Yuengling Brewery Fire: Brewery Engulfed In Flames


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The Yuengling Brewery had a fire breakout yesterday, when police and fire crews were called in, and found the building engulfed in flames. The location that had the fire was in Tampa, Florida. Yuengling is America's oldest brewery, originating in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

With a very successful company in the beer industry already, Yuengling opened the Tampa location in early 1999, and production began in the summer.

Luckily there was no damage to the workers in the building, with Tampa Fire Rescue officials reporting that all those who were in the building at 11111 N. 30th St were all able to exit the building safely. On the other hand, investigators estimate that losses due to smoke and fire damage will total roughly $1 million dollars, most of which is due to the fire damage.

The fire crews found heavy smoke and fire being emitted from the roof facility that is the Yeungling Brewing Company storage building.

An exact cause is still to be determined, but it is likely that it was an accident. Tampa Fire spokesperson Henry Williams stated that Tampa firefighters made entry climbing 5 stories where they were met with dense smoke and high-heat conditions."

The Tampa location is currently out of commission, and will not be in business over the weekend. A witness was able to see smoke and flames from across the street at a strip mall.

The Yuengling brewery fire will be hurtful in damages to the building, but as the plant manager Jim Helmke says, "We are very fortunate. It does look bad. There is a gaping hole and charred remains, but there is no internal damage, except for the hole in the wall."

He also mentioned that the facility will be back to business as usual on Monday. Despite the fact that it appeared the entire five-story building was on fire, he explained that in reality, it was just the outside wall. Old timbers were ignited that are used to support the building's structure, making the fire seem more severe than it actually was.

Despite the seriousness of the Yuengling brewery fire, business will be back to normal soon enough. Beer drinkers need not worry, the beer was not affected.

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