YouTube's Google+ Creators Workshops in May

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YouTube and Google+ are putting together some great workshops for people who like to create and post videos on YouTube. The events will include technical stuff like dealing with importing and exporting and fun stuff like building a bigger audience and exploring cinema.

There will be four events taking place between May 2nd and May 23rd, and you probably don't want to miss any of them. You have to RSVP for all the Hangouts and they will be streamed live on the YouTube Google+ page.

Each of the events will last about an hour and be followed by a thirty minute long question and answer session. So if you're a YouTube fan or just thinking about getting started making your own videos, you can't miss these hangouts.

Here's the dates and topics:

* May 2: Introduction to cinematography

* May 9: Importing & Exporting: Dealing with codecs and compressions

* May 16: Building your audience on YouTube

* May 23: Improving your channel with YouTube Analytics

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