Zoe Saldana: Hubby Sports Tattoo of Her Face

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Zoe Saldana will never be far from hubby Marco Perego's sight. He needs only to look down at his arm in order to see her beautiful face. That's right. Perego has Zoe's face permanently inked on his left arm. He reportedly got the tattoo in 2013. The Rosemary's Baby star and her artist husband were spotted out for a stroll in Santa Monica on Saturday--his arm proudly displaying his wife's image.

This apparently isn't a new trend either. In fact, a number of celebrities have faces of loved ones forever inked on their various body parts. For example, Miley Cyrus has a portrait of her beloved grandmother, who she refers to as "Mammie" on the inside of one of her forearms. Rob Kardashian has a tattoo of his late father--Robert Kardashian's--face on one of his forearms. Artist Kat Von D who created Miley's tattoo once got inked with the 5th grade school photo of former boyfriend Jesse James. The process was even documented as she had the image engrained on to her rib cage for her reality show L.A. Ink. Do you think Kat has since had that tattoo removed?

On Monday night Zoe Saldana graced the red carpet at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. She was simply stunning in a Michael Kors custom black cashmere halter body suit and a black floral print skirt. It was actually while in New York--just about a week ago--that Zoe and Marco Perego made one of their first public appearances together at the AOL NewFronts in Manhattan. These public appearances will become even more frequent in the coming days--at least for Zoe--as she actively promotes Rosemary's Baby ahead of its May 11th premiere.

So what's your take on these tattoos that feature people's images? Is it risky? What if--like Kat Von D and Jesse James--things simply don't work out? In Miley Cyrus or Rob Kardashian's case the ink pays homage to a loved one who isn't a spouse, so that's a little different.

You will notice that at events like the Met Gala that Zoe Saldana doesn't have Marco Perego's face on one of her arms. Hmmm....

Will you be tuning in to check out Zoe in Rosemary's Baby this coming Sunday?

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