Zeeblio Makes It Absurdly Easy To Format Your Website For Mobile Devices

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As more and more people use their smartphones for computery purposes, it's become increasingly important for webmasters to make sure that their webpages don't turn into to complete mess. Small fonts, poor organization, frames that don't stay aligned - what looks good on your computer monitor may turn into to complete rubbish on your smartphone.

However, if you built your website using Zeeblio, or are even planning on building a website and shopping around for tools, they've announced an incredibly helpful feature: a one-click function that turns your published website into a mobile-friendly version when viewed on smartphones and tablets. Beyond simply shrinking your website (since your browser pretty much does that already by default), the feature allows users to customize content you want displayed when viewed from mobile devices. And seriously, all you have to do is click on feature that says "Turn On Mobile Layout." That's it (unless you wanna tweak the lay-out, but that's your bag to sort through).

Created by the folks at Tripod.com, Zeeblio's mission is to help professionals and small business create sharp looking websites with relative ease and puts a heavy emphasis on customization. For anyone unfamiliar with their product, the video below should give you a proper introduction.

Kelly O'Hara, Product Manager of Web Publishing, explained, "The number of consumers that access the web via mobile phones continues to grow, and our customers need great-looking, mobile-friendly sites to be successful. We're excited about this new feature because now Zeeblio is not just the easiest way to make an awesome website, it's also the easiest way to create a fantastic mobile site, too."

There's really no excuse anymore for businesses to not have made their websites compatible to the already-difficult navigation of mobile browsers.

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