Yvette Velasco Laid To Rest A Week After San Bernardino Shooting

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Family and friends gathered at the funeral of San Bernardino mass shooting victim Yvette Velasco to pay their respects one last time, a week after the gruesome massacre.

Velasco, 27, was among the youngest people killed on the shooting that took place at Inland Regional Center, December 2.

The 27-year-old victim worked as an environmental specialist for the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. She was at the luncheon at the Inland Regional Center when Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik marched in on the conference and started firing at Farook’s coworkers. The shooters were said to have been influenced by radical Islamic teachings for two years. The massacre, which FBI investigators called an “act of terrorism,” claimed 14 lives and left 21 others wounded.

Yvette Velasco Died in the San Bernardino Shooting with 13 Other Victims

For Yvette Velasco, December 2 was an important day. She recently passed the exam to become a registered environmental specialist and was going to be honored with a gold badge, officially recognizing her as a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health inspector. Yvette Velasco, described by relatives as “an intelligent, motivated, and beautiful young woman,” was very passionate about her job.

When family members heard reports about the shooting, they immediately called every hospital in the area in hopes to get information about her. Velasco’s father, a retired California Highway Patrol Lieutenant, searched through other centers to find her.

“I’m fearing the worst... She would definitely be in contact after something like this,” Velasco’s father said after they found no clues as to his daughter’s condition.

A week had passed since the tragedy, hundreds of people gathered to send their final goodbyes to the young woman who was “loved by all who knew her” as she is laid to rest at the Forest Lawn in Covina.

The funeral for Yvette Velasco was the first of the victims of the most recent mass killing in the U.S.

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