YouTube Trends Map Reveals That You All Really Like True Blood

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YouTube popularity is an incredibly fickle thing. A video can be incredibly popular for a day, and then be buried into obscurity the next. To further help chart this ebb and flow, YouTube has launched a new trend measurement tool.

YouTube announced today that it has completed work on a Trends Map. As the name suggests, the map tracks video popularity by gender, age, geographic location and by the number of views or shares. Such a tool sounds incredibly interesting, but looking into it makes you realize that almost everybody is watching the same videos.

Looking at both genders among all ages, the video with the most amount of shares is the True Blood season 6 trailer:

The above trailer dominates shares among pretty much every demographic except for the 13-17 age range. Even then, only males are turning their gaze towards the following clip from Family Guy:

Moving over to views tells a different story altogether. By far, the most popular video across the country at the moment is the aftermath of a water polo match that went viral over the weekend:

Once again, gender has played a role in popularity as women are drawn more to the following video from a child abuse prevention group and its new ad:

The YouTube Trends Map is pretty fascinating, and it could be a useful tool for those looking to jump on board the next viral hit before it really takes off.

YouTube notes that the Trends Map is currently only available in the U.S., but it sounds like it will be adding support for other countries in the future.

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