Zynga Buys "Draw Something" Makers OMGPOP [REPORT]

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UPDATE: It's official, Zynga has bought NY-based OMGPOP.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Yesterday, we told you that social gaming giant Zynga was looking to buy OMGPOP. If the name OMGPOP doesn't ring enough bells, I'm sure that the words "Draw Something" probably do. The Pictionary-meets-Jumble game has taken the iPhone / Android world by storm in the last few weeks. If you're not currently involved in at least 15 different games on Draw Something, you're obviously way out of the loop.

Now, Peter Kafka at All Things D reports that it's "a done deal."

According to sources, Zynga will buy the company (which has raised around $16 million in their 5-year existence) for somewhere in the $200 million range.

OMGPOP has plenty of games like Missile Command, JIGSAWCE, and Hover Kart Racing, but it's Draw Something that has obviously drawn the attention of Zynga. The acquisition makes a bit of intuitive sense, in that the first time I saw someone playing Draw Something I caught myself assuming it was a Zynga game.

Remember when I told you that everyone everywhere is hooked on this Draw Something game? After its first 5 weeks in iTunes and Google Play, it has been downloaded over 20 million times. Just last week, the game surpassed Zynga's Words With Friends as the most popular social game around.

A Zynga news announcement is scheduled for later today. We'll keep you apprised.

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