'Zombies Monsters Robots' Shooter Officially Announced


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At last week's Game Developers Conference publisher En Masse Entertainment (the publisher behind the Terra MMO) previewed a new shooter experience complete with a crazy stable of large, creepy enemies. Today the publisher has officially announced Zombies Monsters Robots.

Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR for short) will be a free-to-play third-person PC shooter centered around killing a variety of over-the-top video game enemies such as giant mechs, demons, giant bugs, zombies, and dinosaurs outfitted with rocket launchers.

The game's story involves an alternate universe in which portals have populated the Earth with "cross-dimensional" creatures. The humans of this universe have no choice but to use their ingenuity and big guns to take on the extra-dimensional invasion.

Developed by Yingpei Games, ZMR is being designed as a co-op experience that puts up to eight players in a variety of settings while throwing waves of enemies their way. Up to 16 players will also be able to compete in competitive multiplayer matches.

The game itself will feature classic third-person shooter controls, including a cover system, dodging, and a version of the "active reload" popularized by the Gears of War games. As a free-to-play game the guns and "gear" used by players can be heavily customized.

A short preview of the absurd action that the game provides was previewed today in a new teaser that pits ZMR as an alternative to the current status-quo in the shooter market:

As previewed in the teaser trailer, ZMR appears to be riding a new trend in shooters that is moving away from the Call of Duty-type deathmatch experience toward something more akin to the twitch-based PC shooters that became popular in at the turn of the century. Combined with the Left 4 Dead- and Monster Hunter-inspired co-op seen in Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve, ZMR just might be the type of game PC gamers need to break the stagnation of the shooter genre.