Zayn Malik: One Direction Mate Beseeching Journey

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Zayn Malik, member of the popular British boy band One Direction, is beseeching the 1980s band Journey to reunite and play at the reception for his wedding to Little Mix Singer Perrie Edwards. The young couple became officially engaged a few months back and they plan to tie the knot some time in 2014. Zayn wants Journey to play their mega-hit Don't Stop Believin' as Perrie Edwards walks down the aisle.

Getting Journey to reunite would be no small feat. Original lead singer Steve Perry (he really was Journey, after all) has refused every offer made to him over the past 17 years to get back together with the rest of the band.

Zayn Malik has incredible contacts and clout in the music world so don't discount this notion until the 1D singer officially throws in the towel. Maybe it won't come to that?

"I know my missus wants the lead singer from Journey. We’ll see what we can do about that," he was quoted as saying a while back.

You really can't blame Zayn and Perrie for wanting Journey in its original state to perform this amazing song.

Since 2007, Journey has been touring off and on with lead singer Arnel Pineda. Original Journey member Neal Schon found YouTube videos of Pineda singing covers of Journey songs and they auditioned him for the lead spot. He bears a striking voice resemblance to Steve Perry and has even collaborated with the band writing new music. It's not likely Zayn Malik will settle for him, however. He definitely wants the original band.

It will certainly be interesting to see exactly how much pull Zayn Malik has. Can he draw Steve Perry out of hiding and get him to reunite with Journey? And if that works out, could it even remotely mean a future for him with the band?

That's likely pushing it--a lot. But good luck to Zayn Malik. Perrie Edwards should be incredibly pleased with the effort her future husband is putting into this plan, even if it doesn't work out.

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