Zynga Has a New Competitor: 6waves Lolapps

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Zynga brought an entirely new approach to the gaming industry by offering gaming outlets on social networks such as Facebook. The widespread growth and success of games like Farmville and Mafia Wars show that its approach works. It has actually caused many people to view gaming in an entirely different light.

Has Zynga changed the way you look at gaming? Why or why not?

As a result, other gaming companies have seen this value and have tapped into this market as well. For example, Lolapps has done this with its game developer platform, and 6waves has done this with its game publisher approach. These companies recently merged with the goal of taking on gaming giants such as Zynga and Electronic Arts.

The two had partnered in the past and had built a trusting relationship, but they both decided that they could be a stronger competitor if they joined forces.

"We felt that it would be better to combine forces, as it were, and enable us to take on the larger players in the space," explained Kavin Stewart, the Vice President of Product for 6waves Lolapps. "As a combined entity, because we have more properties and more ability to take risks, we do have the ability to move forward in the marketplace faster."

The merger makes the companies #2 in social gaming and gives them many more opportunities. For instance, Lolapps is bringing its Flash Isometric Graphics engine called Fliso to the table, which will help the companies create more games faster. Also, because 6waves is based in Hong Kong, it will help the companies expand globally.

Facebook already has strong relationships with many countries in the world except for Japan and China, but given 6waves' position, the joint companies have a greater chance of being successful in Asia. Stewart said that they would be "very aggressive" in reaching other markets.

As for the impact for the impact on users, he told us that they would see more content and features going forward.

How do you think 6waves Lolapps will affect the gaming industry?

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