Zoophiles March On Berlin To Demand Equal Rights


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Since 1969, zoophiles have enjoyed protection under German law as the practice of bestiality was completely legal. Fast forward to last year, Germany was looking into getting rid of the law and replacing it with a ban on bestiality. The zoophile community didn't like it one bit, and filed a suit against the government saying the law violated their rights.

A few months later, the folks at ZETA, a German zoophile-rights group, put together a peaceful protest/march that would make its way through the street of Berlin. The group used the march to highlight the persecution that zoophiles face every day. The civil rights group, Equality for All, showed up to the protest as well. Here's a picture of their display from Germany's largest newspaper The Bild, courtesy of Free Thinker Unlimited:


It remains to be seen if ZETA's efforts will have any effect on the national dialog regarding bestiality, but this first march may have inspired other zoophile groups around the world to go public. We may even start seeing other marches in other countries that ban bestiality.

That being said, it's hard to believe that any progress towards legalization will actually happen. The core argument here is whether or not bestiality is animal abuse, and there's no easy way to prove either scenario. Most lawmakers are probably going to err on the side of caution in the debate, however, and outlaw it until compelling evidence can validate either side's argument.