9-Year Old Gives Birth, Father On The Run

    February 6, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A 9-year old girl in Guadalajara, Mexico has given birth to a baby girl. Authorities there are looking for her “boyfriend”, a 17-year old who ran off after the girl refused to move in with him.

Investigators believe the pregnancy came about as the result of rape, but the girl, identified as Dafne, says the two of them were in a “loving relationship”. She didn’t understand the pregnancy, however, and didn’t even realize that she was carrying a child until she was in her seventh month. Because she’s so young and is clearly confused, authorities don’t know if they can take her story as truth.

State prosecutor Lino Ginzalez Corona said, “Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful.”

Because of the seriousness of the case, authorities are doing everything they can to track down the father.

“We are looking for the young man to get his story because she does not understand what has happened. This is a rape or child sex abuse case,” Jorge Villasenor, also of the state prosecutor’s office, said.

Dafne is reportedly doing fine after the C-section birth, although she may have physical problems later in life due to having a child at such a young age. And while it is shocking to most that a child could even become pregnant, it’s not unheard of. In 2010, a 9-year old Chinese girl gave birth to a baby boy. A legal representative was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying that in China, a person under the age of 14 does not have sexual rights, therefore proof of the child being sexually active is automatically considered to be rape.

  • Stacy

    What do I think??? Rape. The poor little girl…Castrate the animal who did this to her…and his father…and his brothers.

  • Snake

    The father is in, or on his way to the US, to make babies that Americans won’t…

    • tom

      Dumb crack head.

  • http://yahoo carly

    i will go loco if he trys to rape me.then me haveing a baby.i would carry a frying pan with me.then i would call the cops.yay me.i have a boyfriend he said we should only have a baby when im 20 i agree.or maybe older.remember what i said carry a pan, hit him on the head 4 times, then run to a trusty friend.i got kidnaped and amost raped ,but the cops found me.may god be with us.

  • http://9yogivingbirth Maria

    The 17yo is on the run~ he “knows” and “understands” that he RAPED her. At her young, impressionable age, how would she know any different. She’s not even old enoughto know the difference of right and wrong much less what is normal.

    He needs to pay for his crime and his child. Will that happen? Hell no! He ran because he already knows he is wrong.

  • flame

    how dare they refer to this child rapist as her “Boyfriend”;she’s too young to even comprehend what a boydreiend is.

  • Catie

    That is insane at 9 years old she should be playing with dolls not real babies she is to young to understand him on the run and he tricked her that is very messed up she hasn’t even started her period yet. He is 17 how could he look at a child like that it is wrong he manipulated her into getting what he wanted and not thinking of what if he is sick and should be locked away cuz he knew what he was doing was against the Law n he better not head to America to knock-up children there is already many young mothers its a hard ship she is to young to know how expensive taking care of a child will be!!

    • Slim

      Umm, Okay. Soooo, I just wanted to bring this to your attention Catie. Females are not ABLE to have children, unless they have started their menstrual cycle. I’m just saying. But I agree with you.

  • Angela

    This is a very sick person! He took totally advantage of a child.She has only been in the world for a few years herself. She is still trying to figure out concrete from abstract.She will need professional counseling.He should be put under the jail.

  • flygirl

    I agree. Catch him, Castrate him, then force him to work and pay for those 2 babies the rest of his life!!!!!!

    • No Joy @ FlyGirl

      Yes, let’s KILL the lot of them…..It will solve the under age and rape problem we have.

  • neutral


  • Rosalyn

    This is foolishness where is this child parents. Up to 7 months pregnant and her parents didnt notice their child belly getting big. Nonsense their ass should b the ones to get locked up in jail…

    • kathy

      yes i agree that they were neglectful parents, but if you think of the biology of a nine yr old supporting a fetus…then it makes sense that the tiny body of a nine yr old would produce a very tiny baby, and given the no uncommon chubbiness of such a young girl, commonly called baby fat, then it is feasible that the pregnancy would go unnoticed by adults…if your 4th grader got chubby would you automatically assume she was pregnant? as for the girl, i dont think most 9 yr olds have a clue of the signs of pregnancy or even of the existence of the reality of pregnancy…talk to a 9 yr old you know and see how much she knows about pregnancy, and how it happens and what the signs are…most will be clueless…they just think pregnant is something that happens to mommy and arent even sure why…and i’m sure she was clueless what was about to happen to her body…or even how a baby was going to exit…well in her case it couldnt, except by csection…and i’m sure that was a big scare for her…yes the parents were neglectful if a nine yr old was allowed enough alone time to end up taken advantage of and pregnant, but them not realizing the pudgy belly of a 4th grader was a prenancy…well that doesnt surprise me…i’ve never seen a pregnant 9 yr old, but my knowledge of biology tells me it probably isnt nearly as noticable as a normal adult pregnancy

  • http://yahoo Michelle Myles

    only to blame are the parents, end of this story.

    • Dorothy

      Michelle you are so right.

  • Dorothy

    This is so sad that a nine year old child would have such uncaring parents. The 17 yr old should be prosecuted for rape. I would want to hang him if it were my child.

    • http://facebook mary

      that is so sad the parents and the 17 year old should be prosecuted

  • Jalynn

    I hate to hear this!!! Literally makes me sick!!! There was a comment about her not even having her periods yet. Well I have three daughters. One started her period at eleven, One at ten and the youngest at 8 1/2 so yes it can and does happen. I blame it on the steriods and garbage that goes into the food they are feeding the animals we consume… Very very sad our children are starting womanhood so early… My girls were made aware the responsibility of what could happen and am proud to say all my girls were good girls and waited for children till they were adults and the youngest just got married and they plan to not have children for 4 or 5 years by that time they will be in in there 30’s.

    • don doran

      Jalaym: I hopr you sat your girls down and explain that a 13 year boy would have sex with one of them… Hope that you explain about birth control and STD to them…And explain to them wy boys and men need sex… Be honest to your girls before it happens…

  • Phelix

    Do they even believe there was a young man as she describes? Cops know that “before you look for outlaws, look for inlaws”. Have they ruled out the males in her family and among her friends? Easy now with a DNA test of the baby. In a similar case in Peru, the girl’s father refused to give a blood sample… Perhaps this Mexican girl is not being credible not because she is “confused” but because she may be protecting someone and may be using a “strange dude” defense with this red herring of a “young man”. If she’s 9 years old, wouldn’t her family know who this “young man” is? Haven’t they been paying attention to this child’s life in the last nine months and before? Something is not adding up in this account.

    • Nekita

      I agree with you. This doesn’t sound right. This child is having a menstrual cycle at 9 years of age. You would think the mother would have been paying more attention to her daughter. As my mother would say, there is a dead cat on the line here. Someone is telling a big old fat lie about how this child. I believe she was raped. I feel so sorry for her. She is still a innocent child, with a child. I will be praying for her.

  • http://yahoo muriah

    Catie apparently you don’t know much about biology. if she became pregnant and gave birth she has obviously started her period. but for the fact that she even became pregnant her parents should be charged along with the man. this is ridiculace. what has the world come to that a person can get off on a child. if this were my daughter, the police wouldn’t have to worry about finding him they’d have to worry about locking me up for murder.

    • Jada

      I think that is true but, I really blame the parents for letting her have a boyfriend who is 8 years older than she is. That is crazy. I wouldn’t necessarily cuz she doesn’t KNOW well but yea she is like in the 3rd grade . She probably don’t even know what protection is so don’t blame her.

    • don doran

      Muriah: I agree with you, the parents should be charged along with that 17 years old rapist…

    • Sonia


  • http://www.google.com Caroyln

    i really blame the parents and the child…Now the reason why i blame the parents is because they are the ones who allowed her to have him as a boyfriend knowing how old he was if they are anywhere around and i blame her because i know she not stupid she has the same kind of brain i have but she just was using hers for the wrong reason and they should have been using protection if anything……i wish i was her mama

    • Lisa

      This is one of the more ridiculous comments I’ve read yet. You blame HER? Oh yes, your run-of-the-mill 9-year old should have known better and used protection. You do realize that her age makes her a 3rd grader, right? Most of them have difficulty wiping their noses without making a mess.

    • riciekay

      Nice one, Carolyn….blame the victim. From your comments, I doubt that you have had any kids of your own or you would know how the typical 9 year old acts and thinks!

      • Sonia



    • cris

      No one said her parent allowed the relationship!!! It was rape and nothing else!

    • cris


  • http://webpronews juls

    the mexican officials should intervene and take her out of her parents home and place her and the child in a safe and peaceful environment. her parents obviously dont’t know how to care for children. the so-called boy friend should be castrated and made to work hard labor to pay for both of these children. may god be with her and her little one.

  • Nita Hand

    Who the hell lets a 9 yr old carry a baby to full term and not get her an abortion???

    • Brittany

      Ummmmmm, what medical professional would LET her get an abortion at 7 months gestation?? That would be MURDER, not an abortion, since a 7 month old fetus would most likely be viable outside of the uterus.

      • Jenna

        I agreed with Brittany. At 7 months, you might as well call it murder. May God be with both of the little ones.

    • Matthew Taylor

      An abortion is more dangerous,and more traumtizing to someone of that age..Abortion is not the answer,and not all believe in abortion.And if a parent forces their kid 9 or 15 or 17 to have an abortion the kid will resent and grow to even hate their parents for forcing her to MURDER her child. Abortion is the first thing to fly out of the mouth,Have any of you ever seen an actual abortion? Not just what an abortion is…But watched an actual abortion through ultra sound and sit and watch how the unborn child(fetus) as you want to call it trys to get away from the vacuum and then how it kills the fetus by ripping it apart.It is clear that fetus feels PAIN!

      • Joy

        Only an ignorant man would make this comment!

        • danny

          what comment, Joy?

          • No Joy @ Joy

            I have to agree with Matthew Taylor.

        • Cindy

          Matthew, thank you for your comment. Joy, the unborn child was thought of and preserved. Though it waa surely a difficult pregnancy, the newborn is a precious baby to be cared for a nurtured. Abortion is so damaging to the mother, emotionally and physically. There are studys that show a corelation between abortion and breast cancer. Emotionally, well you will never forget that you murdered your flesh and blood, while they were at their most vulnerable. Please don’t put a young girl through anything like this.

    • kathy

      i guess it has to do with the fact that according to the article if you read a little closer…the girl was already 7 mths pregnant before she or anyone else knew she was pregnant. how does that happen you may ask…well i would guess a nine yr old would not have any knowledge to know how to recognize a pregancy, much less even understand what is happening to her…and as for the adults around her…i would say a child of that age would carry a very small fetus, so it is likely that it was not very noticable, and any belly pooch would be thought of as a nine yr old girls usual ‘baby fat’…not as in having a baby, but the kind of chubbiness a nine yr old ‘baby’ has in her middle section…so at 7 mths, abortion is no longer an option…no choice but to give birth…very sad story

    • Dee Davis

      She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was seven months along. Her mother definitely should have noticed. She would have been showing by the fourth or fifth month. It’s good that she was given a c-section- she might have died during childbirth. I believe the creep that impregnanted her should be punished as a rapist. A 9 year old girl should be playing with dolls, not caring for a real baby!

  • BCulver

    I bet the boy has already crossed into the U.S. and is hiding with family here.

  • James Cheevers

    And his dog, and his neighbors, and The Catholic System, that makes this seem like part of Gods’ Way.

  • donald

    Mexican culture isn’t against kids having sex when they are underage. That’s how they are.

    • don doran

      The Mexicans are not very bright people to be with… But, if they in America, there will be hell to pay… They have to be taught the American Laws, and if they don’t follow, deport them… The Americans shouldn’t have to pay for their problems…

      • don doran

        I made some error on my comments….

        • Judy

          I suppose no one seems to realize that crap happens here in America as well. But because these are White people rutting like animals in the backwoods…that’s ok…never mind half of them are little more than beasts anyway.

        • Bryan

          This occurred in MEXICO – so I doubt they have any interest in USA laws.

          “A 9-year old girl in Guadalajara, Mexico has given birth to a baby girl.”

        • Sonia

          again attacking the Mexican population as not being bright only shows who the ignorant americans are! read the article in it’s entirety, this has taken place in the childs country, Mexico not the U.S. so as for learning our laws???? and deporting them? where to the U.S. from Mexico? so we who do not have teenage/child pregnancy EVER in the U.S. can teach them a lesson on our perfect teenagers and young children who never drink do drugs get pregnant have abortions carry weapons to our schools and kill classmates teachers and anyone in their path? seriously don duran get a freakn clue this happens in all cultures all around the globe!!!!!!!!!!!! btw it’s 2013 racism starts at home and bleeds into our streets and schools.
          Ever heard of google? look up the stats you will be shocked at what you learn about us AMERICANS AND HOW FAST WE RUN FROM PARENTHOOD!

      • James

        yeaa right, if they were in America they would be catered to, given a drivers test in Spanish & live off the americans who are taxed to breaking point

      • Fuck you

        Not true. Fuck all white american bitches

      • Debbie

        you racist only someone that would make that type of stupid comment can’t be very bright

    • cris

      Donald, you do not know what you are talking about, I am Mexican, THIS IS RAPE!!!!!

    • cris

      dONAL, you are wrong, this is not mexican culture, man!

  • Matthew

    if she had a baby I geuss she would be pretty healthy.

  • George Lee

    Most Mexican fathers run, regardless of their age.

    • Sonia

      Really?? George Lee, men with little to no knowledge of what race or nationalities run from fatherhood should never comment on topics they have no freaking clue or facts about and should not share their ignorance with anyone else. Facts first comments later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Non Hispanic with facts

  • Kathy

    Find the pedophile that did this, before he does it again. Lock him up for the rest of his life and let all those bigger,seasoned criminals get a piece of him and let them prey on him. That’s what happens to pedophiles in prison. That’s what he’s got to look forward to. He’s changed that little girl’s life in so many ways, and she will need some serious psychological and emotional assistance. How dare he! I’m praying for her and that baby!

    • don doran

      Kathy: Men don’t do anything about rape, to them, it’s a culture…

  • http://webpronews elcount

    the parents should be prosicuted,then his ass should be fucked @ then castrated, see how he feels. God bless that child @ her child, as for him,may he rot in hell!lacount

  • http://ooooooooooooooooooooo charlie clemons

    i did not no girls had eggs at 9 years old.

    • Tara

      To Charlie Clemons..girls have eggs the moment they are born..they just aren’t able to be fertilized until they reach puberty. This girl hit puberty very early, as are most girls nowadays..

  • teamlott

    wow dis not tru…

  • elizabeth

    Please all parents watch your kids. poor little girl.

  • phu

    wait..BELIEVE “the pregnancy came about as the result of rape”???

    is there another alternative i haven’t ever heard of??

    good gawd.

  • peyton

    or the parents had no clue of the relations their daughter and the man had? its an easy thing to hide as a 9 year old girl. the man is the one that tricked her and took advantage of her. for all we know the parents feel terrible that they didn’t know about what happened.

    • NHParalegal

      He better RUN ….

  • Bryan

    She is confused….she does not understand about the birds and bees.
    Lots of uneducated children, adolescents – and some ‘adults’ still believe in the stork.

  • http://asspos.blogspot.com geronl

    Of course it is rape, why is that even a question in this article? What kind of Muslim Libertarian crazy person would dispute that?

  • http://google joann

    but young girls r getting pregnant younger and younger y is that happening ?

    • lori

      Young people are getting too many hormones in their food. Beef and dairy products eggs and chicken. When you buy products look on the carton that says “no hormones.” Many people fought so you could get hormone free labeled food. You can repay them by buying that.

      • Larry

        Blame it all on McDonalds.

  • Tara

    What kind of sick bastard violates a child to begin with?I hope he gets fried. At the age of 17, you know right from wrong. It’s a miracle that her tiny body was able to carry the baby to term and that she survived the birth. Castrate the sick animal!!!!!

  • http://hi linda wetherby

    this is so stupid for somebody had sex with a nine years old girls and all the fathers should be in jail and prison too and all welfare people should take all the babies away from all nine years old girls and all babies should be in a very good foster parents ty

  • Edith

    I do not care what they say,… that is rape!
    That a$$ needs to be hunted down and castrated!!

  • Larry

    WOW,what a shock.I read that they are looking into it.That is about as far as it will go.I read in the guinness book of records awhile back that in Peru a girl gave birth at six.My question is:What does an underdevelope girl have to offer a 17 year old boy and where is he going to hide.He’ll probably head across the border to California where he will be protected by our state laws.Where were her parents.Are they really that stupid to think that nothing was going on.The girl said that we were in a ‘loving relationship’.You can’t tell me that she didn’t know what was going on.There is no excuse for saying/thinking that you show me your and I’ll show you mine and all is inocent that she didn’t know what she was doing.

  • http://www.webpronews.com lamot

    this is totally rape and let he who does this be charge for morder case.let not go scot free

  • reeta

    Where are the parents? Where and when does a 9 year old have time to be in a relationship with anyhting besides school? Come on parents we are responsible for our children until the age of 18! Take some responsibility here!

  • Donna

    The children of this era act to mature for their age. I think they see too much on tv, movies, cell phones, comp. Facebook offers to much communication between teens. Parents try to watch their children every minute, but it really is impossible. I do think their is hormones in the food. Watch out for that. I see what happens around me with teens. I feel sorry for any parent bringing up teens in today’s world! It is the hardest job in the world u will ever do.Keep your eyes & your ears open. God Bless u parents out their.

  • judy

    wake up mothers what is going on out there in the world, your life is so busy that you did not know that your daughter was pregnant that is crazy, i blame the mother for neglect she should of be more protected over her daughter as soon as she was start seeing her menstrual. this crazy man should get life in prison without parol and his dick should be cut off no question ask

  • chesire

    as a mother i realy feel sad about the whole incident how can she handle the situation?

  • Antone

    Wake up people. The 17yr old was wrong, but don’t go overboard and pretend a 9 yr old is brainless. Make the 17 yr old take custody and raise the child. To put him in jail will not teach him anything, will burden the system and produce a worse person when he gets out of jail. You people are trying to use the prison system for revenge – that has historicaly NEVER WORKED.

  • Frankie Yates

    She probably thought it was a relationship because he groomed her into thinking he cared about her before he raped her. This story is sickening and I think they should tear him apart limb from fucking limb.

  • Hope

    Her parents need to be locked up they had to of know something!! It’s all in the way she was raised!! But the 17yr should of known better what he think he was gonna do get away with this!! I mean hell he wasn’t raised right either if he could do this to a child!! I mean I think the 9yr old and 17yr old need to raise this baby and the parents need to help since all this went on and they didn’t know supposedly! But I know what I would do to my daughter I’d beat her for not saying something and I’d beat him for doing it!! They would have to lock me up and throw the key away cuz regardless if she let him it was still wrong and they boy knew it especially him!! But it’s said on how parents are letting there kids get away with anything!!

    • trisha

      Really… You would beat your 9 yr old daughter for this… She was probably brain washed by him. You obviously don’t have a clue how to parent either.

      • http://ymail.com ciara jones

        no i would beat her to for not sayin nothin dang shou and i would kill not sayin that i would now if some one rapped my 9yr old daugter for reall.

    • Aj

      How in the world is a child going to raise a kid with a 9yr old? That sounds absurd?

  • Magdeborah

    This is totally wrong cos the foundation is faulty. My people, parents’ paramount responsibility is to care for their children no matter how wealthy or poor. So tell me please, where on earth were the parent of this lonely girl who has now become an “emergency mother”? PARENTS should better wakeup and give to their children that training which will make this “world” a better place to be while on earth. And the 17 yr old ‘man’ should be given an appropriate counseling/orientation on how to gather for his family. No prosecution so he may not get over wild.

  • Kosova

    I felt really bad when I Hurd this news in the morning really made my day sad how can that happen to a 9 year old she’s just a child but both if them were wrong and big mistake of there life’s the 17 year old is a crazy teen that could do that to a 8-9 year old child and also the girl should be in realationship so young with her age or older age it’s really bad I see it in schools my sisters friends All if them almost they say i have a boyfriend there parent should not allow there kids to have boyfriends girlfriends so young until they get teenagers at least after 18 we try to keep it a rule and most of them until they get married which is very imposible now in this crazy world that were living they listen to friends they listen on tv very hard for parents now to take care of there kids and parents should never alow there kids to date so young u cant say its ok to have a boyfrind girlfriend so young until ur a teenage that u know something and ita not how they think is nice and diferent world they don’t know what ahead off them what lots of responsibilities would wait for eathier of them Ihave a sister 11 year old and I have two kids one is almost 7 one is 3 a girl and a boy I really hope and do anything I can to stop all three off them from making this mistake I hope I can raise my kids the way I want because it’s really hard to do that now with all this going around the world parents should have more control of there kids and in Canada too they should leave kids to date so young and it’s not good to go out alot and have friends because in most cases there brake ur life they learn u bad stuff everywhere now it’s hard ti live and raise good and smart kids really hard I don’t know what to say really broke my heart when I hurd this news parents should be more involved with there kids both parents and make some rules that they have to keep other wise these stuff will keep on happining more and more if this continues they should be alowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends until they are teenagers and would be good if polices catches them in public too and give them a clue hopefully this stops and parents should learn and teach there kids what’s good ad wrong only that way will be a better world for all of us .

  • kellie morse

    all I have to say is….WHERE ARE THIS CHILDS PARENTS?….they should be jailed right along with the “boyfriend”!!!!!!

  • Noemi quintero

    This is just plain sad. I don’t even know what to say. IM speechless…This case has to be a rape case. I mean a 9 year old in a relationship and in love makes no sense. I feel sad more for the baby. If the parents couldn’t take care of the 9 year old and the 9 year old can’t take care of herself then who will take care of the infant… This is tragedy but all I can do as a human is pray cause that family needs it. Bless them my lord.

  • maida

    She is following her parents foot steps since she is one of 11 children!!!

    • http://ymail.com ciara jones

      for reall dow

  • Jennifer

    Something its very easy to judge people not even know their situation. It is not easy to take care of your child if you are poor because in my country( Mexico) being poor doesn’t compare at all of what poor American people live. In my country being poor means houses made out of hay with wood sticks, no water for days even weeks, no medical attention, no food. The parents of the child are also victims of the system I bet you they have lived in horrible conditions since they were born therefore they don’t know any better. Blame the government.

  • shirleyburrage

    it don’t make no sense for a mother lete her 9year old child have sex now she got a baby she just a child her self

  • http://ymail.com ciara jones

    that is crazy dow how can a 9 year old give birth to a baby with a 17 year old he should really go to jail thats just like a 47 year old rapping a 5 year old girl like sireouse thats crazy dow he should go to jail for the rest of hes life i want answers cause i dont want that happining to my little sisters for reall.