Amanda Bynes Calls Jay-Z “Ugly Face” On Twitter?

By: Amanda Crum - February 8, 2013

Amanda Bynes is at it again…or is she?

The 26-year old actress came out of a rough 2012 and appears to be moving right into a scandalous 2013 after posting some nasty remarks about a famous rapper on Twitter.


The tweet was quickly deleted, and then she apparently deleted a bunch of other tweets, leaving just a few on her page. But the account isn’t verified, and the link to her Tumblr account doesn’t work anymore. So is she being singled out for something she didn’t even do?

Bynes famously left Twitter last year after a succession of incidents which left her with a lot of bad press: DUI arrests, getting her car impounded, losing her driver’s license, rumors of odd behavior in public places (including walking around a tanning salon totally nude), and drug use. The account was started back up a few months later.

Bynes has had no comment on the Twitter post thus far.

Amanda Crum

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  • stacy

    I agree with her, and freedom of speech does not necessarily mean you are ‘choosing a battle’…speak your mind gf!!

  • Raquel

    I totally agree!!! He looks like a beast! The girl maybe ok after alll!