YouTube's Valentine's Day Playlists Speak to the In-Love, Broken-Hearted, and Misanthropic

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Working on the theory that you either really hate Valentine's Day or you really love Valentine's Day (there is no middle here), YouTube has put together a bunch of Valentine's Day playlists featuring videos that will make you feel gushy and romantic or will help you wallow in misery - whichever is your thing this year.

According to YouTube, the lists were hand-picked with the help of Trends Manager Kevin Allocca.

YouTube has six new Valentine's Day playlists this year: most-viewed marriage proposals, cheesiest love songs of all time, science of love, marriage proposal fails, broken-hearted-yet-defiant-love-songs, and bad pickup lines.

In all, there are 69 videos spread out across the playlists (good one, YouTube).

You'll see painful rejections like this:

And insane proposals like this:

And even find some solace in old breakup classics like:

You can check out all the playlists here.

I feel good about V-Day this year. I think I'll go listen to some cheesy love songs.

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