Zerg Rush Easter Egg Destroys Your Google Search Results

Josh WolfordSearchNews

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As if it's not already hard enough to get anything done on a Friday...

A new Easter Egg in Google search results allows you to fight an onslaught of little Google "o"s, usually with disastrous results. Well, maybe I just suck at the game.

Typing Zerg Rush into your search bar will produce a search page that immediately comes under attack. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy the "o"s by clicking them with your mouse before the green bar associated with each level turns red. The attackers will comes from all directions - top, bottom, sides. And it's really pretty hard. This guy is a lot better than I am - but to be fair it's early.

If you don't want to do battle, you can always click on the X at the top right of your results to stop the attack. There, you'll also see a stat counter for how many you've destroyed vs. how much damage they've done.

Once the search game is over, you can post your score to Google+.

Real-time strategy (and other types as well) gamers will know why Google made their little Easter Egg on the term "Zerg rush." The Zerg come from the game StarCraft, and the "rush" (or Zerging) is now gameing-speak for "sacrificing economic development in favor of using many low-cost and weak units to rush and overwhelm an enemy by attrition or sheer numbers," according to Wikipedia. Basically, to bum rush the hell out of someone.

So go ahead - protect your search results before it's too late.

Josh Wolford
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