$11.50 Minimum Wage: Sound Nice?

    December 17, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Community leaders in Seattle have vocalized desires to raise minimum wage, and now leaders in Maryland have instigated the process to implement policies that increase wages. Presently, the federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour though some states have set the level higher. On December 17, 2013, a representative from Prince George’s County signed a document to increase minimum wage in the area to $11.50 by 2017. Likewise, another county in Maryland (Montgomery County) signed documents to also increase minimum wage.

Economic Policy Institute analyst David Cooper said, “We estimate that only about 10 percent of the workers earning less than $12 per hour in Montgomery County are teens.”

According to the president and CEO of the chamber of commerce for Prince George’s County, David Harrington, there needs to be a balance between satisfying the needs of employees and determining the functioning level of viability for employers. “Clearly there’s a need for an increase, but what is the level to which businesses can still create jobs even while paying a higher wage,” Harrington said in an interview with CNNMoney.

The city council for Washington D.C. also approved increasing the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour on Tuesday. The bill will now be sent to Mayor Vincent Gray who has been outspoken against raising the minimum wage to an amount as high as $11.50. Mayor Gray had previously proposed increasing the minimum wage to $10 an hour in order to determine how an increase would influence the labor market. While Mayor Gray has the potential to veto this bill, the council could then opt to override the veto.

Council member Tommy Wells spoke about his support for this legislation. , “I had the leadership to get nine votes…I led the first bill to show I could get this done. I promised I’d get this done, and I’m getting it done today,” Wells said.

Council member Vincent B. Orange said, “This is legislation introduced by me.” Orange added that the underlying support behind this process is “not leaving people behind” in the midst of the present economic climate.

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  • lance

    it doesnt matter the stores will just up the price on everything band everyone will struggle the same as making 7.25 a hour now if they raised the wages and put a cap on food and living items then things would get better

  • Anybody that is against increasing minimum wage should be FORCED to live on it!!!

    Anybody that is against increasing minimum wage should be FORCED to live on it!!!

    Plain & simple: if you are against a minimum wage increase: you’re a dick.

    The minimum wage should’ve been $10 YEARS AGO.

    “by 2017″…what the fuck are they waiting for??? Why did we have to wait for Obamacare until 2014? Why do we have to wait for a minimum wage increase until 2017?…& then it only applies if we live in states/areas that ARE increasing it??? How many people WILL DIE on the current minimum wage, BEFORE 2017 happens?

    This whole world (or the USA, in particular) is going into the toilet! We pay people too little to even LIVE, then some people (with money) bitch when other people (without money) get sick & can’t pay for their hospital bill. So the solution? Charge them every month for Obamacare!…& if they can’t afford an Obamacare plan?…charge them a fee for not signing up! Logic! Take the people with the LOWEST amount of money & charge the hell outta them! Fuck poor people! Beat them with a stick! (that last part was sarcastic {duh}, not serious)

    I’m partially for & against Obamacare at the same time, I’m for it, cuz people need Health Care (aka me), I’m against it cuz of the STUPIDITY of either paying too much each month or getting charged for not signing up. Am I the only one that finds that stupid?

    What I’m really for is Universal FREE Health Care for ALL…case-in-point, the Star Trek: Voyager Episode Critical Care

    Voyager Critical Care – Google Search
    Critical Care (Star Trek: Voyager) – Wikipedia
    Watch Star Trek: Voyager – Critical Care – Star Trek.com
    Watch Star Trek: Voyager – Critical Care – cbs.com

    …even if your not a fan of Star Trek, go watch it!!! (with the links above or on Netflix, if you can afford it…or have a friend who has it) It completely summarizes the Health Care situation right now…

    Have too low of a TC: No/low quality Health Care. (Level Red)
    Have a high TC: Perfect (& overkill) Health Care! (Level Blue)

    TC (treatment coefficient) in that episode, is the sorta same as “money” today: how much you are worth / how much your life is worth…

    No money = Who are you? Go away! (No/low quality Health Care)
    Have money = Great Health Care! (or so I’ve heard, my TC is too low to know about it)

    Gene Roddenberry got the future right when he envisioned Star Trek: No poverty. Free Health Care for all.
    (even if he had nothing to do with Voyager {he died before it was created})

    Dr. Beverly Crusher (from Star Trek: TNG) would help anyone, she never asked to be paid before (or after!) helping someone that needs medical attention.

    The EMH (“The Doctor”) (from Star Trek: Voyager) would help anyone, no matter what. No money? No problem. No insurance? What’s insurance? They don’t even care about what “money” is & would not even understand “insurance”. “What? You have to pay now, to ensure you can get treatment/live in the future? That barbaric!”.

    However, instead of increasing minimum wage, what we really need to do is move to a “no money” society like in Star Trek (the Humans, not the Ferengi — the Ferengi are money-hungry douchebags, like Mitt Romney).

    Yes, socialism, if you wanna call it that, but according to the definition of “socialism”, I don’t think it sounds like a bad thing — people (especially in capitalist America) think it’s a “bad word”, but going by the Wikipedia/Dictionary definition, I don’t think it is a bad word or bad thing — dictatorship, which sometimes goes along with “socialism”, however, is VERY BAD — but those 2 are not related at all, you can have one without the other.

    The only reason Health Care costs anything is cuz greedy people wanna get paid (too much, which is not the same as the “minimum wage” thing I was talking about before). If nobody needed money for anything, then some people would be Doctors, cuz they wanted to HELP people, not so they can “get paid like a Doctor” (wayyy over minimum wage, wayyy too much). Other people would do other professions cuz they WANTED to do those things, not cuz of how much they get paid for doing it.

    Sorta like the Amish (maybe? they “help” each other right? IDK)…or…(sorry, bad example follows)…the “polygamist camps” (or “polygyny”?), without all the forced child-bride stuff. What was that place in Utah that was on 20/20? Ah yes, Warren Jeffs’s FLDS thing (no, I wouldn’t call it a “church”, Jesus would not condone it). No, he’s not a nice guy, BUT the structure of his “family” works (from what I saw on TV): everyone works & pools their money together for the benefit of all…of course too much of it goes to building Warren Jeffs a house (that he can’t use, since he’s in prison)…but I’m not using him as a perfect example, in fact, I’m using him as a really horrible example.

    OK, that was a horrible example, but do you see what I mean? If everybody pitches in, the world would be a nice place. With money or without money.

    Yes, I did complain about a minimum wage increase & talk about moving to a “no money” society in the same post…but they are kinda the same thing. “more money for all” is kinda the same as “no money for anyone” — everyone’s equal. No Bill Gates’s or Oprah’s running around with billions, while people die on the street homeless.

    The only way to fix things RIGHT NOW (no, not in 2017, right fucking now), is to increase minimum wage…but the long-term fix is to “make Health Care free”…by taking the profit out of it…or “make everything free”, by moving to a free society, like in Star Trek. In the Star Trek universe, they care about LIVES, if a Starship blows up, they don’t care if it “cost” 99 trillion to build (they don’t even mention it costing anything, cuz it didn’t), they ONLY care if every LIFE got out in time! In this universe, if a Fighter pilot ejects in time, no one cares (well, I care), they only care that “he” lost a 50 million dollar aircraft (& he well be “lucky” if they EVER let him fly again — after weeks/months of finding out if it was really his fault), they only care about “money” (like that douche on Shark Tank).

    Why does Health Care cost?

    * Doctors wanna get paid (semi-understandable, in today’s money-driven society, but still disgusting: “I would save your life, but you didn’t pay me enough…I’m going to go golf now.”)
    * Suppliers wanna get paid (bandages/supplies cost money, but not just money, they wanna make a PROFIT too)
    * The power company wants to get paid (this is absurd: they can make profit elsewhere)

    …everybody is a greedy bitch, they wanna get paid or let people die. We need to take the “profit” out of the health-care chain. Anybody supplying a hospital should NOT BE ALLOWED to make money on other people’s suffering. The entire supply chain, from the cotton farm that turns into bandages (or whatever), to the power grid for the hospital, needs to be “re-done” in a free way (we can start with “less expensive”: no profit allowed, only “breaking even” — for example, the farmer would be given the land & seeds to make the cotton, but when it’s done, he GIVES it back, not making profit). Some things just shouldn’t make a “profit”. Power is simple: Solar power. The Sun doesn’t charge us! But also the nearby power company, as a condition of doing business at all, should be required to supply power to the hospital (in case Solar fails)…did I mention “for free”? Yes, the power company would be required to power the hospital for free.

    It would take a lot of work to fix, but they need to start TODAY, maybe by 2370 (Star Trek time), the universe will be like Star Trek (fingers crossed!). But they most certainly should not pass a law today & set it to “take effect” in the future, that’s just so stupid it’s insane. How many people died/suffered between the time Obamacare passed & now, a few weeks before it takes effect? How many more will die/suffer cuz Obamacare is too expensive for them? I, for one, have been coughing for at least a year & never went to a doctor/hospital, cuz I can’t afford it (nope, no insurance either: I said “I can’t afford it”). Yes hospitals HAVE to treat you, at least for emergencies (not sure if “coughing for a year” is an “emergency” tho?), but they are also allowed to ruin your credit, by sending you a bill you can’t pay. That’s just despicable & wrong.

    Do you know what I’d do if I won the Mega Millions? (or any other Lottery) ——— Help everyone I fucking can!

    To WebProNews.com: a “Preview” button would be nice. Thx. I have no idea if this is gonna look right the 1st time.