Ann Curry Could Be Out as Host of NBC’s Today Show

    June 21, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Ann Curry, who took over hosting duties for the Today Show a year ago, could be replaced in a matter of weeks, according to TMZ. The website is also reporting that former host Meredith Vieira was secretly offered the gig two weeks ago, a position she held at the network for six years. Vieira, who was replaced by Curry last year, is apparently not interested in returning.

Several rumors regarding the reasons why NBC is hellbent on replacing Curry have been making the rounds since the story first broke. The New York Times claims that the network is none too pleased about the ratings slump they’ve experienced since Curry took over hosting duties, which has caused their rival “Good Morning America” to experience a sudden surge in popularity. Sources have also said that NBC is unhappy with Curry’s performance, stating that the veteran journalist may be better suited to a role which emphasizes her strengths.

TMZ, on the other hand, has a slightly different version of this story. According to them, Matt Lauer doesn’t enjoy working with Curry, a point he made painfully clear when he re-signed with the Today Show earlier this year. Thus began NBC’s quest to find a suitable replacement, which, according to the Times, might be third hour host Savannah Guthrie.

If all of this is to be believed, then Curry could be gone by the time the network rolls out its extensive coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. She’s allegedly hired entertainment lawyer Robert B. Barnett, a well-known figure within the industry, to help her through these negotiations.

The Today Show, which began airing over 60 years ago, is credited as creating the morning show format. Since its inception a number of competitors have sprung up, though none of them have been nearly as successful. However, this spring, Good Morning America managed to trump its rival in the ratings for the first time.

  • http://yahoo jay roche

    good riddance. I know i havn’t watched since she took over.. now if we could just get rid of rat-face(lauer) hello ABC

  • NormCBS

    If they had given the position to Amy Robach in the first place, they would have had higher ratings and Amy wouldn’t have bolted to ABC.

    • Edie

      I cannot believe they “lost” Amy Robach…they should have moved her over to the Today show as soon as she told them that ABC had offered her a position on their nightly news show.

  • http://yahoo David

    Sure hope she stays and Matt leaves. Ann and Lester Holt would be one fine team!

    • Phyllis Turner

      I totally agree!!!

  • Phyllis Turner

    I don’t see Matt Lauer interested in the show. I think he is just hanging on until something better comes along..is he interested in Katie???

  • karyn zoldan

    I love Ann Curry. She is like a breath of fresh air not your usual talking head cheerleader type that all look and sound alike. I like the bright colors that she wears and her overall sense of style. She’s a far better journalist than Matt Lauer and has less of an ego problem then he does. She is able to ask the hard questions with amazing aplomb.

  • darren

    How about this theory. Maybe it has nothing to do with anne curry. Maybe its the fact that Gma has re tooled its whole format now with much more emphasis on celebrity/pop news. shame on Nbc if they push Anne curry out.

  • Anastasia

    The only reason I enjoy watching the Today Show IS because of Ann!!!

  • phyllis

    It would be a mistake to get rid of Anne. She is wonderful and fresh!

  • Joe

    I have always liked Ann, but she is not the right fit for host of the Today show. Please don’t bring back Katie…she is big loser!!

  • Shawn Scanlon

    I love Ann Curry as cohost. I love Savannah also though. They’re both intelligent and articulate. They’re both lovely also, but not overly made up bimbos like one other network is so prone to use. I hope Ann stays as cohost though. Get over yourself Matt.

  • byron

    Ann shows empathy and compassion while interviewing and has an amazing strength and talent for her interview techniques……I will not watch today if she leaves…….

  • http://yahoo JohnO

    Ann Curry is not the problem. She is professional, human, caring and beautiful. The problem is Matt Lauer. Lauer is no longer a draw, he is tired, boring and so arrogant. He just phones in his gig every day. Its so apparent. He is worse than Bryan Gump was before he left and that was bad. You are after the wrong person. Ann Curry is doing a great job and doing it very well.

    • hawkins

      Yep that’s Matt..dont even know the guy personally but you can just tell from seeing him on TV…very big EGO

  • http://NBC connie dore

    Mat, regarless what you think of yourself, and obviously you have no concern about your ratings who have made you who you are , YOUR conceited, and look down on others as if they are dirt, BACK OFF, leave Ann CUrry along, she has paid her dues, she has traveled all over the world, I find she does quite well, could it be your jealous because you want all the air time on YOU?? Go lay down, and leave Ann Curry along! GO ANN, YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!

  • http://Yahoo Suzanne Nelson

    I will get right to the point… I CANT STAND SAVANNAH GUTHRIE….. She is way to pushy and aggressive in her approach and I really WON’T watch if she replaces Ann Curry. I have not been very happy with Ann either. I always liked her and thought that she has a very real and sensitive approach when interviewing but did not like her in the lead anchor role. She strays off course often but Savannah… No thanks.

  • jeannette eakins

    are you kidding,,,she is great,,,has hart,,,speaks to people and not at them,,,would be wrong move for TODAY SHOW,,

    • hawkins

      what? did you mean “heart”??? Love Ann Curry..but I think she
      does need a little “oomph”

  • jeannette eakins

    are you kidding,,,she is great,,,has hart,,,speaks to people and not at them,,,would be wrong move for TODAY SHOW,,

  • marie

    Ann Curry is a serious journalist/interviewer but does not have the charisma nor personality for that show, and very serious, not good at ad libbing. I like both Al Roker and Matt Lauer. Samantha Guthrie may be the right choice to replace her but not certain. Meredith Viera was excellent and had good chemistry with Matt Lauer.
    I know many may disagree with this comment but we all have are likes and dislikes.

  • Joyce

    Ann Curry is a great journalist ; she report very well. She might not fit for Today show but she has a very great potential for the company… I love her reporting….

  • Rheta

    If Ann Curry leaves the network, believe me…what viewers that are left will go with her! What are YOU thinking!

    • Chris Hunter

      I, for another viewer, will stop watching. She is the only female with any class. Always dressed appropriately, not like a couple of others with their short skirts and low cut tops. How can they be taken seriously as news reporters.

  • Maryann Redlinger

    I’m not surprised, if you have been watching recently Ann has been looking very dumpy. I don’t know if she has a stylist, if she doesn’t she should get one, if she does she should fire them. She is attractive and has a great shape but some days she looks like she is wearing a blanket, not very becoming and not someone you want to look at. Also not a big fan of Savanna but I do like Natalie.

  • jeannette

    can’t believe they would do such a thing,,,oh,,,forgot,,,upper management making decisions again,,,she is one of the best hosts ever,,,how about management reformating show so hostes arent rushing thru spots/interviews,,,if ann goes looks like i’ll be chanel surfing in am

  • glenn

    bring back Jane Pauly, show hasnt been the same since, or 2 men and bring back brian gumble.

  • tinat869

    I wonder if higher ups have considered the possibility that it is not the female host but Lauer himself that people are tired of.. I think that Ann has been doing a fantastic job and I definitely will not watch if Savannah takes the spot.. She is not ready for a lead role. I guess I will join the millions who switched to GMA because they really have chemistry over there and it shows in the rapport they have. A team is just that, a team.

  • princeton

    The larger problem with Today is that they have become 85%-90% fluff-focused. Their first hour used to be devoted to serious stories… Now, their first hour is closer a mix of Entertainment Tonight and the Nancy Grace show. Ann isn’t the best host, and has nowhere near the charisma that Meredith has, but is warm, proven talent who was a good member of the team in its stronger days, when the content was more substantial. Both Today and Good Morning America need to take a cue from a show like Morning Joe, and get back to their journalistic roots.

    • Kris

      Absolutely, I totally agree. It is no longer a news show, its fluff. They will be showing someone singing, or the Duggards or some other stupid “reality” show star while some major news story is breaking, and not a word. Only reason I have it on at all is it follows my preferred local news. I do like Ann (and Matt), its just no longer news.

  • Shawn

    Could it be her ugly clothes? I mean, where does she buy that crap she wears? Hideous

    • Betty

      Completely agree – and the colors usually came out fighting (each other).

  • Mothy

    Never did like Ann Curry! She always seemed more interested in if the camera was on her, or making sure she got her opinion in. She was one of the least qualified or talented women during interviews! She would make comments that were always coming out of left field! I remember her Sean Penn interview where she told him that because of all of the great roles he had played, he had to consider himself a great actor. Exactly how can Sean Penn respond to that!? I usually turned on the Today show at 9 when there was a good chance that Ann would be gone by then. Bring on Savannah or Natalie….both are more classy and bring some intelligence to the show!

    • http://pennysallamerican.com penny rodriguez

      I like Ann Curry but I think she isnt strong enough to hold that co host spot.She is very comfortable to watch but you need someone that has that edge.Someone that can be serious but then sometimes let go and be crazy..She is too serious..I feel bad because I think the Today show is in a panic.Good Morning has a new team and they are very strong right now.That Laura girl made that team complete.I liked her on the Entertainment show.She has that edge..Good Luck Ann..

  • Anna

    I don’t like to see anyone lose their job unless they are just awful, but, Ann Curry is not the best when interviewing families or someone who is/was going through a tough time. She asks questions as if she is wanting the guest to break down and cry! She’s so dramatic that it comes off fake.

  • roddy

    I agree with the post about needing more news and less fluff. I also think Ann Curry is solid and Matt Lauer has not aged well.

  • http://yahoo msmith

    It’s been obvious since the beginning that Matt Lauer didn’t care for her. He is so arrogant and full of himself.

  • http://yahoo peggy

    Ann is wonderful and sweet, but not right for the job. SAVANNAH GUTHRIE is even more boring. Matt and Al are the only two worth watching. If Matt leaves it’s good-bye Today Show.

  • Linda

    Good–I will start watching the show again!

  • chanda w.

    The ratings took a slide around the same time……..Palin was co- host………noone wants to admit that viewers were pissed at the decision and have been fleeing to other news programs. Lauer has never seem to like Curry as his co- anchor…..he does seem full of himself ……maybe he’s the problem.

    • Betty

      That’s when I stopped being a loyal viewer. Now, I might tune in for a couple minutes on my way to another channel.

    • lorie

      I’ve never liked Ann as co-host, but I haven’t watched it since Palin was on.

  • doug conner

    I would like to see Ann and Savannah at the wheel. Matt needs to work on his people skills.

  • http://shootingstaarz.com Bico Bielich

    NBC has totally lost it, nothing to watch, nothing interesting and they have no loyalty …. Ann C. is probably the best they have and now this …

  • Larry McCallister


  • Betty

    If the Today Show had better news content, viewers would not be so focused on the personalities.

    • cee

      The problem is the alcoholics they have on at ten, Kathy Lee and Hoda. The thing is Hoda is capable of being a top notch serious news reporter. She has the experience of doing this in the past.

  • Barb

    I love watching the Today Show. I love the whole cast. I watch the show because it is such a good mixture of personalities. They all are so fun to watch. It makes my mornings.

  • Dean

    Ann Goes, I go. Matt is long past his prime and thinks hes funny… He’s not … and thinks he’s it (no where near “it”) maybe it IS time I Switch to Good Morning America or better yet turn it all off and ignore it all totally

  • Steve

    Anne is to conservative. She makes you feel like your talking to a Nun. How about loosening up a little and stop being so serious….she needs to go….

  • Donna

    GMA is so light and relaxing (Lara is so spontanious), Today show went against Republicans and Conservatives and Matt shows his political side in ALL his interviews and Ann is the Drama Queen, Al is the only one with personallity. I want light T.V with my coffee

  • a discerning viewer

    Ann needs to go. Hosting Today is a bad fit for her. She may have strengths as a journalist – they just don’t include hosting such a show. She can not think on her feet, has no ad lib ability, and struggles to come up with words, even when they are being whispered in her ear. As a loyal Today show viewer for decades – yet one that has begun to look elsewhere – I am actually glad to hear that she will be leaving the role.

    Her departure isn’t the only one that should happen. This won’t be a popular comment, but Al Roker also needs to go. His schtick is one dimensional, and utterly, predictably boring. From “Sunday, Sunday!”, to “….here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods”, to calling Barbara Corcoran (sp?) “brick house”, to the relatively new one, “My people, my people!”, it’s all juvenile.

    Willard Scott needs to go. If I had to bet a dollar, he doesn’t read any of the info for his segment before going on air as he consistently butchers the names of the viewers he is trying to honor. How honorable is that? Time to retire, Willie.

    Today’s Professionals? Really? I could care less what Donny, Star and Doc want to hear themselves gossip about. Way too much of the show has turned to entertainment-world gossip, fluff, and self-promotion of NBC and its sister companies. Give us news, NBC. Or at least leave the fluff for hour four.

    Do these things, NBC, and you’ll retain me.

    As for the others on the show? Matt is the gold standard. He is the quintessential host, the best you have ever had. Matt is everyman, exactly what you need. Natalie and Savannah are both good. I’m unsure whether either would be the right choice as co-host, but either would be an upgrade, Savannah probably better. Lester is solid, and David Gregory is awesome when he fills in.

    • Anne

      Matt is far from the gold standard. Lester Holt is the gold standard on the Today program. Al is fun. Meredith was incredibly unexciting. Getting rid of Ann will not help; she is not the problem. Too much political bias is not helping them either.

      • a discerning viewer

        Hi, Anne.

        What do you feel will help?

  • Anne

    I totally disagree with the person who said Matt is the gold standard. Matt is lacking in ability to connect and care about people; too stiff. I wish Ann well but her departure will not help the ratings.

  • Katie

    Ann is the ultimate professional. Matt has personality issues and he needs to go. He seems difficult to work with.

  • Gabe

    Yeah the Today Show tends to get some great acts and guests etc at least more that I prefer… However I agree about GMA feeling more “live” or just spontaneous… The anchors all seem much more into the news and stories as well.

  • Monita Cooke

    I wrote NBC when it was announced that Ann would replace Meredith Vieira, begging their powers that be NOT to make Ann the co-host. I think she’s trying too hard to fake sincerity with that breathy voice of hers. It turns my stomach! Good riddance to Ann!!!

    • Charlotte

      I totally agree with Monita. I have never found Ann Curry to be a positive addition to the show. She’s too much of a Katie wannabe.

  • Anna Lynn

    Matt should be the one to leave.

  • linda

    The Today Show hasn’t been the same since Katie Couric left.

  • Matthew

    The Today Show is more focused than ever on personality-driven stories than hard news. It’s a trivialized itself to almost nothingness; one look at BBC News in the morning or NBC’s own Nightly News reveals how misdirected it’s become.

    Ann is not the problem. “Good Morning America” is finding its grove, and ABC’s recent affiliation with Internet-dominate Yahoo News has made the show much more familiar to people through often-used online clips from the show. Indeed, “Good Morning America’s” rise in the ratings coincides with its Yahoo affiliation.

  • http://facebook Helen

    NBC needs to get rid of the 10 am hour, all they are doing is promoting alcohol in the morning. Take it off the air and show some good old fashion shows…like Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie and especially I LOVE LUCY, what Kathie Lee needs to do is retire from television and put Hoda on the morning show….enough said

  • Norma

    Ann is by far the most professional of reporters on The Today Show. Matt should go before Ann.

  • Darlene

    I really like Ann. When she finally became host I was really glad. She had been a news woman for so long and so dedicated to that show. I know that I probably would not have stayed on the show as long as she was and just seeing other people getting the job that I believe she highly deserved. I really like Ann Curry.

  • http://Yahoo.com Ric Popp

    I remember when NBC had the best programs, the best news, and behind the scenes producers. Now they’re a very distant second to CBS. I wondered what happened.I think with the back stabbing, utterly ridiculous thought of screwing Ann Curry and saying she needs to go is ludicrous It just shows me how NBC went from the best to second-class. Ann is loyal, smart, sincere and above all charasmatic. She’s the best “Today” has had, for many years. NBC, go ahead show us all how to get to third place……

    Ric Popp

  • Donna Hillis

    It won’t matter. Too political for me. When my kids were home I watched it to get the weather and a little news. It’s so politically one siied, I quit. I hate it for Ann! Guess that’s what happens when you get a real person on tv!!!

  • SeaSider

    After many years of watching nothing else in am, I started to click around when Ann replaced Meredith. Ann is too somber, motherly and just so boring. No chemistry with the others. Axing her may not help tho. I agree – too much fluff ‘news’. They have lost track of who their target audience is – clue: we don’t want to see the beebs for a summer concert!

    Another time I WILL ALWAYS click off is when Bush’s daughter is on – not only does she sound like a little kid, but what a total insult to all the hopeful journalists trying to work their way up the ladder! Shameful political favor and bad form NBC.

  • Carl

    NBC Today Show is in a panic over ratings. How long will it be when your rivals finally catch up to you. ABC News has been fighting hard to over take NBC News number one spot. This exit of Ann Curry is just an excuse to put in someone younger like Savannah Guthrie. The Today Show appears to show a history of overlooking and replacing loyal long standing air talent – examples Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumbel were replaced for younger air talent. I know I’m dating myself. Yes, no one can do the TV news forever and change is inevitable, but it appears NBC News has a management problem with the Today show format and keeping air talent happy. In recent years, there has been an exdous of NBC air talent to CNN and ABC.

  • Louise

    Ann Curry was not problem with “Today”.I have been a fan since a small child,watching dave and monkey.The problem is NBC and politics, most of us go to “Fox” for real news.Sorry!!