Zynga Is Top Dog In the Facebook Gaming Market [Infographic]


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Earlier today WebProNews's Mike Fossum reported that Zynga CEO Mike Pincus is selling 15 percent of his stock in the company's secondary offering to prevent share dumping. The news comes just two days after the social network game developer acquired rival developer OMGPOP to the tune of some $200. That acquisition, which landed the company control of "Draw Something," currently the most popular game in social media, put Zynga even further above competitors in the social networking game market.

As of today, Zynga has nearly 56 million daily active users playing seven of its games on Facebook. More than 13 million -- or nearly a quarter -- of Zynga's total daily users -- are playing "Draw Something." Rivals King.com, wooga, and Tetris Online, by contrast, net only 5.9, 4.4, and 3.8 million daily users, respectively. Here's a chart from Statista that outlines Zynga's utter user share dominance:

Despite a stock devaluation earlier this month, Zynga's overwhelming user share dominance on Facebook, along with its $1.14 billion in 2011, suggest the company's annoying addicting games will help you ignore your realtime friends for a while yet to come.