused too but I took my cane and beat the SOB back until he ran out of my house screaming. I’d rather die than let someone abuse me or take my God given constitutional right to defend myself away.

  • http://hospemex.com Francisco Barcenas Cruz

    As long as it’s legal. Facebook, should not play police. If they shut down the ad it should be based on a law. If they want to create the defacto standard of communication in the 21st century, they have a responsibility to err on the side of freedom and their clients.

  • f

    how about the first amendment?

  • Helen

    If everyone read the constitution USA would not be run by idiots. Not talking about the President, his power is limited by the dictators. He does the best with what he has.

    “We have the right to bear arms.”

  • http://www.informedaboutsex.com s stodt


  • Helen

    The right to bear arms predates the Bill of Rights; the Second Amendment was based partially on the right to bear arms in English common-law, and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. This right was described by Blackstone as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state. Academic inquiry into the purpose,[1][2] scope,[3] and effect[4] of the amendment has been controversial[5][6][7] and subject to numerous interpretations.[8]

  • Remington

    Facebook should not be making moral choices for its users so long as said users are acting within the law. However if they want to alienate millions of people who use their service then that is their prerogative.

  • Debra L Hartmann

    As long as a business is following Facebook guidelines, then Facebook has no right to play police with regards to their product. They are taking a political stand and that is completely inappropriate in business.

    • http://www.discusfishcare.org Wilf Staton

      I am a bit confused here. I thought that the reason the ads were closed down was that they were not following the guidelines which were in place long before the ads started appearing. The only other thing I wonder about is why it took so long for FaceBook to apply the rules.

  • http://www.livingdignity.eu Elisabeth Riedl

    When guns are given awsy in Facebook then Facebook should be shut down. And fined.

    • http://www.raglandsecurity.com Butch Ragland

      You appear to be another of the die hard liberals who think the gun is the enemy; not the one behind the gun!

    • Helen

      Are you Jewish? I am Jewish. You shouldn’t have a gun because you are scared of guns and could hurt someone. We have the right to bear arms, and that was a Gift given to us by the people that fought for FREEDOM, a Gift you also receive, in this country. You don’t like it, get out.

    • Debra L Hartmann

      Why? Because you feel the business owner is in the wrong and Facebook didn’t make them adhere to the existing policies around advertising or because you have an issue with guns? The issue IS NOT about guns, the issue is about whether Facebook should be taking a political stand that is outside of the documented policies and rules of advertising for customers that pay to use those advertising options on Facebook. What if the hot political topic has to do with your industry next week and you don’t feel there is anything wrong with advertising and promoting your industry but they all of a sudden take a political stand against your niche? How would you feel then? Be passionate about your opinions on guns, we all are, notice, not one of my comments has stated my position, THIS IS NOT ABOUT GUN CONTROL, this is about business and advertising and running promotions and was there a rule broken by the business or by Facebook as it relates to the paid service that business purchased from Facebook? Isn’t it everyone’s right to get what they paid for without the provider saying, hey I don’t agree with your position on this topic so I am going to not allow you to do this, though you followed the rules and paid for the service?

  • http://www.raglandsecurity.com Butch Ragland

    If the company is a properly licensed business which operates within the requirements of the law, FACEBOOK should not censor their ads, as long as they allow advertising. Facebook appears to be attempting to insert their personal objection into this companies business, rather than treating them equally amount other businesses. I was preparing to restart my old ad campaign on Facebook, but will now reconsider!

    I will wait to see if Facebook wants to play the liberal card or rather they want to be a fair market advertiser! Let’s see how you turn out; Facebook!

  • klaus Riedl

    When guns are given awsy in Facebook then Facebook should be shut down. And fined.

  • Debra L Hartmann

    I read through the comments on this post – people are divided in their opinions on guns, as is normal. It is all of our rights to have different opinions and to speak them out loud for anyone to hear…hand in hand with that concept, it is not someone else’s right to say one opinion is right or wrong against their own opinions…respect each other’s rights to free speech! Secondly, don’t confuse the issues here…this is not about whether guns or people are dangerous, not about the opinions of people with regard to gun control or not to gun control…this is about a business running a promotion for their products and a business that they use, legitimately, as a platform for advertising then taking a political stand outside of the policies they promised their customers would be the only measurement for allowed content. If this is allowed, then Facebook can continue to say what businesses can use as promotional products in any industry, not just guns. Keep the issues separate…don’t let the precedence be set that they can step outside of their boundaries on anything or you will find yourself affected by it at some point too.

    • Helen

      Yes it is our right to say someone whose opinion goes against the people who made this a FREE country is wrong. If its not wrong why not throw away the constitution and have no law? What you say is not logical. If you disagree with the foundation of the country you live in, you dont belong here.

    • http://www.raglandsecurity.com Butch Ragland

      Thank you Debra! Good presentation and logic!

  • Darlene

    I do not think guns should be accessible online whether through Facebook or any other online store. It’s hard enough to verify a person’s information when they go into a store, how can they verify it online. I understand that guns don’t kill people – “PEOPLE do” but we need to be careful how we make guns accessible to everyone.

    • Helen

      Your comment has no logic at all. Do you even know how someone gets verified when they buy a gun?? They run a check on you. Don’t be stupid thinking this would make it any easier to get guns. Its very easy to buy guns second hand and very cheap. So criminals arent looking to get them online.

      • Darlene

        Helen…I’m not a gun advocate so NO…I don’t know what someone has to go through to be verified. All I know is that it is a lot harder to hide who you really are online. Any kid can get their parents information and claim to be them. It’s not that hard. These purchases need to be made face to face not hiding behind a computer.

        • Mountain Man

          Any weapon bought online is transferred to a Federally licensed dealer who then completes the same background checks as if the gun was purchased in the store. Your worries are completely unfounded in reality. So whoever buys the weapon online has to sit down “face to face” with a Dealer who has been trained ad nausea by the Feds to keep criminals from obtaining weapons through illegal channels. Then again, criminals are seldom stupid enough to go to a gun shop when there are 250 million firearms in circulation in this country.

          Its not exactly difficult for someone with a few hundred dollars to acquire a gun sans paperwork, its the liberal judges that release these people back on the streets after they have been caught with illegal weapons that leads to so much gun violence. If we enforced the laws currently in place, we would see a dramatic decline in gun-related violence.

        • Joe

          what helen is doing a poor job of explaining is that you cannot just order a gun and it arrives in the mail from the internet. If you buy a gun online it has to be shipped to a federal firearms licensed dealer where you have to get it face to face and pass a background check. There is no such thing as plugging your info in on the internet and having a gun sent to you with no background check that would be against the law already.

  • Ryan

    Why not? Since when do companies get to decide if the 2nd Amendment is negotiable?

  • Daffy

    When will Americans realize two things. 1 the whole world uses the Internet 2. The whole world disagrees with you on guns. Keep guns off Facebook

    • Mountain Man

      Facebook is an American company, if you don’t like American ideals, don’t use facebook.

  • Darlene

    Someone on this post is very rude. Can’t we all AGREE to DISAGREE…One person’s opinion, though it may be different from another’s does not make it wrong. We all have our beliefs and convictions but we should act like adults and respect others opinions. This is not kindergarten.

    • Helen

      If you disagree with the US constitution you are not American, and you do not deserve the protection of our soldiers who ALL would agree with the Right to Bear Arms. Just ask some and then buy in or leave because you are a coward and not worthy to be protected.

      • Darlene

        You are clearly looking for a fight. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in the right to bear arms. When I was growing up guns were used for recreation not killing. It’s the PEOPLE…NOT THE GUNS…You have a way of twisting everything that EVERYONE says and turning it into something it’s not.

      • http://www.discusfishcare.org Wilf Staton

        You are quite right Helen. It should be noted that the vast majority of the rude and offensive comments are the people who advocate guns.

    • Susan Smith

      What do you think of the gov getting all the ammo at least 1,000 rounds for each soldier..

      • Mountain Man

        Thats Department of Homeland Security. The Army uses 360rds per year per soldier for training purposes. DHS uses around 1700 rds per year per agent. Their 5 year goal is to stockpile 790 million rounds of 5.56.

  • Brenan

    Of course they should be able to give away guns, guns are legal and we all have the right to keep and bear arms. They are promoting their business just like every other business on FB, they should sue FB for discrimination against their business.

  • http://honkmorons.com Arthgallo Maven

    The Second Amendment gives the citizens the right to keep and bear arms. The First Amendment guarantees our right to talk about it. Neither guarantees the microphone or platform to promote these views and some, like Facebook, Google and Bing view gun rights and freedom of speech as offensive.

    On the other hand what Planned Parenthood does (kill baby humans) is offensive to many and their Facebook page is still there.

    Any surprises that Facebook, Google and Bing pick a side against our U.S. Constitution and discriminates against any group THEY deem unworthy?

    No surprise here. They are the newest incarnation of hate group, the controllers of free speech and free thought.

    A. Maven

  • Shane

    Facebook were well within their right to remove the post if it violated their TOS. It’s up to people that use Facebook to ensure their content matches the TOS. Besides, it’s about time that Americans started realising that the world is bigger than their country and some of us want people to start seeing sense where guns are concerned. There’s a time and place to sell guns and it’s certainly not on Facebook.

    • Susan Smith

      If you don’t like those sites then don’t like page. It is for the ones that want to protect thier families…

  • http://none harvey

    Of course Facebook changed the rules and killed the site. Facebook was stolem by a lier and a thief (he lost the lawsuits. He’s a scumbag who does not care about agreements who does whatever he wants and always will.

    Don’t complain when you deal with such people and get screwed.

    Other than that, I have not comment on the issue of guns.


  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

    I’m so tired of seeing and hearing the ugly name Facebook. It’s everywhere online now, even WebProNews. Enough is enough.

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com Steve

    Another bad idea by people trying to turn our country into a nation of guns and violence.

    • Susan Smith

      Go to sleep and wait yours is coming when the gov breaks in your door..

  • Grady

    Absolutely. If they are sissy, patsies, it should not affect our buying, selling, or giving away a weapon. It gets tiring having them change pages at will without our input. Then having no one to contact.

  • http://southshore-ebooks.com Jon K. K. Priestley

    Yes! No other comments available!

  • Me bush

    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was Nazi America now……

  • http://southshore-ebooks.com Jon K. K. Priestley

    I thought that the question about this matter was- “Should Facebook allow businesses to give away guns?” I stick with my answer- “yes”

  • Douglas Sowle

    Without question, they should be allowed.

  • Some Canadian

    Who was the dumb schmuck who gave that idea? Give away a GUN? Holy crap! What’s this world coming too?? Facebook should not even allow such a giveaway!

    • Susan Smith

      Go back to sleep Sheeple…

  • Al Haffar

    My dear WebProNews, FaceBook, Google and all are out to looking for their benefits, any thing that they do, carry out or even censor the content that is placed on their sites or search engine they will do, they are not THE PROTECTOR OF FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND OR THE CONSTITUTION. No one should expect them to do anything but what is good for them and the bottom line.

    • Ron

      Sure about that? In a moral sense, every person, business, organization, whatever, would respect and protect the rights of all people.

      You are partially right, they are only in it for themselves. These people and their organizations have no morals.

  • Cameron

    YES, they should be allowed to run their business, which is operating within the numerous current laws, as they see fit. I hope facebook fizzles out and becomes the next myspace soon. With draconian policies like this, it is becoming worse than google. Google already has banned firearm related adwords. Use Bing!

    We need to enforce bans on violence, starting with governments.

    BAN WAR! (Where are all of the “concerned parents” marching for an END TO WAR?)

    Next, put violent criminals in jail for a LONG time. Put rapists and murderers in prison for life. Don’t give them more chances to harm people.

    Finally, teach people how to be GOOD PARENTS. Most of the criminals in society are violent because of childhood traumas due to abusive, violent parenting.

    If everyone knew how to properly raise and nurture children, our society would peacefully transform in 2 generations. Guns would become interesting relics of a bygone era, and not a single law would need to be passed to stop gun violence.

  • https://www.outofpawn.com/ Estate Jewelry

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  • Rob G.

    Anything that doesn’t kill or Glorify Nazi’s ought be allowed to give away.

    • dave

      Everybody who carries a knife should be considered the same as a person carrying a gun!!

      They are both mame, and there are statistics to prove this.

      Treat both the same.

      Now – dont get caught with a carving knife in your hands ladies, becuase thats a dangerous weapon!

      Clearly its NOT the item itself is the problem – its how it is used.

      Dis-arming the community is not the answer while nut cases are allowed on the loose.

      PS: didn’t some guy blow up people in Boston recently, and he did not use a gun for that (or a knife). So now back packs should be illegal (thats what what they used to transport it).

  • http://Facebook Dave nelson

    As long as FB is a place to display free expression and allows other businesses to sell and give away goods, guns and ammunition have a right to be displaye, sold or given away. Restrict one business then restrict all business.

  • http://www.practicalsports.com Ron

    One Word, YES

    I believe i have entered other gun giveaways on Facebook before, maybe they just linked to another site. ??
    But you do know, Zucker has started his PAC, and is extremely left wing. We know facebook does care about privacy, why should they care about any other rights?

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  • Proud_TeaBagger

    Facebook has the right to do anything they want on their network. But if they decide to push their agenda anywhere else, that would be a HUGH problem. So markie zucker do not even think of it and stop pushing your anti America agenda anywhere other than your site. Do not like the United States of America or the Constitution and Bill of Rights then “F” off. Lock N’ Loaded? Now? When?

  • John Owles


  • http://www.iraqi3.com دردشة عراقية

    YES, they should be allowed to run their business, which is operating within the numerous current laws, as they see fit. I hope facebook fizzles out and becomes the next myspace soon. With draconian policies like this, it is becoming worse than google. Google already has banned firearm related adwords.

  • http://homesteadingandprepping.com/ Aaron

    Yes, guns are legal under federal law so why shouldn’t they be allowed to be promoted to those who like guns on Facebook?

    If you don’t like guns then don’t like gun dealers pages, simple as that.

  • http://www.discusfishcare.org Wilf Staton

    I think FaceBook and others are quite right about limiting ads for destructive products. Yes guns are destructive. They destruct peoples lives as can be seen by recent events. The gun lobby is only trying to preserve gun dealers profits and spouting the 2nd ammendment is only part of helping to preserve this.

    I watched a video the other day where the NRA president shown up as a complete imbecile when answering questions in an interveiw.

    • Larry

      Hummm interesting so they should ban politicians from Facebook as well, since they are destroying this country? Is that equal as well…….We The People don’t start these wars they the politicians start wars! Starting to see the rational behind your statement?

  • Vernon

    Facebook can run their business any way they see fit while keeping within State and Federal Laws. While I may or may not agree with their decisions, it is their business to run.

  • http://sweetnet.us/ Sally

    Will they ever learn? Guns are no answer. Everyone who wears a gun is willing to kill. That is against law and against God.

    Sally Starbride

    • Nate

      Apparently, you would rather it be a knife, bat or hammer? Here in the real world there are bad people doing very bad things on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not everyone can have armed personal protection against the bad people. Everyone who wears a gun is willing to protect themselves and their families and maybe an innocent civilian like yourself on occasion.

  • Two Dogs

    I think Facebook is dead wrong in shutting down the gun store’s facebook page for running a giveaway.

  • ChristinaB

    Facebook IS a corporation and can set their own guidelines and rules.

    • Larry

      Really so if I run a corporation and decide not to allow a certain ethnic group put purchase my product or services, then I would be discriminating! !! RIGHT???

  • Anthony Yagiello

    yes they should be allowed, firearms sports are the safest sports in the country.

  • Larry

    Absolutely! Are you allowing other businesses to run promotions, if your answer is yes then you are discriminating against that business and they should be considering legal actions against you!

  • http://www.graciousstore.com Nina

    Face-book has right to decide what kind of transactions or interactions people should have with its platform. So face-book has the right to shut down a business’ page that is using face book page to distribute arms

  • Eileen Hess

    Facebook is a free forum – true or false?

  • Mike

    Bottom line, it’s a regulated activity and Facebook doesn’t want to deal with FDA, ATF, etc. Basically if you require a state or federal license to sell (or give away) anything by advertising with another company, the authorities can go after the advertising company if something should happen. Same applies with alcohol, tobacco, etc., no discrimination against guns here, just Facebook protecting their business.

  • Gary

    Only in America!

    Just about every other country in the developed world has strict regulation of firearms and in nearly every case, far lower levels of murder and life threatening assault. (The number of murders per year in the whole of the UK is not much higher than the number of annual murders in Chicago!

    To offer free firearms on Facebook in any other country would be as unthinkable as selling Nazi memorabilia in Germany!

    • Nate

      complete BS… take away the guns and violent crime still exists because the bad guys still exist… the problem with gun control logic is that gun control only hurts one group of people… the victims of violent crime. Law abiding citizens need the right to protect themselves from criminals and in some cases their own government (American Revolution ring a bell).

  • http://none Al Colombo

    No, it’s wrong for Facebook to do this in a moral sense as it’s un-American. At the same time, users of Facebook do not pay for the privilege to post on this product, so FB has the right to set whatever limits they may choose. However, I do believe that society in general has lost its common sense. Many of us have allowed ourselves to believe that it’s wrong for us to own, buy, sell, transport, and carry firearms. Law-abiding citizens are not to be feared. Once law-abiding people are disarmed, only criminals will have firearms.

  • Tomme Stevenson

    The gun shop is a business that has the right to give away guns. (I assume the law in their state allows it) Facebook is a business that has the right to not support the activity of giving away guns. The individual business stakeholders make those decisions. We have the right to support any businss we like for any reason we chose. It’s the American way. The gunshop will gain some supporters and loose others because of their give away, the same for Facebook. There are those who do not like the decision in the hands of indiviuals, because it does not support their point of view. They will lobby for government intervention. We somwhow believe we can legislate morality. By making a law we change bad people into good people, opponents into allies.

  • John Mills

    YES. Is this not America? Despite what people want, or think are ‘for the best’ – we still have freedom, at the moment. Guns require a federal application – Not being able to give a firearm away is NO different than disallowing the sale. Guns are dangerous, but so is gasoline, dynamite, firecrackers, liquor, and about a million other things that are legal to buy — what is illegal, and should be – is the improper USE of such dangerous items. I really don’t understand the blindness of those who want to just STOP anything that could hurt someone.

  • John Mills

    I should have read the other comments and taken a moment to digest the entire situation, but responded immediately and irrationally – exactly what I always preach against….

    I agree with my prior statement only to the extent, the USA needs to back off on restricting freedoms.

    That being said, FB is NOT the USA (although they are controlled now by the US Government by means of Stock ownership). As a public forum, yes, they have the right and responsibility to limit their liability and the exposure of their content (weapons, nudity, vulgar language, etc…) to create a friendly and inviting forum. If they were to allow this, they should have a special section that would be restricted from other users – and from specific countries, etc… It has to be difficult to try to cater to the world.

    As far as statistics on violent deaths vs death by guns – there is a huge difference – and the UK my friend, has substantially more deaths by violent crimes (in percentage of population) than the entire of the USA – please, keep your facts from being distorted for a single purpose – it makes creates a situation where many people become unable to discern the truth, from a bent fact to support a non-truth.

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  • http://www.OctagonMarketinggroup.com sorayaali

    I am glad that Facebook shut down the gun promo.

  • http://www.nytfundament.dk Hjemmeside

    Absolutely not.
    Same as alcohol, smoking and drugs.

  • http://www.defensivetraining.co.za DuToit

    Guns are not the problem – the problem lies with idiots like FB (and BHO) who blame inanimate objects for violence committed by people. The first murder in the history of man was committed with a piece of wood by a MURDERER. Fix the the values people hold.

  • Nate

    This is idiotic of Facebook to make political stands on something like this. It is no wonder their share price is in the dumps when they openly are censoring and rejecting advertising that is far from offensive.

  • Christian Bardo

    I Thought this was The USA not The USSA. Anybody should be able to sell anything
    that doesn’t DIRECTLY hurt someone. The only reason the Recent massacres happened where they did is because they were ALL NO GUN ZONES. they didn’t happen because someone sold a gun on facebook. They happened because some government entity didn’t
    do their job. Examples Colorado University was told of the Aurora mass Killer was off and did nothing. Sandyhook was the only school in their city WITHOUT ANY SECURITY. VT was because they weren’t allowed by federal law to find out about the mass killer’s mental state. So yeas they should be allowed to give away guns anywhere they want as long as they are not have done anything wrong before.

    • Matthew Cummins

      Sandyhook was the only school in their city without any security? And THAT means it’s the schools fault?

      Grow a brain. In Australia we don’t have any school shootings and virtually no gun massacres of any type, and our school security consists of a fence around, that’s it. No guards, no metal detectors, nothing like that.

      I consider myself “centre right” in terms of political opinion, so don’t accuse me of being some left wing liberal, but you Americans just do my head in with your excuses for gun violence.

      Suggest you check this out form the daily show, featuring our former Prime Minister, (who was from what would incidentally be from the party that’s the equivalent of the Republicans over there!)


  • Pam

    No way should guns be sold or given away on Facebook.

  • Crosby Lanham

    I it against the law to sell weapons??? Online??? through a website????
    Well your answer in in the responsibility of the company to its clients and the government…

  • http://n/a Thomas Baldridge

    Absolutely NOT !

  • http://www.cpasitesolutions.com/ kenny

    I don’t see this as a moral issue. It’s a legal one. If FB explicitly bans gun manufacturers from running giveaway promotions they are implicitely taking responsibility for the actions of their members. This could put them in a position to be sued every time one someone gets screwed by FB scams or just shoddy businesses using FB as a platform.

    FB should stay far, far away from the actions of it’s member businesses unless it’s prepared to go all the way and assume the liabilities and responsibilities of a social media outlet that polices it’s content and members.

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  • Allen Eugene Booth

    Should the sale or giving away of firearms be promoted on Facebook? That is entirely Facebook’s decision to make. However, simply out of courtesy, Facebook should tell prospective advertisers beforehand what their policy is.

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  • http://www.linkagoal.com jason lee

    Why has it become such a huge issue if a persons doing business on Facebook. he’s not directly harming anyone and neither is he illegally using Facebook… i just don’t get it

  • Giles

    I’m just glad that I live in Australia where assault rifles and even semi automatic rifles are banned. We can still purchase hunting rifles as long as we have a license, suitable background checks and a gun safe LOCKED and BOLTED to the floor to reduce gun theft. These are routinely checked by the local friendly police who respect responsible gun owners. Death by gun is 30 times higher in the USA than in Australia. Sure we have our fair share of crime, but most people are sane enough here to trust the gov’t, trust that our military is capable if needed for defense only, and not want equipment designed to kill people en mass freely available at all. The murder rate in Aust is 1.0 per 100,000 versus 4.8 per 100,000 in the USA. The USA murder rate is worse than many third world countries (even those with active civil unrest and serious tribal & ethnic clashes). There is something seriously wrong in the US when you look at the murder rate by country statistics on Wikipedia.

    We have a large number of guns in the community, but they are genuine farmers, hunters and club members. They don’t need assault rifles, big clips, hand guns and paranoia (though some think they do). Believe it or not, with fewer guns out there and an understanding that guns don’t solve problems, the world is a better place.

    Anyway, reap what you sow.

    • Pizzaman7

      America is the land of the free. I have my gun at my side almost everywhere I go. I just went to see Ironman 3 with it. If some lunatic would of tried something I would of been prepared and had a much better chance of survival than most and I could of protected those around me. I would rather pull out a gun to protect myself than try and call 911 in a stressful situation and wait minutes for help….if you can even make that call.

      Australia is becoming a victim of worsening crime and you even alluded to it. The statistics are clear. Gun control areas have higher crime. Evil exists in the world. Chicago is a perfect example. They try their best to take away people’s constitutional rights and one of the worst crime statistics in the country. Criminal activity flourishes in gun free zones because they know that they have plenty of time before anyone can come out to stop them.

      Trust the police and the government ! What a crock. Police have guns to protect themselves. You get some bad officials in government and they will lord over you and you have no way to defend yourselves. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao are prefect examples of government disarming their people. Millions of deaths usually ensue.

      No thank you. I have a right to protect myself. I am a responsible adult. Government officials make a lot of bad decisions. Our founding fathers knew that if citizens have access to guns they have a way to defend themselves and rise against a tyrannical government.

      There are 23 million people in Australia versus 315 million here. Hard comparison to make. We have gangs here and other issues but those are societal not because people have guns. When I buy a gun I have federal and state forms to fill out even if I buy off the internet and I have to do so for every gun I buy. I can’t be a felon nor can I have mental illness issues. There is a tremendous amount of mis-information perpetrated by the gun grabbers that want full bans. We have a lot of laws here for gun ownership. All law enforcement has to do is enforce what they already have.

      Guns are equalizers. Bad things happen if one side has them and you don’t.

      • Pizzaman7

        Oh yah I forgot to mention my guns are in safes too. I have one with a finger print scanner. They are loaded and ready to go and I can get them out and be ready in seconds. Most gun owners use safes to keep the guns locked up…you would hate to have your own gun being used against you.

        All of this is preparation to be ready if something goes wrong.

        Being over-prepared is better than not being prepared.

  • http://www.imensosoftware.com/ Software Development Company

    No, Completely Not.

  • John Bligh

    I’m amazed that Facebook’s decision is even being questioned in this respect. Facebook’s success is built on an international community, a large proportion of which comprises young people. Most of us have firearm laws which are far stricter than any in the US. We don’t want our young people growing up in a cyber community that even entertains anything that even approximates easy accessibility of firearms of any type. Facebook has acted responsibly and I can’t even begin to understand how this is being interpreted as censorship.

  • http://www.opace.co.uk Adam

    In my personal opinion, as long as it isn’t breaking the law within the state or country then it shouldn’t be an issue.

    As long as the people receiving the weapons qualify when it comes to whether or not they are eligible, i don’t see an issue. It’s the wording I guess that makes people think it’s bad. It makes it seem like they are handing guns out to anyone and everyone.

    This is a bad move by Facebook.

  • Marvin Permetner

    Guns are the tool not the problem. This is the same company that would welcome the Harvard crowd defending people like the Boston Bombers with the cry of excessive force, but deny the fact that violent crime has went down in every state as they have enacted a permit to carry law.

  • DR

    So if we can decide what ‘businesses’ we will and will not promote, would it be permissible to disallow advertisements from companies owned and operated by minorities?

  • Shannon McRee

    No matter your feelings on the subject of guns or the Second Amendment, it has expanded now to the First Amendment also. Don’t miss the “Freedom of Speech” issue raised by removal of this Facebook page arbitrarily because it dealt with a subject the “powers that be” at Facebook don’t like. Nameless, faceless, minions who disagree with this page and decided to remove it because it wasn’t something they “felt good” about may well decide to censor anything else that they arbitrarily “feel” that they don’t like. Even those of you who don’t mind losing their Second Amendment rights may not be so happy when your First Amendment rights are taken next.
    I’m personally unwilling to lose any of my ordained freedom and will fight to the death for both mine and yours. If your rights mean nothing to you, go ahead and book your reservation at the concentration camp now.

  • Larry Andersen

    Guns Save Lives!!! Yes you must allow that. This is something every family should own. The worst feeling in the world , would be a armed robber at your front door. Think officer Mike will save you, Think Again…Facebook promotes tons of tools, this is just a tool…

  • http://mycheap-acoustic-guitars.com robert dollar

    Just another instance of a large company caving to the progressives. Gun control, just like the Affordable Care disaster, has nothing to do with safety. It, as everything else the left tries to cram down our throats, is about CONTROL! Control of the ill educated, unwashed masses who absolutely terrify the elitist know-it-alls, who know that the agenda they are pushing on America will only end in disaster.

  • Richard Goodson

    I don’t see anything wrong with the web content about gun ads as long as they are legal. Therefore I no longer veiw sites, facebook or other sites, that close their websites,or ban users just because they agree with “insein Obama and his gun grabing constituents.I condider myself a law abiding citizen born and raised in our fast fading ‘united” States. I served twice in the military,to preserve our
    constitution.therefore I vehemently disagree with anyone that tries to take them away,or who agrees with the ones that condones the ones that are working to take them away!

  • Gee Are

    NO! This is absurd. There are more than enough guns on our cities streets. Many of these free guns will end up in criminal hands.

  • Phil


  • Phil

    Absolutely. Facebook should be proud to defend our constitutional rights.

  • http://Yahoo.com Alan

    yes I think they should be able to win the gun if the person can legally own one. Keep the politics out of it. You should not take the rights away from one and not the other.