ZUCKERBERG: The Musical! Is Real And It's Great


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What would you get if you made a musical of the existence of Mark Zuckerberg, starting from his days at Harvard until now, as the ruler of all things social media (no offense, Twitter)? Well, thanks to the efforts of cdza (Collective Cadenza), we have a great idea, courtesy of their "ZUCKERBERG: The Musical!" creation.

Featuring the singing talents of cdza's lovely trio of Lora Lee Gayer, Ryah Nixon, and Tess Soltau (featuring Michael T. on piano), "ZUCKERBERG: The Musical!" is a trip down memory lane, one laid out so thoroughly by David Fincher in The Social Network. While Fincher's creation was deservedly well-received, it didn't have the style or the succinctness offered by cdza. Why shoot for the two-plus hour running time when you can tell the story, in song, in less than four minutes and still get the gist across?

Another plus for "ZUCKERBERG: The Musical!" is the trio who are singing the history of Facebook's kingpin. Consumption is always easier when it's presented in such an attractive, talented manner.

Highlights include the segment that deals with the invention of the "Like" button. For my money, it's hard to compete with the following:

"I can like anything better than you." "No you can't." "Yes I can." "No you can't." "Yes I can." "No you can't." "YES I MOTHERF***ING CAN!"

Come for the "Like" fight, and stay for the killer finale. If there's anything better than three talented, attractive singers singing the word "Facebook" in operatic style, at least in relation to the story of Mark Zuckerberg, I don't want to know what it is.

For more information about the cdza collective, check out their site, and stay tuned for future musicals. Hopefully, the collective will focus on additional web properties in the future. I, for one, can't imagine how they'd treat Google+.

[Via Boing Boing]