Zeljko Causevic: Wife Knew Screw Was Loose

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Any time there is a terror attack or attempted mass killing, or other psychotic wierdness, people are left wondering, "Did no one see this coming?". The case this week of Zeljko Causevic, who is from Bosnia, begs the same question. One doesn't simply go to the office one day, like, "Hey Jim, how's the wife and kids? Did you see that game on Sunday? Good Gravy!" and the next day go berserk and try to take bombs on planes.

In this case, it just so happens that Causevic's wife, Vesna Orkic Causevic, knew something was up. According to First Coast News, a neighbor of the couple who calls herself "Bella" says that Vesna came to her house on Tuesday and told her she was worried about Zeljko.

Vesna said Zeljko had taken her phone and was pacing around and that he told Vesna they'd be sorry. Vesna told Bella that she was taking their two children, 6 and 12, to a hotel to wait it out. Zeljko proceeded to get himself arrested at JAX airport for telling police he had a bomb in his backpack, which turned out to be a scale and batteries. Now, Causevic is facing charges of false report about planting a bomb.

The Causevic's had reportedly lived in the neighborhood for around a decade, and he owned his own private trucking company. A man who called himself 'Mario' said he never saw anything weird going on with the Causevics, but said that he heard they were having issues. He said it is a nice neighborhood where everyone gets along. So is everyone else's. Think about that at the next block party.

You may only think you know your neighbors....

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