Adele, Baby Victims Of Cruelty On Twitter

    October 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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After months of anticipation, Adele has finally had her baby, a healthy boy. It was assumed that her millions of fans would be overjoyed at the news, and many were; however, in these days of the internet, everyone can have a say about anything, and the trolls were out in full force after word broke that she’d given birth.

The 24-year old British singer has dealt with numerous ugly remarks about her appearance and weight since being thrust into the spotlight when her album “21” arrived on the music scene and instantly made her a star. Unfortunately, being pregnant didn’t give her a reprieve from the trolls.



  • H. Campbell

    Judging from the comments I read just now, I can understand why Adele has been closed-mouthed about her pregnancy & the birth of the boy until now. As far as I’m concerned, congrats to the new mom! :) :) :)

  • marjorie hyatt

    Congrats to you Adele on your baby boy. SOME people are so close minded and jealous that they can’t keep their comments to themselves. There is no excuse for rudeness ever. Please just ignore people that aren’t happy with themselves & can’t be happy for other people.

  • E URAM

    I think people who make such ugly comments should be charged with cyber bullying. It just goes to show that our children learn from our adults.

    • Stacey

      I agree, 100%.

  • bobbi

    I totally agree with ya’ll. People can be so hateful and judgmental, I can’t imagine how awful it would be to act like that towards others.

    I think its awesome, am very happy for her, she deserves it. And God knows, the woman CAN SING!!!

  • Julia Langdon

    Adele has the maturity, confidence and bank account to ignore all of the nasty people, I’m sure. Joan Rivers? Please. That no-talent loud mouth is just old and bitter. The rest of them need a clue, and some class.

    Congratulations, Adele and Simon! Can’t wait for the new album, Adele!

  • Joanne Watkins

    people are mean…cruel….

  • DebJJ

    First let me say Congratulations Adele!! As for the nasty comments, Joan Rivers….really? Look in the mirror..please!! Adele is a beautiful woman!

  • Lolly Amaral

    First of all, you are beautiful & have a wonderful voice. I’m sure your new Bundle of Joy is just as beautiful. Joan Rivers sucks! What does she know about beauty? Congratulations & best wishes always. We want more of your music. Love you, Lolly

  • dian

    Adele, we love you and think you are a great role model. So very happy for you and Simon…Babies are truly a blessing!

  • Alannah

    Joan Rivers is just a no talent woman who gets off on putting other people down. That’s her entire comedy act. She’s sitting on her high horse looking like a 50’s hooker with her numerous plastic surgeries and she thinks that makes it okay for her to judge others? I’d like to have seen what she’d look like without all the lipo, lip jobs, nose job, botox, facelifts etc. It would NOT be pretty. Wouldn’t matter anyways, as she is the ugliest person on the inside.

    Congratulations Adele! Don’t let anyone take this moment from you. :)

  • niloo

    my dear adele,i am iranian and i want to say that here in iran we really llove you and to mee you are really beautiful,but please,just dont leave us for so long we gonna miss you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we love your voice

  • sarah. E

    i’ve took a self confidence course, after being knocked down several times, and we looekd at people who inspire us, and one of them was adele, pretty much everyone looked at ehr as a rolemodel, becuase she sinh’t stick thin, she’s jsut right. look at the street, if you want to see fat people, jsut go into town, the wrlds full of them.
    but adele, congratulations on your baby boy. the whole of england is behind you

  • http://adelebabyfine gina

    adele we love you in the us.your the greastest.and who really cares what these people think.congrats on your new baby boy.becoming a new mom is the best feeling.your a beautiful and great lady.children are a gift of god.and he knew you would be a great mom and your simon would be a great dad.enjoy your beautiful life.love you and your beautiful music.gina

  • Bobbs

    To Joan Rivers- get off your plastic surgery high horse.
    TO the dude who said size 14 was fat and wrong. Just.. go away. permanently,preferably in some painful, off-putting manner.

    People gain weight when they have babies. Adele isn’t a size 2. Most of the earths population isn’t a size two. She’s a curvy woman with a whole hell of a lot more talent than any of the people bashing her. Assholes.

    Congratulations on your healthy baby boy!

  • Cindi Luther

    Adele is beautiful whether she got pregnant & had a baby or not. Fat & I being heavy has nothing to do with it. I may be skinny but I also have cancer & wish I was a size 2 again! Personally I thinks she’s awesome & you jerks need to go far far away & leave her alone. Oh & while you are there…you try pushing a watermelon out the size of a pea hole & see how you like it! Just jealous that you have no God given talent & nothing better to do than make jokes at others. Know what Karma is, be cause it’s a coming’…

  • Donyella H.

    Adele is beautiful, her weight is what made those award winning songs. She speaks from her inside. You people jokes turns into judgments. We only want opinions because they don’t weigh heavy on a person. But go Adele go!!! Your music speaks out n your voice is lovely.

  • http://webpronews adelefan

    OMG! people look at yourselves before saying cruel things like that. Yeah i’m talking to you joan rivers!