Andy Levy Apologizes For Chris Brown “Punching” Tweet

And when I say "apologize," I mean "double-down"

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Andy Levy Apologizes For Chris Brown “Punching” Tweet
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TV’s Andy Levy is a commentator and comedian know for his appearances on Fox News’ Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld show. He’s also a pretty popular Twitter presence with over 48,000 followers and 16,000 tweets.

And for the past couple of days, he has found himself in a Twitter feud with musician Chris Brown and his fans over a particular retweet commentary that brought up one of Brown’s more regrettable moments from the past.

A couple of days ago, Brown tweeted this –

No more planking for me unless it’s on a sexy lady! Lol 2 days ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Soon after that tweet went out, Andy Levy retweeted it, but with some added commentary –

You spelled “punching” wrong. RT @chrisbrown: No more planking for me unless it’s on a sexy lady! Lol 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Of course, Levy is referring to the 2009 incident where Brown was arrested for assaulting then-girlfriend, singer Rhianna.

Brown responded to Levy –

@andylevy children conduct themselves better! Much love and success! 2 days ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Brown’s fans apparently flooded Levy with tweets, many of which he responded to. Fans told Levy that he should grow up, “your dumb,” and even threatened violence.

Yesterday during his Fox News segment “Halftime Report,” Levy issued the following “apology” to Chris Brown and his fans. Note that it is far from an actual apology and actually winds up being one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a good while. I have no idea how he kept a straight face throughout the whole thing –

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy and Twitter. In June, he took to defending himself on the social media site after TMZ caught him calling their cameramen “gay.”

Andy Levy Apologizes For Chris Brown “Punching” Tweet
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  • Cassy

    Leave my man along y’all stupid dirty ass fuck y’all hes better than y’all n y’all never be n his level

    • Woman Beater

      Thanks for getting our back, you uneducated imbecile. No go make me a sandwich.

      • Ms Linda

        how come they don’t mess with charlie sheen and seann penn tommie lee mel gibson what is the different they all beat on women repeatedly offender and chris had a fight with one girl what they are scare of the above name oh i forgot emeniuem sing how he beat and try to kill his wife and his wife face were worst then rhinna

        • Seriously?

          Jesus Christ some people are really dumb. “He is so handsome, he can beat the living crap out of me and I won’t mind, leave him alone”. Go Andy.

          • Johnny


            He is not better than I. Mainly due to the fact that I DON”T BEAT WOMEN!!!!!

            Making money by taking advantage of people with bad taste in music(if you can call it that) does not make him better than me either.

  • Amber

    Andy is known for his dead-pan delivery. If he hadn’t done it straight-faced then it would be entirely out of character.

  • Benjamin

    Yes, we will never be on his level of stupidity. The fact that you “cassy”, are defending Chris Brown, is moronic. You’re a woman and basically defending him is basically saying that it’s “okay” to beat women. Clearly the boy needs to grow up and, as you put it, get on the level of “being a man.”

    • Conservatives SUCK

      It’s not okay, but you don’t even know the real story. All we’re saying is forgive and let the man live. Y’all act like you’ve NEVER made mistakes before. We’re all human, and I’m sure you’ve done things that are very bad and unfortunate to. And somebody pls tell me why the f&^* ppl keep ignoring the fact that she hit him FIRST. IT wasn’t a healthy relationship from the start…and domestic violence goes BOTH WAYS!

    • Kate

      Defending Brown does not mean one supports domestic violence, so cut the bullsh!t. You need to grow up and get a damn life. Better yet, stop acting like you give a rat’s ass.

      • Johnny

        @Conservatives SUCK … It doesn’t matter that she hit him first (as unacceptable as that was) the fact is that he PROVED he is not a better person and hit her back. That was a childish reaction and he will never get to live it down. That’s one of the prices for being in the public eye. Defending him doesn’t support domestic violence but it does show that you think it’s acceptable for him to do it. Quit defending him like he hasn’t earned this kind of attention….

        • Alison

          Agreed. She’s not much of a threat to him really, and he made her look like she had facial elephantitis. And now everyone’s decided that they’re willing to sacrifice standing up against the preposterous things that people do for some shitty music from a guy they’ll never know who only regrets what he did because it was a poor career move. He has nothing even worthwhile or original to say in his music. If I had a dick Chris Brown could suck it.

  • Gabrielle

    get a life….

  • kesha

    i think its so stupid how ppl keep goin on about what happened in the past get a fuckn life u jus mad that chris gettn paid and very sucessful he apologized on what he did damn give him a break ppl makes mistakes and theres two sides of a story u never no what she did to him ..

  • kia27

    im glad chris was mature about it! Its always gone be one person to try to brinq up wht hppend n the past. Andy just immature and wntd a laff!

  • sandra hixon

    Thank you for someone saying what we all would like to say on natioanl TV. Love it!!!

  • curvesluvbreezy

    There is always going to be someone who thinks its funny to bring up a situation that is not only hurtful and tragic but is obviously not FUNNY! As a Chris Brown fan, I dont find it funny at all and Im sure Rihanna and her fans feel the same. Youre not only opening sore wounds for Chris but for Rihanna as well!

  • earth to stupid people

    Why can’t you let what Andy Levy said be in the past? That street goes both ways, doesn’t it?

  • http://google Nyamal gatluak

    this is bullshit why do some people still talking about this and who care about what he did to Rhianna she the one who make him do that to her she trouble maker and she slut Lisbon hook-up, Chris brown is great guy you just hate Chris brown because his handsome, you are fucking jealous ugly hater

    • Johnny

      Quit raping the English language. It’s obvious by the way you justify his actions that you are an ignorant, violent wife beater yourself. What Andy Levy said was hilarious. If Chris Brown doesn’t like it than he shouldn’t have showed the world how violent he is towards women. Plus to think people are just being haters cause he’s good looking is retarded to say the least. They’re hating cause he beats women. I’ve seen rotting elephant butt holes that look better than him.

    • Alison

      People are still talking about this to discourage it from happening again. It’s not like everyone’s sitting in a corner fretting about how handsome Chris Brown is and now we all finally have an excuse to hate him. Why would you ever condone beating women? Isn’t that kind of embarrassing almost? It’s like bragging that you beat some scrawny little kid senseless for the hell of it. And it’s not like you’re gonna be attracting any ladies if they think you’re about to pop em in the face every two seconds. Just saying.

  • http://google Nyamal gatluak

    some people hate Chris brown because his handsome not because he hit that ugly bitch Rhianna

  • evelyn

    I am glad Chris was mature about all this. I know he regrets what he did but its not a joke. If someone old enough to be your father keeps pushing down, it says so much about him.

    • suea

      i’m not a fan of either, but i am a fan of funny and this was not.

    • Lipton

      When you’re black, thats not really saying much.

  • http://www.jerseyspitfire.tumblr.com Sydney

    Ladies, come on. I know you are fans of Chris Brown, hell I’m a huge fan myself but what he did was wrong and saying that Rihanna deserved it is heartless. No woman deserves to be beaten. I love Chris Brown to death but I’m not going to defend him for what he did because it was wrong. I will however defend him over this. It happened a long time ago. He’s moved on and so has Rihanna. Rihanna has said herself that she’s tired of hearing and talking about it. He’s apologized numerous times. To his fans and to Rihanna and both have forgiven him. How many times can he apologize? Leave him be. Even though he has apologized he still has to live with what he did and the media bringing it up every five seconds is opening up old wounds for him and Rihanna. If the two people that were involved have put it behind them, why can’t everyone else? No one else was there. No one but them knows exactly what happened. Who is Andy Levy and every other person to be mentioning it every chance they get? They don’t know exactly what took place. They just know what the media has said. They both are obviously trying to move on but the media just seems to make the situation even worse. They follow one another on Twitter! They obviously don’t have anymore hard feelings! Ever since this happened people have been trashing Chris Brown and saying constantly how serious domestic violence is, and it is. So why would Andy Levy make a joke like that? The person wrong in this situation is him. Put this to rest. It’s over. Let it go.

    • Nala

      FINALLY, a mature person. props to you for writing an intelligent comment. I agree with you because Chris Brown DID make a mistake and shouldn’t be defended for beating Rihanna. but on the other hand people like Andy Levy who make jokes involving two people who both want to move on from the past after apologies have been said and done are out of there place. It’s pretty stupid that people are getting so fired up over it.

  • evelyn

    When we were in school, this was called bullying. A mature, loud mouthed guy picking on a younger kid.

    • Ashley

      So, in your school, a boy beating up a girl WASN’T considered bullying?

      Chris Brown isn’t a “kid.” He is an adult. He was stupid and hit a woman. It’s wrong. I don’t know any simpler way to say it and get it through your apparently thick skull.

      I think Andy was hilarious. He shouldn’t have to make a real apology and it is ALWAYS okay to remember someone’s violent past. It’s not like people just “forget” that Manson was a murderer.

  • Camille Burke

    Hey yo, mr. Levy do u have and dignity how could go on twitter and start trouble with Chris brown let
    Me tell u something Chris made his mistake and apologize for what he done. Mr. Levy for u go on tv and apologize to Chris brown but including what he did to Rihanna that is not an apologizing don’t harrassing him again if don’t have anything nice to say about Chris brown don’t say it. This Chris brown’s number 1 fan.

  • http://www.yahoomail.com Keren

    i dnt know ppl keep bring this up but anyways i think the immuture person here iz andy because he iz making hymself look like a fool by embrassing hymself trying to gt attention from by bringing up the past nd just jealous that he nt getting any attention

  • jasmine

    Andy levy is a buffoon for this! You wanna critisize Chris brown for hitting a woman but Yet you turn around and MAKE A JOKE OUT OF IT? WTF? And here’s my thing..TO ALL THE CHRIS BROWN HATERS if you hate Chris brown for what he did fine! But if you hate him so much why the FUCK ARE YOU ON HIS TWITTER? tweeting him and retweeting him ect? That’s retarded! if you can’t stand him then leave him alone and go about your business. I swear this is why Chris Brown haters are never taken seriously. Y’all don’t give too shits about Domestic Violence! All y’all wanna do is pick on the dude. And that’s idiotic. Get a fucking life! Seriously!

    • lorelle Logan


    • ree

      I sooooo agree with you! Levy thinks he is being cute, when actually he is making a fool of himself. What is he doing following Chris Brown anyways, idiot! You can tell, FOX is really fishing for ratings, nobody takes them or their network seriously!

      • JackPearson

        Funny enough, Fox News has the highest ratings of all Cable News stations, and some of the highest ratings out of EVERY news station (cable, local, national). Red Eye alone eclipses most of the prime-time shows on all of the major networks (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS), and it is shown at 3 o clock IN THE MORNING.

        Get your facts straight you liberal tool. Fox News doesn’t need to fish for ratings. They are swamped by ratings.

    • Alison

      And this right here is the very reason Chris Brown supporters aren’t taken seriously.

  • lorelle Logan


    • caroline


    • Darren


      Seriously, it makes you look like a complete tool.
      ….Well it’s apparent you are one, but you’re making it too obvious.

  • Wlly

    People who are getting angry at this are, whats the word, idiots. “Breezy” should of gone with the wind with this.

  • Misty Jean

    It’s hard to get upset when we’re talking about Fox News. C’mon guys, lol, it’s FOX. Half of them only have high school degrees.

    • BOB

      It’s hard to get upset when brainless liberal idiots like you post that crap. It’s a comedy show idiot. Finish high school first so people don’t laugh at your a.ss in public. Foxnews never lies. I dare you to post anything that was a lie. You can’t. You are just another liberal idiot following other liberal idiots who wouldn’t recognize a t-bone unless somebody shoves their head far up a butcher’s a.ss. Same with most Microsot haters. You ask them “why you hate Microsoft, creature of God?”. Most don’t know what to say. They are so brainless they just say s.hit thinking that makes them sound cool. Grow a brain will ya…

      • Johnny


        I hope that is enough for you :D.

  • FordAbby

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  • NegritoConCache

    That was actually funny !!! Good one Andy !!!

  • caroline

    Chris Brown is just another stupid negro, and anyone who tries to justify his actions is an idiot. Andy is making Chris Brown look like an idiot and so he should. I thought this was hilarious. It seems you idiots have forgotten he beat the shit out of a woman.

    It’s OK though, I understand why Chris Brown is still popular. You uncivilized monkeys look past this cause violence is in your culture. Learn to spell, by the way.

    I can’t believe anyone would back Chris Brown and diss Andy Levy’s comment. Andy couldn’t have said it better. Fuck that talentless negro

    • AJ

      I agree that Chris Brown is a horrible person and that Andy’s apology was hilarious, albeit somewhat childish.

      I don’t condone you bringing race into it. I’d bet at least half of the people commenting here are not black or ‘negro’ as you refer to someone of that skin color. I’m white myself and just thought I’d let you know that race really shouldn’t be an issue anymore in this country (sadly it is). Please try to step into the present and stop discriminating.

  • kesha

    andy needs to be fired ..aint your job is to be talkn about the news thats goin around in the world so y in the hell are u tlkn about chris to boost ur ratings up how pathetic… ur just one of those haters that chris can care less about cuz guess what HES STILL ON TOP AND MAKING MILLIONS!!!!!!!!

    • AndylevyFan

      You never seen the show, huh?
      Though your right. Screw morals and decency!!! I should be able to beat a woman and be instantly forgiven, as long as I have money and wealth! After all, while most normal men who beat their wives are forever shunned, it’s because they were poor and didn’t have millions of idiotic women and tween girls, whom I’m sure failed english comp., obsessing over them! Yes, as long my songs sell millions, I can get away with making a woman’s face look like a Van Gogh painting!!!

      • kesha

        im not saying it was right what he did ..it was wrong but at the end of that day he made a mistake and he paid for it ..men in the world beat chicks up every day so why is ppl acting like its so new jus bcuz hes famous it has to be a problem..he aplogized for his mistake so people need to stop bringing that shit up it happened it the past so get over it..

        • Kat

          Tell the victims/survivors of domestic abuse that it’s the past and that they should get over it.

          You’re just angry cause he called you out. team breezy.

          • Johnny

            Once a women beater always a woman beater. He now has a history of violence against women. If he hates getting ragged on for it he shouldn’t have done it in the first place and domestic violence is not a mistake. Just because it happens all the time does not make it acceptable. I bet my left nut you defend him cause you probably beat chick yourself.

    • Alison

      Is this post a joke? The spelling and grammatical errors are borderline satirical and no one who is intelligent enough to create an account and post a comment on here would think anything about Chris Brown is at all justifiable. If this isn’t a joke I will have to assume that the author either knows absolutely nothing and therefore was not able to graduate high school.

  • nathan

    Why is everybody bringing up the past? I mean once it happened we should just forget it and move on. The best way to deal with something unpleasant is to pretend it didn’t happen, like the holocaust, slavery and oppression of black Americans or human trafficking. And making jokes? I mean come on, satire is soooo immature.

  • John

    This just shows the professionalism at FOX News. Chris Brown, in my eyes, is a criminal and has no respect for beating a woman but for Andy Levy to say what he said and do what he did on the show is pretty childish. The other newscasters are even laughing in the background. These are grown folks laughing and poking fun at a little boy. Both Andy Levy and FOX News stooped down to Chris Brown’s level by airing this and thinking this was funny. But I guess at FOX News, being funny about irrelevant issues is more important that actual news and politics.

  • Justin

    What a bunch of crap…if you are a comedian, don’t apologize for a joke…tell them to go fuck themselves. I rarely apologize and I’m not a comedian. I usually say what I mean and mean what I say. No apology needed.

  • CarlosMencia

    Chris Brown is a gay fish.

  • Xavier

    Go Andy!

  • gfrancis

    just came across this, andy ‘lazy’ amean levy das funny huh! Stp hatin on d pretty boi,hs is gud! Dnt gv a f**k wat he hs done n d past, we liv n d furture naw!! So d past shud b d past! U made a fool of yurselv n went ahead 2 apologz silly* pls let hm b! Smh!nuh a big fan buh i luv hm!

  • Someone

    Yo yo yo my sistas, chRIS is the BOMB yeah he canz beatz me anyt!me cos he so HOT. mmm cum to mama babii. ye shdnt hold a gruge what he did was 3 YRS AGO!!! git ova it it dont concern u non! Team breeeeezy foreva!!!

    ^Typical Chris Brown fan. You’re exactly the type of woman who would keep going back to the man who beats on you. I pity you all.

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