Zombies VS. Gladiators: A Clive Barker Joint

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It seems that the creator of Candyman and Hellraiser is taking on a new project called Zombies VS Gladiators. That is a winning title, right there.

Amazon Studios (count me as one that had no idea Amazon had a film studio) has announced that they have hired Clive Barker to rewrite the script. GeekTyrant is saying that the original came from writers Greg Ostrin and Michael Weiss, who were working on something with the same title. They are not sure if it is the same project, but, come on. How may Zombies VS Gladiator movies could there be?

Zombies VS Gladiators is set during the Roman Empire. A Shaman, who is about to die on the Colosseum floor, casts a curse that reanimates history's first known zombies. A gladiator steps up to take on the hoard single-handedly and save Rome.

No big surprise - It's exactly what the title says it is.

The original pitch trailer for Amazon Studios - by Greg Ostin and Michael Weiss:

I'm not really sure if this is going to be exciting to watch or if it is the beginning of the end of the zombie horror genre. It has seen a huge spike in interest in recent years, culminating in the mainstream smash hit The Walking Dead.

A group of gladiators taking on a zombie hoard sounds like some great eye-candy carnage, but it also sounds like something a desperate pitchman would tell a Hollywood executive, just to get a movie made. Clive Barker has written some horror classics, but if I have to be honest, he hasn't done anything good since the early 90's. This one could go either way.

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