YouTube Tops Web Video Rankings

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ComScore has just released its latest Video Metrix rankings for March, showing that 181 million unique users in the U.S. watched roughly 37 billion videos online, hosting over 8 billion ads. Google-owned YouTube came in first by a long shot, with 146 million unique viewers over second place Yahoo! Sites, at 60.6 million. And while Hulu saw roughly half the users Yahoo! did at 31.1 million, the platform logged almost 200 million more videos viewed, with customers watching an average of 275.2 minutes of content a piece.

Below is a chart describing the top online video content providers for the month of March:

comsocre video rankings

The following chart depicts the number of video ads per site in the same time frame:

comscore video chart

Regarding web video ad properties, over 8.3 billion ads were viewed as a whole, and Hulu beat out YouTube in the number of video ads it streamed, though was only able to reach roughly half of the the audience YouTube was able to achieve. Hulu showed 5 times as many total ad minutes over Google sites, and Brightroll Video Ad Network was the only firm that really competed with Hulu in the ad-minutes field.

YouTube also released its own partner data for the month of March, and music video platform Vevo came out on top, garnering 49 million unique viewers. The only segment that beat out Vevo was Machinima, which logged 69 minutes per video, as opposed to Hulu's 62.5.

comscore video rankings

The same survey was taken by comScore back in November, showing similar numbers - Google's YouTube has control of the online video segment, in which 83.5% of the U.S. web users accessed.

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