ZombiU European Launch Trailer Debuts


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Nintendo fans in the U.S. who were lucky enough to pre-order a Wii U early have had the chance to play ZombiU for a couple of weeks now. Though the game has received mixed reviews, it's generally agreed that the title is a throwback to early survival horror and that it makes impressive use of the new Wii U GamePad.

The U.S. launch trailer for the game focused on showing how the GamePad is used for a touch-based inventory system, a scope for sniping, and a method for interacting with objects, such as door keypad locks. The European launch trailer takes a different tact. Instead of focusing on the gameplay, it highlights the story and survival horror nature of the title using a live-action monologue from a distressed survivor. The video actually resembles the live-action trailers released last week, which featured a similar found-footage style to promote the accompanying ZombiU iPhone app.