Alabama Mom Attacks Oklahoma Student at Game

    January 3, 2014
    Erika Watts
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If you thought the jump by Michigan State’s Kyler Elsworth to stop Stanford near the end of the Rose Bowl was impressive, wait until you see the leap this Alabama mom made during an attack on an Oklahoma student. While it’s certainly not unheard of for fights to break out at football games, it’s not every day that you see a mom take on a male student. Someone took a video of the altercation and you can see a lot of trash talking going on before the mom makes her leap.

According to Michael Connolly, the Oklahoma student that was the target of the woman’s attack, the woman and her family had been exchanging insults with his group throughout the Sugar Bowl. Fans of opposing teams often talk a lot of trash, and as you can see from the above video, something one of the guys said really set the mom off.

After the woman began chewing out Connolly, an unidentified male tried to remove her from the situation. As soon as the male turned his back to the mom, she jumped into the Oklahoma group and began doling out punches and kicks. The woman was eventually restrained and taken away by security.

Connolly gave Sports Illustrated his side of how things went down. Read excerpts of his take below.

At the beginning of the game, they were kind of talking s—. They did an “SEC” chant right after the first touchdown of the game, and we all thought we were screwed at that point. So once we started winning, they shut their mouths and my crew of 6-10 people just started talking a lottttt of s—, specifically me and my friend who you can see waving the towel in the background of the video.

At one point she went up to get a beer, and was kind of talking s— to us when she got back. She just kept flicking us off and stuff during the game. A few times, my friend yelled in the direction of her group of ‘Bama fans, “I yell ‘Roll Tide’ when I eff my cousin,” but since she was the only one standing it seemed like it was directed only at her.

Eventually her son, who weighs about 120 pounds, told us to come up and fight him. We were like, “No, come down here.”

That was when the woman came down and the video started. She was screaming at me, and sticking her tongue out at me so I asked, “Are you trying to make out with me?” And my friend was yelling “Kiss her! Kiss her!”

That’s when she walked away, and then jumped me. When she kicked me, it left giant boot marks on my shirt.

Yikes. Connolly also notes that the woman had two little girls with her that saw everything go down and that they were crying. Check out some of the posts Connolly made on Twitter following the altercation:

Image via YouTube

  • Listen.

    That little douche got what he deserved.

    Most likely a pack of punk Frat boys picking on a woman and her daughters.

    • Derp

      im sorry a bad woman

  • Redneck Women

    This personifies the South. Where the women get drunk and fight in front of their kids. All over a football game that none of them are even playing in. But that is all Alabama has is Alabama football.

    Fans need to realize. They aren’t doing a damn thing to win that game. They aren’t the ones playing. Just cause your team is a winner that doesn’t make you a winner or vice versa. It is a damn game.

    Teach your kids how to be good people. Not to fight. If that was a guy, he would get a prison sentence.

    • @Redneck Women

      Yep, you are right. Too many people live through athletes. I was an athlete for such a long while and fans, who couldn’t even run 100 yards without collapsing in death, would talk shit all the time. It is crazy.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    That mom is a MORON!!

    I talk all kinds of smack at games and it’s just all talk. That women must of been PMsing but she should get her kids taken away from her. Bad role model to her kids.

    The kid should press charges on her for assault and damage to his phone. He didn’t even through a punch. The women attacked a person blind side.

    • Rob

      If only Michael Oher had been there to protect him.

  • Lynette Thompson

    If the Oklahoma Student had got his ass kicked a few times for his smart mouth before, he would not have been talking that way to his elders. She was trying to teach him a lesson. I am proud of that mom. She is a fighter! That boy better be glad it was the mom and not the dad kicking his ass.

  • Gail Anglemyer

    I believe she had the right to free speech, just like he did. The guy was very disrespectful to the lady who had a lot of guts to stand up for what she thought was demeaning. I would like to know who the guy was who kept holding her back. He was a saint of some sort. If you watch him he was looking out for her and she never went off on him, or anyone but the two guys she pursued. I thought her aim was well taken; these hot shot students think they are indestructible. I do give one credit to the student. He never laid a hand on her.