Zhang Ziyi Settles Libel Case Against US Website

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It was a victory for Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi this week.

Last year a US based Chinese news agency, Boxun News, published an article alleging that the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress had "slept with top Chinese officials for money and gifts."

On Tuesday Boxun News apologized to the actress and released a statement saying:

"In a series of articles published beginning in May 2012, Boxun News reported negative and untrue information about Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi, including that she slept with wealthy and powerful men for presents and money. These false reports about Zhang Ziyi should never have been published. As a result, Boxun News now renders its unreserved apology to Zhang Ziyi, has removed the entire series of articles about Zhang Ziyi from the Boxun News website, and issues this formal retraction. Boxun News regrets the publication of these articles and any distress Zhang Ziyi may have suffered as a result of the articles."

They added that they received their information from anonymous sources who could not support any of the information they gave to Boxun News.

According to Ziyi's spokesperson, she will now withdraw her libel suit as long as Boxun News agrees to follow through with the undisclosed terms.

Ziyi's publicist Raina Falcon said, "Ms Zhang is confident that the public apology and retraction made by Boxun proves that the allegations are false. As such, she will soon dismiss her lawsuit against the news agency, pending their adherence to a resolution agreement and as ordered by the court."

The Golden Globe nominee began legal action in Hong Kong's High Court last year and won. Next Media gave Ziyi unspecified libel damages after their publications Apple Daily and Next Magazine printed libelous material about the actress.

Boxun News ended their statement with:

"Boxun News recognizes and respects Zhang Ziyi’s extraordinary achievements in the international motion picture industry as well as her many civic and charitable efforts. Boxun News sincerely apologizes to Zhang Ziyi for the damage it has caused to her reputation and career."

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